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lionknight 10-07-2002 08:51 AM

Help, Help, How do I start a mod server?
I am trying to start a mod server, this is what im doing, I start up the mp game I go to setup, I load force mod, I go to create server, I name it, and I start it. Then I ask a friend of mine to go and load the force mod and click on join and my name is never on the list even after he relisted, and refeshes the list. How come my name does not show up? Other names do show. Am I doing the correct procedure? How do I get my address, because to me it shows up as local? Can he type my direct address, example in the console (connect How do I get my direct address. P.s I do want to play on my server. Thanks in advance

teleguy 10-07-2002 09:17 AM

To find out your ip go to "Run..." in the startmenu and enter winipcfg ( Windows 9x ) or start a DOS window and enter ipconfig (Windows XP ). Your friend can join by opening the console ( shift + key left to 1 ) and typing
connect <your ip> e.g. connect

Yopu can find a better way to play here

lionknight 10-07-2002 10:41 AM

Thanks tele guy, I checked but my Ip saids 0.0.0, I just have numbers for adapter address, and DHCP server. The rest have 0.0.0 as variables

teleguy 10-07-2002 11:00 AM

Use the console command

lionknight 10-07-2002 11:33 AM

Is it better to start a dedicated server and join your own server along with a friend? It was very slow when I did that. Or create a server, play and have a friend join, I have not been able to acomplish this yet. Do you have better performance the second way? By the wag Mega Thanks for responding so quick. You give out great info and resolve alot of everyones head aches and frustration when it comes to this game.

teleguy 10-07-2002 11:46 AM

Check out the link I gave you .

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