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jedimaster623 12-23-2002 11:36 PM

Need Help!!!
Does anybody have any tips for finishing "THe Battle of Endor?"

Lynk Former 12-24-2002 01:09 AM

1. Choose the X-Wing over anything else

2. At the beginning of the level don't go along with the movie, turn your X-Wing right around and go back towards the star destroyers and engage the TIE's, also order your men to go after the TIEs

3. Stay close to the Nebulon B and destroy the TIEs around it

4. When the call has been made that bombers are arriving turn towards the start destroyers and u should see a large group of bombers coming in, start blasting as many as you can before they disperse... once they have dispersed u should go after them and destroy them as fast as you can, they will hang around the Nebulon B, they won't touch any of the other ships. at this moment only focus on the Bombers and ignore the other fighters

5. Now when the bombers are all gone the two Star Destroyers will come along, the best thing to do is go straight for the SD on the left, put your sites on one of its shield generators and basically do what u did in Razor Rendevous... also it's a good thing if you haven't lost any lives at this point.

6. Once you've destroyed the first SD you'll have to go after the second which can be a bitch cause you've got a million fighters after you. Still do the Razor Rendevous thing and try to stay alive. Don't be afraid to use your missiles on the generators either.

7. Once the two destroyers are dead u'll prolly have a little time to go after a few TIEs... or the level justs ends and u've completed it...

any help?

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