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Deac 10-19-2002 12:43 PM

Cantina 8
Well, here we are again. We've come a long way, and now the party is back in the cantina. What awaits them?

You decide.

No godmoding
Post bio in 1st post, if you're new.
Be nice to other players.

Kuuki 10-19-2002 02:54 PM

i thought Cracken wanted cracken to die

Name: Irvine Cracken
Age: 23
sex: Male
Force abilties: Force sentitive, may or may not learn strength ability.
light/dark: Relitively Dark
weapons currently: Dual Semi-auto Blasters, unwareinglt uses force for dead-on aiming at any distence and position he's in (like in holocuast he shot all the lights out in the hanger behind his back)
Weapons soon: Dual Ligthsabers, Blue, identical to Crackens execpt for crystal color red?, and with surpressed saber skills maybe cracken tuaght him when irvine was child b4 cracken left. Currently locked in silver box with Chimera symbol on it.

Name: Ivan Cracern
Age: 56
sex: Male
No force abilty
Short disc: Old Galatic War hero, currently a Council Member of the Imperical Council.

Admiral 10-19-2002 03:16 PM

((The Aeges fixed all of that. There is only 1 cracken, Deac ect.))

Rogue15 10-19-2002 05:11 PM

Name: Kioet Csuhen
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: unknown but looks like a humanoid Lizard
Abilities: Regeneration
Weapons: Force Pike, Stormtrooper Rifle w/scope, 3 flash grenades
Armor: Shield Belt
Bio: Kioet supplies weapons to the New Republic, for a fee. He stopped at the cantina for something to eat.

Rogue15 10-19-2002 05:47 PM

*Kioet walks up to bar*

"I would like some dewback stew, lomin ale, and your lack of humor."

*gets a ticket, on it is the number "15"*

"What a coincidence..."

*Sits at the table nearest the bar, and waits for his number to be called.*

Redwing 10-19-2002 06:19 PM

((OOS: And so ends the longest story arc in Cantina history. :D))

*Rwos finds Deac in the Cantina. Alive.*

Rwos: I would have saved you, you know. I had a plan...and I even knew how I would eliminate the Time Matrix. *feels a little foolish* I had forgotten the original deal - that whoever got the Time Matrix first, won. We just wanted things returned to the way they were before...and we got it.

I wonder one thing, however...what happened to the Crimson Star?

Kuuki 10-19-2002 07:27 PM

*Irvine's shuttle zips out of hyperspace and into the atmosphere of Tatoonie. Irvine then launches his orbital survalence pods. then uses them to scout out a place to land...*

Irvine: "Ah, yes an abandoned airfield, ill and there."

*Irvine plots a stealth approch and lands on the airfield, eventually opening up a bunker and placing his freighter inside*

okay, cantina is in wrong place that i thought ^__^

Irvine: 'i better go into town, get a drink or something, maybe i can get something for this case, too bad i cant open it. Damn force protected lock or soemthing.' *glares at Silver Case, then puts it in his trenchcoat along with his blasters and some Money*


*An Imperial Council meeting has been immetately been held*

Ivan: "Fellow Council Members i have recieved reports of the Crimson Star being destroyed and the Crimson Star II which most of you haven't even been told of, we have lost contact. More Importantly The son of Lord Cracken was reported to be on teh Crimson Star II overseeing the project."

Admiral 10-19-2002 08:29 PM

((Rogue15 just wanted to make sure that you knew the Rebel Alliance is the New Republic.))

*Odin and Vidar are off to the side talking*

Odin: Were all of the torpedoes recovered?

Vidar: Yes father. They are all accounted for. The fleet has returned home. Cloaking devices are being installed now.

Cmdr. Cracken 10-20-2002 12:46 AM

*Cracken, one moment,was combating imperial anti-hackers, the next, floating in the dark. a strange sensation to say the least... from the darkness he heard a voice...*

You are to go back to that Cantina you all like, and as for you, Cracken, you and Starr have a great luxury...
Your desicions are your own....

