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EvilFlame 12-13-2002 10:44 PM

Can u host and join ur own server on the same computer in jk2 without lagg?

yes i noticed that this isnt the dedicated server forum but nobody in there would answer me

Chewbacco 12-14-2002 02:48 AM

Yah. You should be able to play on it automaticaly.

Please tell more on this. There not really enough info to explain your poblem.

EvilFlame 12-14-2002 07:36 AM

sry man, i meant ur own dedicated server

its actuly a win32 dedicated server

Hekx 12-14-2002 08:41 AM

You have to have a fast processer, with a lot of RAM to host a dedicated server successfully; last time I did...
I got a ping under 10 due to being so near the server :D

What are you PC specs?
What kind of ping do you get on the server?
What connection do you have?

teleguy 12-14-2002 08:49 AM

Yes you can join your own dedicated server on the same computer but you will get better performance if you do it like this .

EvilFlame 12-14-2002 09:10 AM

my cpu specs are pentium 4, 128mb ram, 1.6ghz, 10gigs of had rive space

does that help?

EvilFlame 12-14-2002 09:16 AM

but see only problem is im runing on cable, and i need to host a dedicated server for my clan, so i cant be playing on a listenserver

teleguy 12-14-2002 10:08 AM

I think you need more ram.

Chewbacco 12-15-2002 12:47 AM


Originally posted by teleguy
I think you need more ram.
I agree. It seems a bit low.

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