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Carbon_sleeper 12-23-2002 11:30 PM

Welmin's Cantina
Welmin is a Toydarian that runs a cantina on a starport in orbit around the planet Crodaria in the Outer Rim. Welmin's is a cantina that is known to be a no fire zone, and a safe place to relax and get your mind off the dangers of a harsh galaxy. He has several extremely advanced security droids that are programmed to destroy anyone that shows any signs of violence. He runs a peaceful bar where sworn enemies can sit side by side and know the other one won't try anything... dangerous.

Rules: This is basically just a place for characters to relax and get to know one another. It's pure RPG, no real action. Just be your character in the bar and get to know the other characters around. On your first post, only give a description of your character's physical appearance and actions, to keep it real. In life, the world doesn't know your complete background when you enter a room. Let's let that stuff come out during the course of getting to know each other. Of course if you WANT to give more info, that's fine. feel free to use Welmin in any way to bring your character into the cantina. I'll start:

Jeck walks into the cantina and is immediately greeted by Welmin. "Carbon Sleeper!" the Toydarian yells. "Been too long."
"Not long enough," Jeck answers. He is wearing a plain gray flight suit. He looks as though he hasn't cut or brushed his hair in months, and he needs a shave. Tiredly, Jeck takes a seat at the bar, hoping to find somebody--anybody--to chat with to take his mind off his own sorrows.

Euro 12-24-2002 09:30 AM

Euro walks into the Bar. Black Cloak covering his saber on his belt.

Euro: Hey Welmin! Hows life treatin yuh? I just got back from Coruscant from yet another mission my master has sent me on. How about a couple shots of anything. I'm tired as hell.

Carbon_sleeper 12-24-2002 04:34 PM

As Welmin pours the drink to Euro, Jeck walks up and sits beside him. "So," Jeck says, "I heard you mention coruscant and a master? You wouldn't happen to be a Jedi, would you? If not, I'm sorry I bothered you. If so, I have a humble request."

Euro 12-24-2002 07:07 PM

Euro in a suspicious tone "depends on who's asking and why. I don't do errands over my own permission, and I'm not a Hitman."

Euro pulls out his Sony Walkmin and puts in Thursday.

Euro repeating along quietly "Dont even take a breath the air is cold.."

Darth Groovy 12-25-2002 04:30 AM

*Darth Groovy walks into the bar grumbling*

"Welmin, I'll have the usual, Blue Milk, Shaken not stirred.. I tell you these hosers will post anything now days......"

Carbon_sleeper 12-29-2002 02:00 PM

Jeck sits quietly, looking at his glass. "Sorry. Nevermind. Just that there's some folks out in this galaxy that I'd really like to see... well.... no longer in this galaxy." He takes a deep breath, and says, trying to change the subject, "so. What's your story. Why is a Jedi--I'm assuming you are, in fact, a Jedi--hanging out in this dump?"

"Hey," Welmin protests as he pours another patron a drink.

topshot 12-29-2002 02:00 PM

*Topshot slowly comes to after being hit over the head with a chair, and starts making his way over to the bar.*

Topshot:"Howdy boys! Bartender, throw me a bottle. Corellian Ale. On the rocks!"

(looks toward the others)

Topshot:"Someone call for a Jedi, or a Dark Jedi???"

Euro 12-29-2002 04:46 PM

Euro: Well.. my history isn't quite the Brady Bunch. My father and mother were killed by a fellow sith when I was only a couple months old. Its a burden I live with.

Euro makes a tight fist "and I will get whoever did it. Bet you're wondering why I myself are a sith? Each time I think of my parents my body rages with hate and anger. Its too much to handle for a person like myself. Anyways, I guess a favor of this sort wouldn't hurt. What exactly do you need?

topshot 12-29-2002 05:29 PM

Topshot (thought moment):'Euro reminds me of myself!'

Topshot turns grim,"Your story is pretty darn interesting, Euro. I myself am a Jedi Master gone neutral, both good and evil. My brother was killed by a fire when a sith and jedi were in lightsaber combat. Didn't realize it until a couple days later that I had force abilities. Used em for both good and evil, I did. Trained under many great masters, both Sith and Jedi. For some reason, I could control both dark and light side abilities."