"My own? i can choose.... do i need to exist anymore? I failed you father, i need not to exist....."

*Suddenly, images flashed through his mind. The Imperial Remnant, the fleet, his apprentice, his father, Coruscant, Deac, Rwos, Flax....his son....... and his daughter.......... yes, he needed to exist. to lead the Remnant.... and to fix what he had done to his family.

In an instant, he found himself on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Titan. The Imperial Fleet he assembled was at full strength, and spread over the many worlds he conqured during his blitzkrig. No Crimson Star, though, yet Coruscant still missed a moon. Admiral Tojo, Starr by his side, he realized what he had done..... and spoke....*

Admiral, relinquish demands of control over the New Republic. Instead, i want to negotiate a true peace treaty. Regroup the fleet that is holding worlds other than Coruscant in Remnant Territory. if there is any dissent amongst the Moffs, or the Captains, bring them here and i'll deal with them myself. let them know they probably won't survive.

Also, send the New Republic a request to co-operate and find a man about 23, force sensitive. His name is Irvine.
*He turned to Starr*
You may leave if you want. However, i ask you to do one thing. O Corellia, there is a young woman i think by the name of Alys'Shera. I wish to see her. Could you bring her here, in one piece, with out injury?

Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken
Age: approximatly 50 years old
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Abilities: Strong in teh Dark Side of the Force, Much like his father, Emperor Palpatine.
Weapons: one Lightfoil. *Refere to Attack of teh CLones, Darth Tyranus uses one*
Armor: The Force
Bio: Only child and Son of the late Emperor Palpatine, he once tried to conquer the galaxy in his fathers name. Now, he is trying to find his family, and guide the Imperial Remnant into a stable future. Could his taks of finding his kids run him into teh Cantina'ers again?!

Age: 24 years old
Sex: Female
Abilities: Force Sensitive, yet no formal training. knows how to move things, but that's it. Self taught.
Weapons: Dual blasters
Armor: Black pants, with Corellian bloodstripes, black shirt and a red jacket.
Bio: Only child, her mother was foribly taken on Corellia, by what is now assumed to be a Rogue Jedi or a Dark Jedi. about 5 foot 5 in height, long black hair that is braided down to the small of her back. Knows nothing of her father. trained in CorSec, and she earned her Corellian Bloostripes during the Blitzkrig of Corellia. Flies an old Jedi Starfighter, heavely modified, andher step father was apart of CorSec until the Blitzkrig, where he was KIA. Qiut CorSec, and now is a gun for hire.

Kuuki 10-20-2002 01:24 AM

*a hooded man with a faded old black cloak, using a walking stick walks into the Cantina and sits at the bar.*

??? to barteneder: "You surve Raynorian Spirits here?"

*The bartender surves him up an alcholic ale with a slight smoothy tase to it. and follows the money owed for the drink. Im The mean time Irvine walks in hooded with a more 'newer' cloaked outfit then the stranger, and sits on the other end of the bar.*

Irvine: "I'll have a beer." *Quickly throws down some cash...*

Redwing 10-20-2002 02:51 AM

*Starr floats in darkness. Voices come to him out of the void...terror, accusations, the realization that everything he had done had been...for nothing. He felt a peculiar sense of emptiness.

Is this death?

"As for you, Cracken, you and Starr have a great luxury...

Your decisions are your own..."


I failed...I failed him.

The darkness folded back. Starr stood again at Cracken's side.

Is this a dream?

Cracken spoke.

"Admiral, relinquish demands of control over the New Republic. Instead, I want to negotiate a true peace treaty. Regroup the fleet that is holding worlds other than Coruscant in Remnant Territory. If there is any dissent amongst the Moffs, or the Captains, bring them here and I'll deal with them myself. Let them know they probably won't survive. Also, send the New Republic a request to co-operate and find a man about 23, Force sensitive. His name is Irvine."

He turned to Starr.

