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Taos 10-02-2002 12:08 PM

Hey Eets!
I was checkin' out your various avatars and you have some very interesting ones.....

Who is the jedi with the white face and long hair stickin' up and back from him/her (not sure what)???

And where o where did you find those pics of Maul with his robe off?? :eek: His body looks totally cool!! If he takes that off, that's when I run!!!

Hannibal 10-02-2002 04:10 PM

When any guy starts stripping naked, I run.

Taos 10-02-2002 05:49 PM

Thanks Hannibal ^_^

Com Raven 10-07-2002 07:11 AM

there was a darth Maul comic series where he was quite a bit topless...

Eets 10-22-2002 02:32 PM


Originally posted by Com Raven
there was a darth Maul comic series where he was quite a bit topless...
Yep, that's where all those avatars are from.. As for the white faced Jedi... lemme take a look.

EDIT: Oh! that's Aurra Sing, a Jedi Knight turned bounty hunter :D

Taos 10-22-2002 04:45 PM

Aaahhh ok, thanks for the info......:D

I thought it was that guy, just wasn't sure!!

Com Raven 10-24-2002 08:11 AM

nah, it's Aurra...

pretty cool, even though she's not really pretty :)

Pad 11-07-2002 12:43 PM

it could be she appears in epIII. originally she needed to be in epII instead of zam wessel, but i think GL didnt want her to get killed so soon, so he replaced her with zam wessel.

Taos 11-08-2002 02:12 AM

if so, will she be stealin' lighsabers as well??

Pad 11-08-2002 10:38 AM

when ur a bounty hunter/huntress :D i think u take evrything u can take, so that would be a yes

Eets 11-11-2002 11:55 AM

In the EU comics, she has a collection of slain Jedi's lightsabers ^_^

Taos 11-11-2002 01:20 PM

Any idea of how big it is Eets? <I mean the collection of sabers;)>

Com Raven 11-11-2002 03:03 PM

I think <10...

Eets 11-16-2002 12:13 AM

I think she had like 5...

Taos 11-16-2002 04:17 PM

Well, do you guys think that we'll see her in Ep 3???

Com Raven 11-17-2002 11:46 AM

who knows...

leXX 11-20-2002 06:53 AM

Where are these avatars you are talking about? :confused:

Kylilin 11-20-2002 11:52 AM

Its funny, Aurra Sing is hdeous looking. But the Model that plays her is drop dead gorgeous.

Taos 11-20-2002 01:52 PM

Hey Kylilin-any idea of the actress' name?? ;)


Originally posted by leXX
Where are these avatars you are talking about? :confused:

Hey LeXX, the link is in Eets' sig. ;)

Com Raven 11-21-2002 08:01 AM

Michonne Bourriague played Aurra Sing...

leXX 11-21-2002 09:22 AM


Originally posted by Leemu Taos
Hey Kylilin-any idea of the actress' name?? ;)

Hey LeXX, the link is in Eets' sig. ;)

thnx Leemu ;)

Eets - Is this a female zabrak?

and if it is, where can I find the original picture?

thnx :)

Com Raven 11-21-2002 10:23 AM

looks like one..

though he probably did it himself...

Eets 11-23-2002 02:22 PM

Nah, it's some maul fanart I found whilst browsing one day :)

Com Raven 11-25-2002 02:56 PM

Maul was a chick ?

poor Ray Parks...

Pad 11-25-2002 03:06 PM

wow, that r some really good avs u made there eets.

and u didnt knew u made smilies. :thumbsup:

Eets 11-25-2002 05:19 PM

Thanks :)

I actually like making smilies better than avatars. I haven't updated the site with my most recent smilies yet, such as :jfett:, :wan:, and :mauls:

leXX 11-26-2002 07:24 AM

Oh, I wondered where they came from! Very good job indeed! :thumbsup:

so cute


Com Raven 11-26-2002 11:27 AM

still, those avatars you sent me are great...

Pad 11-26-2002 02:56 PM

if u want a great av u must go to the swamp. we got some ppl there who can make some very good avs.


Com Raven 11-26-2002 05:31 PM

you know, I have this one, 4 spare ravens, and I know where Eets ICQ lives :)

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