Flamehart 12-29-2002 06:05 PM

Craig, a man with slightly long and ruffled hair, wearing regular nondescript clothes (for once, usually wears armor) enters, and, for the sake of the security, hands sword to the security droid.
Craig: I want that back when I leave, got it? *Heads in*

Craig: Ah, old friend Welmin!
Welmin: Ah, ninja boy, nice to see you!
Craig: I'll have a Juri Juice, in a clean class if you can help it. *Sits down near the other occupants*

*Looks at topshot and laughs*: You get hit with a table or somethin?

*To Euro*: Thats..pretty bad.. if you need help with that, I could find someone who can help you if you like.

*To Jeck* Who are these folks you'd like to see? other members of your family? are they just gone away or dead or..? Sorry If I'm disturbing you.

topshot 12-29-2002 06:21 PM

Topshot:"Yeah. Some guy came in wearing MSG2 armor and threw a chair at me. I believe he looked a little like you and little like me. He was probably another one of those cloning experiments that escaped from Galak's labratory. Left before any of these guys came in."

Flamehart 12-29-2002 07:57 PM

Craig: Erm.. MGS2 armor.. as in something close to this? *taps button on watch and armor similar to MGS1 Gray Fox's appears* If so, it wasn't me, but only 2 other people I know use this armor.. me and my best friend, who died.

So...How bout that drink Welmin?

Welmin comes over with the Juri Juice
Welmin: Here ya go, enjoy.
Craig: *Tosses coin to Welmin and sips juri juice, after tapping watch and going back to nondescript clothing*

topshot 12-30-2002 08:33 AM

Topshot:"Yes, it was very similar to your armor. Did your best
friend go by the name of.........Kyan?"

Flamehart 12-30-2002 09:02 AM

Craig: *Suprised look* Yeah, how did you know? *Sips Juri Juice again* You might want to make sure your heads still there, if it was Kyan, the armor gives him a strength increase.

topshot 12-30-2002 11:36 AM

Topshot:"He asked me if I knew you, or if I was a friend of yours. When I said I did know you, he took a table, bashed it against my head [table broke right away when it touched me, making me dizzy], then he took a chair, and that knocked me out cold."

Topshot:"My head is still here. His armor may give him enhanced strength, but I can hide my true power level, so as to make my strength less dangerous. I only show my true power level when there are more lives at stake than just mine."

Topshot:"Also, if I train harder, my power level can advance even higher than that of just about any kind of man-made weapon. His strength was only enough to knock me unconscious. He didn't do me any real harm. I was at half my true power that time."

Euro 12-30-2002 05:19 PM

Euro: Well I'm off to Earth for some R&R. Master said it would be ok. Lucky bastard doesn't understand people have lives. Anyways, Thursday's playing Live if any of you guys have nothin to do. Time to let the force recharge and catch some rays. :p

topshot 01-01-2003 12:37 PM

Topshot:"I've got a mission to take care of on this planet. I'll see you guys later." *heads out the door.*

(Cantina RPG is sort of related in a way to the "Tale of a Warrior" RPG, due to the part where I start off. I thought of making Carbon Sleeper's RPG a prequel to mine. Hope you don't mind, Carbon Sleeper.)

Carbon_sleeper 01-05-2003 11:17 PM

*Not at all, Topshot. I think that's pretty cool.*

Pnut_Man 01-06-2003 09:10 PM

*wipes away sweat from forehead as he enters yet another cantina*
*seeing the bar counter full with talk, Jag proceedes to get a drink*
*smiling*: "Excuse me Bartender, could you fix up a Calamarian wine?"
*Jag nods towards the others*

Katarn07 01-07-2003 06:08 PM

Klai Finn appears in the door way, with both DL-44s in his holsters. He enters slowly, gives a suspicious look at the other patrons beneath his green lensed goggles.

He walks up to the bar, kicks a stool around 180 degees and sits down with the back to his stomach.

Setting blasters on counter for an annoying security droid tapping him, he decides to get a drink, "I'll have a Bantha Blaster. Don't skip out on the Rodian Gin."

Bartender gives him sizzling cup of green liquid that burns the skin upon contact and responds, "As law requires me to, I must admit that I am not responsible for any injuries caused from that drink to you. So don't get any ideas on suein' me for it, outlander!"