"You may leave if you want. However, I ask you to do one thing. On Corellia, there is a young woman I think by the name of Alys'Shera. I wish to see her. Could you bring her here, in one piece, without injury?"

Starr could only nod numbly.

I won't fail you again.

Kuuki 10-20-2002 09:39 AM

Bartender: "15!"

*News of Cracken confronting the New Republic with a new pease treaty begins to blare through the Cantina's TV's, geting everyone off there seats execpt for the Irvines...*

Irvine to himself: "He's actually going after the Republic with a peace treaty." *takes another sip of his drink*

BattleDog 10-20-2002 11:51 AM

Name: Taklin Flax

Rank: Space Marshal

Age: 47

Abilities: Jedi Master

Weapons: Long barreled blaster pistol, Silver Lightsaber.

Bio: Aproximatly 6 foot tall, 12 stone. Dark brown hair, intense hazal eyes, even features. Son of Kelren Flax, a hero of the Clone Wars Taklin had a sister Mily. Mily was killed, along with her husband and two sons when a TieGT bombed their house in retaliation for a Rebal uprising on Aguma. Tak met Sophae Windrider after defending her transport from bombers. Six months later, after the battle of Yavin Tak finally asked her out. They were were married and had three Children. Hal, Mierra and Kale. Flax draws much of his confidence and drive from his wife.

Admiral 10-20-2002 12:44 PM

((Scarface: There is only one of each character the doubles have been erased/merged what ever you would like to call it. As far as the Older Irvine is concerned he went back in time to stop the holocaust. However it never happened erasing that time line and the elder Irvine in the process. He would have no reason to travel into the past. Also the Aeges fixed any errors that were created with the time travel, and reverted history back to the way it was originally))

*Odin and Vidar look at the news with amuesment*

Rogue15 10-20-2002 12:54 PM

*Gets out of chair and walks up to bartender*


*Tosses bartender a few credits"

*heads back to table, and on the way stumbles into a hooded man, now covered in dewback soup and lomin ale*

"I...I didn't see you."

*fumbles around pants pocket for credits*

kioet to self: "oh great...i just used the last of them..."

*reaches for flash grenade*

Deac 10-20-2002 01:06 PM

Rwos! I knew you'd do it! Even as a metal cyborg shell, I knew you'd do it!

I haven't heard anything new yet, seeing as I haven't been back long, my sources haven't given me anything new...

Interesting outcome, huh?

Kuuki 10-20-2002 03:09 PM

now i got to edit my posts cus of you, besides older ivrine got there through different emans other then the time matrix, plug he kept out of history...

Irvine to Kioet in a low threatening tone: "You better best be getting on your way... And I suddjest you do it right now." *Takes another sip of his beer*

*Like any pre-bar fight, the Cantina went into a dead silence, other then the News Broadcast. Irvine holds a blaster consealed by his cloak aiming at Kioet...*

Admiral 10-20-2002 03:46 PM

((It doesn't matter how he got to the past or if he stayed out of major history, his sheer presance in the past changes the past. Besides all that he doesn't exist anymore. (I explained why in my previous post) ))

Rogue15 10-20-2002 04:45 PM

*Kioet glares suspiciously at Irvine*

"Buy me a drink."

Redwing 10-20-2002 05:48 PM

((OOS: @Scar: If you choose to have Holocaust Irvine in this RPG then you're going to eventually have to take him out of the spinoff early. Not for a while, but within two years out of the twenty - hence if we go to another dimension, he'll be left behind, AND he won't be able to reappear for the rest of the spinoff. So you'll need a new character after he's gone. Which won't happen for a while most likely, but I'm just warning you))

Rwos: Yes, interesting indeed...*glancing at the holoscreens ((not TVs Scar :p))* Apparently Cracken had a change of heart. My own sources tell me that the Remnant is likely to side will welcome Cracken's new peace agenda, and the other will inititate break from him. It will be much less of a threat, however. My sources, however, have also told me of some...interdimensional activity that demands my attention. So I may have to leave again soon.

