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arf_shaamgar 10-01-2002 02:59 PM

King Solomon's mines

I'm playing on an N64. I have the blue gem, the red gem, the funky Key...I NEED THE GREEN GEM BADLY! The problem is I'm pretty sure where I need to go. There is a place with a kinda "Z" shaped pool. The only way into the room with the pool is swimming through a tunnel. There is a gold trapezoid door at the top of the room (wish I could get in there). It is the only place in the whole game I haven't been yet. There are sarcophagus lining the walls to the left and right. There is a place for me to jump to a ledge and then jump slightly higher. The problem is that the other two possible pillars to jump on are way too high. Believe me I've tried like 50 times (I've also looked for a whipable point with no avail). What am I doing wrong?


nd 10-02-2002 06:08 AM

You must do something else before you can reach the green gem. Return to the switch house, check where you haven't been yet and adjust the switches accordingly. Let me know if you need more concrete hints.

arf_shaamgar 10-02-2002 09:59 PM


Thanks Man! I knew I had been that way, but to do it again was quite profitable. I kept right on playing after your advice and seem to be doing well now. I appreciate it.


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