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Syth Master 10-03-2002 07:58 PM

MP Problem need help
For some reason when I play MP everybody on my screen is the same.

For example: I start using D. Vader and everybody else is D. Vader. Then I change to Kyle and after a couple of minutes everybody else is Kyle.
This is getting frustrating, please help some1.

Datheus 10-03-2002 10:10 PM

Try holding the tab button for a few seconds

razorace 10-03-2002 11:02 PM

You have Force Models set to on. It needs to be set to off. I believe it under Settings/Misc.

The Truthful Liar 10-04-2002 12:41 AM

Welcome, Syth Master! I hope you enjoy your stay and please accept this complimentary Lucasforums welcome basket filled with numerous amounts of candy which you can snack on while browsing through our forums! :D :D :D

Looks like you got enough help already, but good luck to you! :cool:

Cheers ;)

Syth Master 10-04-2002 01:07 AM

Cool thx.
Ok thanx guys I got it to work.
I put the force model set on off and it worked.

I got another question though (Yes I'm a scrub)
Before I play I set my guy to be Darth Sidious and when I start playing all the guy I DLed are gone. Only sometimes it happens that I get to use D. S. (those times that it worked I had everybody as D. S.).

Thnx for the help everybody I really apreciate it.

razorace 10-04-2002 01:12 AM

what? could you please go into more detail? The models don't show up in the menu, the game, or both?

NyghtWalker 10-04-2002 06:38 AM

Only the models that both you and the server you're playing on have will show up. For example if you have Darth Sid, and the server doesnt then it wont show up in your list.

razorace 10-04-2002 06:10 PM

That's incorrect. You can still use and select models from the model menu even if the server doesn't have the model. However, other people won't see it. :)

Syth Master 10-04-2002 11:35 PM

Ok, I DLed D. Vader and D. Sid. I put it in the Base like your suppose to.
After i put the CD in and get MP started I go (PLAYER I think) and I click on D. Sid.
Then I connect to a server and when I start to play I'm Kyle or someother character from SP.
It doesn't happen all the time , but it happens like 90-95 persent of the time.
Honestly I just thought that my cpu sucks. Say it ain't so.

I appreciate the help guys.

razorace 10-05-2002 12:03 AM

Oh! It probably has something to do with the server running with the "Pure Server" setting on. In that case, NyghtWalker's statement could be correctly. You'll have to ether find a server that has the skin you want to with, find a non-pure server, or host your own. :)

Wes Marrakesh 10-05-2002 12:09 AM

You're playing on a server that is running 'Pure Server' and that doesn't have D. Sidious/D. Vader.

PURE: You can only use the files the host has. If you don't have some, you usually have to download them.

NO PURE: You can use any file you have. If someone else doesn't have it, you'll be kyle to them.

Syth Master 10-05-2002 02:10 AM

Thanx guys.
So it's not my cpu, lol.
So it was the server then. That means I gotta find a different server.
One more scrub question. May somebody give some good server to go and how do I go to a different server?

I know I sound like a tape recorder but thanx again.

razorace 10-05-2002 02:47 AM

you're welcome. Sorry, I can't help you with a good server. It depends on your connection and the quality of the server. I got a dial-up so I don't even play online. :P

Syth Master 10-05-2002 05:39 PM

What's up with the Stances?
blue and yellow(or was it orange) and red.
Red I find is too slow but it has good damage.
I also see a lot of ppl doing a front flip swing that takes off almost all your energy (so cheap lol). Usually I just wait for them to do it then I side step and attack them. What I need is a good move that's makes good damage( not one move kill) but isn't super slow.
Any suggestions?

razorace 10-05-2002 07:40 PM

check out the Valley of the Jedi's FAQ by going here.

Razor Ace

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