*muses a moment*

Furro never told us what happened to Ken'atra. I guess we can safely assume he and his family will live "happily ever after".

And without the Holocaust destroying its hiding place, the Time Matrix can pass from all memory again till the end of time.


*Across the galaxy, Starr Hailfire exits hyperspace above Corellia*

Admiral 10-20-2002 06:38 PM

*Odin hearing Rwos' comment*

Odin: Ken'atra is fine for the time being. He is with his family.

Jared 10-20-2002 06:40 PM

Name: Koran Sandiveld
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Abilities: Jedi Knight, can hear people's thoughts He also specializes in push, mind trick and grip, the heavy stance of lightsaber fighting
Weapons: Two lightsabers and a small blaster
Armor: Shield Belt
Bio: Born on Coruscant, trained by an old Jedi Master who has since died, Koran is naive to the world around him. He believes he is superior to most if not all beings.

*A rodian runs into the bar, screaming. Two sabers
fly into the door after him, cutting off his hands. A human in dark robes walkes up, retrives his sabers, and takes a small vibro-blade out of one of the hands, and then causeually walkes up to the bar, sits down, and orders a drink.

Redwing 10-20-2002 06:47 PM

((OOS: Death may not rejoin the RPG - so until further notice, child-Ken'atra lives happily ever after on Raynor ;) [regardless of Irvine blowing up the other moon or whatever]))

*Rwos turns towards Odin's seat* Ah, Odin...and Vidar. I didn't see you. *his expression looks carefully neutral*

Admiral 10-20-2002 09:01 PM

Odin: You were never meant to see us.

Redwing 10-20-2002 09:11 PM

Rwos: I see. *looks up as the screaming Rodian enters the bar*

Kuuki 10-21-2002 10:54 AM

well if i had to remove Irvine from the holocuast, because of error fixes, then the whole thread should be deleted. Irvine exsists in this time line only because he exsisted at the same time when the holocuast began. so no i will not remove irvine from neither thread.

Irvine to Kioet: "Now why should I? you wasted your meal on my clothes and never offered me a towel? but I guess I'll be nice and buy you a beer." to bartender: "two more beers" *slaps down more money. while keeping his gun consealed and still pointed at Kioet*

Redwing 10-21-2002 11:21 AM

((Lol, no. :p I didn't mean you had to erase Irvine's existence. But according to you, after two years in the Holocaust timeline, Irvine will be transported to Cantina 7 on Raynor. That will have to eventually happen in the spinoff thread, if you want to have two Irvines here.))

Rogue15 10-21-2002 12:01 PM

Kioet to Irvine:

"You are most kind. I was going to give you some credits, but realized I've used the last on the meal, so I panicked."

*Kioet looks at Irvine, thoughtfully*


"So, what brings you here?"

Deac 10-21-2002 03:00 PM

*As Deac and his friends sit around in the cantina, events are happening not so far away, on the edge of the system, aboard the Star Destroyer Reaver*

Peace? He's gone soft, working with Starkiller. Still, my forces will do the job. Father left several powerful weapons at my disposal...and I intend to use them. "Uncle" Deac will be on

Reletha to Bridge..
Comm: My lady?

Activate Operation Slingshort...

*The Star Destroyer's tractor beams grab onto a passing asteriod and swing it toward the outer rim*

Comm: Target on route to Tatooine...time to target, 3 hours.

Kuuki 10-21-2002 04:01 PM

approx twenty-five redwing, not two. Remember the Irvine in c7 was in his late fourties

Irvine tells a small lie: "I've been to couresant before, im just doing a little business, thats all. How ever, I did want to find someting whom could get this lock opened on this case." *Uses his right hand to pull out the silver case, while keeping the left holding to the gun still.* "It was given to me a long time ago, theres no way to pick the lock, since theres no key hole, I figured it had to do something with the force." *Irvine shows the Silver lightsaber case to Kioet, but mistakenly is able to be viewed by the regulars (the cantiners), which also shows the family insigna of the Chimera clawing two lightsabers.*

Irvine: "So what do you think?"