Klai smiles grimmly and sets a handful of chits on the counter, "Had no intention of doing so."

Klai turns to Jag and gives him a look, "You look beat. What's your story."

ckcsaber 01-07-2003 06:41 PM

The cantina doors open as a man in a dusty green coat walks in wearing a peculiar hat and carrying an odd vibro-spear.

"Barkeep, get me a Trandoshan Ale" he yells over the cantinas voices. Wearily he falls into an empty booth and mumbles "Blasted Barabels. Can't stand losing an honest game of dice." As the barkeep sets down his ale, ckcsaber hastily mutters a thanks, before he drowns himself with ale.

Emitting a sigh ckcsaber leans back, happy to enjoy some rest.

Katarn07 01-07-2003 07:14 PM

Klai holds up his hand before Jag can reply, "Excuse me, but I must be leaving."

He walks over to ckcsaber and sets his drink on the table and props hs feet up on the surface after sitting on the bench, "Ahh, you look like a man of many talents. Just the sort of type I'm looking for."

ckcsaber looks up wearily and tries to speak, but Klai shushes him with a wave, "I am willing to pay 75,000 credits to each man to join my party. I'll tell you more about it if you agree to let me." Klai pauses and holds up a data pad showing his bank account, "I do have the coin to back it up. First, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself."

ckcsaber 01-07-2003 07:39 PM

ckcsaber smiles smugly at the datapad Klai holds up.

"Well, Klai it seems as if you are a succsessful man. As am I. To tell you the truth, your credits don't interest me, but i'm always looking for something to do, so I might as well tag along....if your plan interests me."

Katarn07 01-08-2003 04:49 PM

"It's a personal mission. But I really need some back up. I plan on hitting Takara's stronghold on the world of Ord Katrassi." Klai explains, leaning over the table so only ckcsaber can hear.

"Only two people have ever been hostile in that place and survived. I was one of them. I was held in the prison cells, escaped and headed straight through the base. Managed to take out half the security detail and downed 4 nexus." Klai pauses to let this sink in, then continues.

"The other person is some Rebel Jedi named... Mara Jade?" He nods, "Yeah. She to was held in the prison cells and escaped. Only she took out a Rancor with her bare hands! My brother, Abron Mar, had captured her. That is my target. He has put a death sentance on my head of more money that even I possess! But don't even attempt catching me. I've worked for the Empire and Remnant for almost ten years and even had a run in with Boba Fett a while back and survived."

Klai looks around the bar as he downs the last of his drink. He turns back to ckcsaber and says," What do you say?"

ckcsaber 01-08-2003 05:08 PM

"Your brother seems like a nice guy." ckcsaber replys. "So he has himself holed up on Ord Katrassi? Never been there so I guess nows my chance to visit. Tell me when you've got everyone else you need, and I'll be ready."

ckcsaber leans back and calls out "hey Welmin, let me have another Ale."

Katarn07 01-08-2003 05:46 PM

Klai nods and cracks his knuckles, "OK, I'll be about looking for any other daring enough to assist me."

Klai sets the glass on a droid's tray and takes his blasters back and holsters them. He turns to ckcsaber, "See ya around."

Leaves bar without looking back.

Flamehart 01-12-2003 05:51 PM

Craig looks at Klai and follows him toward the exit of the bar.

Craig: *Stops him* I couldnt help overhearing, I've got extraordinary hearing, sorry, but, I would like to help as well. I have a blade stronger than a lightsaber, stealth capabilities, and no catch. You dont even have to pay me, I live to serve others.

Katarn07 01-12-2003 05:54 PM

Three thugs come up from behind Craig and with a blow to the head, knocking him out, they haul him off to the world of Ord Katrassi. The men leave before the security droids can stop them.

