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razorace 12-17-2002 02:38 AM

Masters of the Force: Release 1 Screenshots
Ok, I've just posted the first screenshots for Release 1 of Masters of the Force. They can be found at:

We've currently on course for a pre-Xmas release. Please leave any comments/suggestions/etc in above thread.

More information on MotF is available at:

Razor Ace

skywalker19 12-17-2002 04:52 AM

looking great!! honestly cant wait,sorta looks like max payne with the dodging :D

razorace 12-17-2002 06:44 AM

Well, I'd describe it more like the way Matrix moves look in real-time (like that agent dodging those bullets in the movie).

razorace 12-20-2002 06:22 AM

I've just uploaded Release 1 to my personal webspace,, and Feel free to d/l it from the personal webspace until it's up on the two main sites.


Also, I'm heading home for X-Mas so my dedication to the Mod maybe lacking for a couple of weeks. :)

I'm beat. I'm going to bed.

Happy Christmas,
Razor Ace

SettingShadow 12-20-2002 06:58 AM

Awesome mod :) I really like it.

just one thing tho.

I think the gunners dodge the lightsaber to easily, in a room that should be like 3 meters, a gunner that use a briar takes out someone with a lightsaber pretty easy, the gunner just dodge like every swing while the Jedis miss with like every attack. It should be easier to dodge a blast bolt than a lightsaber IMO.

Other than that awesome mod. :thmbup1:

razorace 12-20-2002 07:22 AM

Yeah, I noticed that too. We'll fix that eventally. Different types of players will have different amounts of Dodge. At the moment, everyone has the same amount. Sort of like a blaster fight with a even number of saber and blaster jedi. :)

I think implimenting Herr's improved hitzone code would really improve dodge and the saber combat in general. Right now you can get hit in the back when facing an attack!

skywalker19 12-22-2002 05:11 AM

did a little test today and i love it :).

unfortunately,a few people were complaining saying duels took to long,oh well for them :p

razorace 12-22-2002 04:23 PM


did a little test today and i love it .

unfortunately,a few people were complaining saying duels took to long,oh well for them
1. If they don't complain to me directly, I can't know about it.
2. Duels are SUPPOSE to last a while. When was the last time you've seen a 30 saber duel in one of the movies. :)
3. A lot of the current saber "problems" in inherent to the Raven's mindset for the saber code. I'm planning on redoing that after I finish up some details on Dodge and impliment Herr's better hitzone code.

PLEASE leave any additional comments in the main Release 1 thread or the Main MotF thread. Thanks.

skywalker19 12-22-2002 11:04 PM

One more thing,and im not sure if its a bug.

I joined a MotF server,and all the elements were there(dodge etc),but there was no dodge meter in the top left.

So i left and went to another server that was running it,and low and behold,it was there. Is this just a glitch?

razorace 12-23-2002 04:07 PM

skywalker19, I've made a reply to that question in the main Release 1 comment thread (the same location of the screenshots mentioned above).

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