BattleDog 10-21-2002 04:37 PM

*Space Marshal Taklin Flax sat at his desk, the com beeped.*

Com: Sir, we've recieved a mesage from Lord Cracken, he wishes to negociate a peace treaty!

*Flax sat stunned for a moment.* Prepare my shuttle, and an escort fleet.

Com: At once, sir.


*Captain Halren Flax sat across from an atractive dark haired young woman, in a Correlian Tap Caf. That was the good news, the bad news was he wasn't getting anywhere.*

Hal: So.... Alys, how do you about you and me find some real drink. I know this place that sells ale by the barrel load.

Cmdr. Cracken 10-21-2002 05:55 PM

*Alys smiled, and glanced down at her holo pad. hmm... peace with the Imperials. This might cut her buisness down some. oh well. She smiled at Hal*

Of course, lead the way.......


*The Emperor waited in his shuttle bay. Space Marshal Flax's shuttle landed with a grace, and the shuttles door opened. Flax stepped out, and cautiously approached the brooding Sith Lord*

Good afternoon Space Marshal Flax. I wish to see the Supream Chancellor of the New Republic. I wish to propose a treaty and territory outlines with him personally.

My Entourage will consist of the Imperial Royal guard, and Grand Admiral Tojo, my apprentice is on a personal mission.

*Cracken turned and ****ed a smile* We'll take your ship, if that's no trouble.

Admiral 10-21-2002 05:57 PM

Odin: I'm leaving for a while. If you want to contact me use this.

*Odin hands Rwos a com device*

Odin: I trust you know how to use this. Please don't try to examine, or try to open it as it will destroy itself.

Before I go, we are always watching you though you may not know it.

*Odin and Vidar pause at the entrance were another cloaked man joins them. The three exit.*

Odin: Come boys, lets get to Sleipnir (Odin's personal ship).

*The three walk to the ship*

Vidar: What do you think about this peace proposal?

Heimdall (the Cloaked man): I believe this will cause more blood to be spilled.

Odin: I agree, I don't think the Imperials are ready for peace. Monitor Jotunheim closely, this will be interesting.

Heimdall: I'll make sure that it is done.
((Allow me to formally introduce Vidar and Heimdall to everyone

Name: Vidar
Age: 700
Race: Aesir
Bio: Vidar is the son of Odin, and will rule the Aesir upon Odin's death. He is the second most powerful Aesir, has a vast knowledge of Aesirian lore. He likes to spend his time in thought and study but when action is needed he doesn't like to waste time. Vidar looks like a man in his early twenties.

Name: Heimdall
Age: 400
Race: Aesir
Bio: Heimdall is Odin's youngest. His force ablilites amoung other things allow give him heightened sense of hearing and sight. He has a fierce loyalty to his people and spends much of his time ensuring that the Aesir remain safe and hidden. He has the appearance of a man near twenty (around 19). ))

Rogue15 10-21-2002 06:17 PM

Kioet to Irvine:

"Whoa, I've seen many weapon cases, including a few lightsaber cases, but have never seen one as rare."

*Kioet gazes at the lightsaber box, just awed by it*

"Would you be willing to trade it? I happen to have a full supply of weapons in the cargo hold of my Sentinel-Class Imperial Landing Craft. They're all yours if you're willing to make the trade. Of course, if you don't want to trade it, I'd be willing to help you find someone who could open it for you."

*Kioet takes a sip of beer*

Kuuki 10-21-2002 06:19 PM

*Ivan Cracen approches the Sith Lord...*

Ivan: "Good to see you again my Emperior. I know it does not pretain to me but, may i ask to accompany you to the treaty holdings? Even if its part of the way, I feel I must speak to you about these meetings."