Craig will most likely awaken in a jail cell here

Bastalek 01-13-2003 04:46 PM

Pacing slowly into the bar Bastalek gazed back at the unconcious man being dragged out. "Funny, most drunks have to drink to pass out, that guy didn't even have the scent of beer on him." Bastalek chuckled to himself as he continued to a table near the wall of the cantina. Sitting down, Bastalek stretched his arms and back, as well as cracking his knuckles in a rather loud fashion. Taking a quick gaze around the room Bastalek couldn't help but chuckle to himself, "So many suckers and so little time."
Snaping his wrist adeck of ornate cards slid from Bastalek's sleeve to his hand. After tapping the deck against the table three times Bastalek said, "Sounds like fifty two" and began to shuffle. To the eyes of those around him, Bastalek's hands appeared to pass in and out of sight as he rearranged the deck. For a moment Bastalek raised his left hand and index to the bartender order a pint, while still shuffling with his right. After a moment Bastalek looked around and asked, "Anyone in the mood for a game of cards?"

Jeedii_zaarinn 02-04-2003 04:46 PM

longo 2 guns comes in to the cantina and sits at the bar.

longo:hey can i have a bottle of moxie?

the bartender slides down the moxie.

a security droid comes over and taps him on the shoulder.

droid: please remove ur blasters.

longo: sure

longo places his flint lock pistols on the counter. he takes his moxie and goes to a private booth to read, also waiting for someone to talk to him

RandomMonkey 03-04-2003 04:10 PM

A alien wearing all black walks into the bar and sit down without making a sound.

SECURITY DROID-Please remove all weapon

On the counter he sits 5 small blasters a lightsaber a blasterrifle a stun baton and 3 or 4 vibroblades walking over to a booth he silently asks for a cup of some blackish liquid that resembles blood.:fett:

Deac 03-08-2003 10:27 AM

[Heh. I did a thing like this on the XWA forums. Started years ago. Now onto part 9, and it's no longer bound to the Cantina]

*A tall bothan enters the cantina and sits at the bar. He wears red clothing and carries a blaster*

Guorask: I'm parched. Give me a Corellian ale.

topshot 03-08-2003 11:55 AM

After his last mission to Coruscant, an old face, wearing a felt tip hat and overcoat, walks into Welmin's.

"What'll it be, stranger?"

"Bah! Welmin, you need not call me a stranger. I'd say you know who I am......."

After tipping his hat, a scarfed face with emerald green eyes and peachy skin is revealed.

"I remember you! You're..........!"

"Yep, that's right. It's me. Topshot.........."

"Haven't seen you around in a long time, Topshot. How's the ship dealing?"

"The Dragon King? He's doing fine. Got a couple scratches on my last mission for the Rebellion. Nothing to worry about........"

"That's good. So, how's about a Corellian Ale. Shaken, not stirred. Just the way you like it!"

"That'd be real good. Thanks, Welmin, but, I'm out of money....."

"No worries! The drink's on me!"

"Again, thanks......"

After turning around, he looks toward the others in the cantina.

"Hey! How's a game of sabacc sound to you guys?"

Redwing 03-09-2003 01:14 AM

((Totally OOS: (Sorry, people :animelol: )


Originally posted by Deac
[Heh. I did a thing like this on the XWA forums. Started years ago. Now onto part 9, and it's no longer bound to the Cantina]
DEAC! Hey! You're here! As opposed to...there! There being XWA or mind ^^;; It's a little different here, isn't it?

I really need to join an RPG here, since I mod here and all...maybe I'll join this one. If I can make any sense of it...


j/k. I'll stop interrupting now ^_~))

Deac 03-09-2003 10:09 AM

[Redwing: Yep. It isn't being populated it with vampires.]

"I like Sabaac. I'll play."

topshot 03-09-2003 12:10 PM

Deac and Shotty start playing sabaac. Shotty consults a guide, due to his recent inexperience on playing the game.

Jeedii_zaarinn 03-10-2003 03:41 PM

captain ej, walks in to the bar, looks around, and walks over to welmin.

ej: hey whats up?

welmin: nothin much, what would u like to drink?

ej: ill have some captain morgan rum. hard on the rocks. and ill keep the bottle.

welmin: coming right up

Deac 03-11-2003 01:56 PM

"So I'm Guorask. I sell info. What do you do?"

RandomMonkey 03-11-2003 03:21 PM

the alien in black walks over to topshot
?-hello mr......topshot. Did you say you work for the rebellion?

topshot 03-11-2003 11:04 PM

Topshot notices the alien in black.

"Yeah, I work for the Rebels. Why do you ask?"

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