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Miggs the Just 10-05-2002 05:47 PM

ctf sudden death cvar?
does anyone know if you can disable sudden death in CTF? So the game ends when the time is up.

-=Lord Oz=- 10-06-2002 05:25 PM

Um, why would you want to? The point of CTF is to have a winning team. Why would you want the game to end in a tie? In FFA you wouldn't want it to end with the top two scorers tied at 30 would you? It's competition man, there must be a winner.

Spider AL 10-06-2002 07:14 PM

If he asked the question, Oz, he must want to be able to draw games on his host or his ded server. And wanting alone is reason enough to ask the question in the first place. Games are meant for fun eh? So if such a variable exists, and it would provide him with more enjoyment, that's reason enough for him to want to know about it.

Now if only I knew the answer... :D

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