Cmdr. Cracken 10-21-2002 07:45 PM

*Cracken looks at the man, staring him down with intensity*
you are correct, these procedings are none of YOUR concern. I am the Head of State, and Government. The last thing i need is some sniviling politician getting in my way. I'll make peace with the Republic, and keep Imperial dignity.

Redwing 10-21-2002 11:02 PM

((OOS: Deac, since you're gonna be gone for three days, how about we insert the events of 'new rpg' in this time gap. Remember, when Deac writes his biography, and the Shadows and Marin show up?

Maybe Deac could have just published his biography since he got back, and when he goes back to Tatooine, then Reletha launches the asteroid. ^_^

@Scar: The timeline that makes up the Holocaust lasts only twenty years. So if Irvine left at the end of the timeline, he would be in his early forties, I suppose. I was referring to an earlier post of yours when I said "two years".

I'm going to go with the flow and re-introduce Rwos, as well as Starr.))

Name: Termand Se'enth Rwos
Age: 70+ (35+ in human years)
Race: Gargoyle
Abilities: Since Cantina 1 Rwos has gained:
The ability to regenerate body parts
The ability to control his stone sleep like a normal gargoyle
Increased magical ability (since the end of C7)
A working teleporter
Besides that, he can still fly and is possessed of great strength and enhanced senses, like a normal gargoyle.
Bio: Termand Rwos is from the magical plane of the planet Earth. He belongs to an organization that guards dimensional travel (as well as interfering in other things) called Blades. Rwos came to this dimension out of necessity, got driven mad and trapped here, then finally managed to fix his teleporter and leave, but not before making several attachments that he didn't want to abandon. For example, a friendship with Deac Starkiller. Rwos feels a special responsibility to this dimension akin to his own. The other Blades disapprove greatly of this, but as Rwos is extremely high in the heirarchy, he is currently able to carry on his actions with impunity.

Name: Starr Hailfire
Age: Early twenties
Race: Human
Abilities: Starr can double as an excellent mercernary and the highly trained Sith apprentice that he is. He favors esoteric, powerful weapons as well as his crimson lightsaber. Starr specializes in the Force powers of illusion, and made it a point to learn highly specialized Force attacks most enemies wouldn't know how to counter.


*Starr trailed Alys'Shera from a distance, ever watchful. It hadn't been too much trouble to find her, with the paper trail she'd left in Remnant dealings. Now if he could only catch her by herself, he could bring her back to his master.

Odd. The man she was with looked strangely familiar.*

Redwing 10-22-2002 12:53 AM


Originally posted by Cmdr. Cracken
*The Emperor waited in his shuttle bay. Space Marshal Flax's shuttle landed with a grace, and the shuttles door opened. Flax stepped out, and cautiously approached the brooding Sith Lord*

Good afternoon Space Marshal Flax. I wish to see the Supream Chancellor of the New Republic. I wish to propose a treaty and territory outlines with him personally.

My Entourage will consist of the Imperial Royal guard, and Grand Admiral Tojo, my apprentice is on a personal mission.

*Cracken turned and ****ed a smile* We'll take your ship, if that's no trouble.

((Supreme Chancellor = Chief of State, and it's Leia, remember?))

Kuuki 10-22-2002 07:02 AM

@redwing, i really dont think Leia would side the Empire. and as for the two years, well that might have been an early attempt on thinking how my character would fit into the whole thing, but then yet again, it oculd have been apart of a series of things... :rolleyes:

Ivan: "Yes, I understand."

*Ivan turns and walks away...*

Admiral 10-22-2002 01:52 PM

((Liea would want peace ect.))

*The trio enter Sleipnir, and move to the lounge*

Odin: Thank you for bringing Sleipnir here.

Heimdall: It was my pleasure. It has been fully upgraded, to name a couple of the improvements are a cloaking device and quantum armor.

Odin: Good very good.

Vidar: Soon the entire fleet will be fully upgraded. And we will be able to move around this galaxy undetected.

Odin: We will leave tonight

*Heimdall, and Vidar nod in confirmation.*

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