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id7 10-20-2002 03:57 PM

Key binds! Help!
Need help, guyz!
Can U tell me all binds?
Like "+taunt"?

Thx anyway!


acdcfanbill 10-20-2002 05:12 PM

to bind something like taunt pick the key you want to use for taunt, like in this case we'll use r
now, open your console (shift + ~) and type

bind r +taunt

hit enter
now you can close the console (~) and r will now taunt. :D

thehomicidalegg 10-21-2002 03:18 AM

if you are looking for cvars and commands, type these in the console:

cvarlist -for cavrs
cmdlist -for commands

id7 10-21-2002 02:07 PM

Thx guyz :) But U didn't understand what I mean :) My bad english ahem ahem :)

I just wanted to know are there other taunts except this one? :p

C ya online!

Pad 10-21-2002 03:12 PM

when ur not using jedimod r another cool mod u only have 1 taunt. if u have jedimod, u can use all the taunt that came with ur model.

command for taunt is /bind key +taunt

id7 10-21-2002 03:19 PM

But where can I get that mods?
They dont want to DL from this site...

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