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L3onheart 10-20-2002 08:41 AM

editing demos
I want to pass this specific part of a JK2 demo to avi. but i can't put cl_avidemo XX from the beggining otherwise, it'll write de 10.000th screenshot before it reaches that part. How can i just pass the part i want to screenshots instead of the whole demo?

TK_Nutritious 10-21-2002 01:59 AM

I've had the exact same problem and so far, the only solution we've found is to choose a smaller # for cl_avidemo :(

this is mainly due to the way that raven set up the demo viewer so that any button you press exits out of the demo. this prevents you from opening console and changing commands during demo converting which would save me a TON of trouble and allow for some really cool effects.

if I figure anything else out I'll try and let you know

L3onheart 10-21-2002 03:55 AM

Yeah I've noticed that. Atleast in Q3 you can press they keypad and F1-F12 buttons...

Datheus 10-21-2002 03:59 AM

Yes... more proof that Raven is just plain retarded

It wasn't even their own ENGINE... they've somehow managed to dumb it down, for god's sake... I want to know what the hell they were doing with all their time and money during development and whatnot

-edit- By the way, my 500th post, wheee ^_^

TK_Nutritious 10-21-2002 11:49 AM

in q3 you could bind different game speeds (timescale) to the f-keys and be able to easily do slowmotion shots and stuff with it without it becomming choppy by doing it in a program like premiere. for the video I've been working on I've had to use /cl_avidemo 60 so that when I make it slowmotion it still looks ok. so if a demo is long at all I can't use it :(

very frustrating

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