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ZeroXcape 12-30-2002 06:17 PM

Wanted: Files
Editors, LucasFiles is looking for community submissions to feature on the main page of our site. If you have a game/map/mod/character/anything that you've been working on or a project that was completed a while ago, check out the submission instructions. Your work will be featured across the network and it's a great way to get our name out as an editor.

Also, this may be my first post on this board, heh.

Erwin_Br 12-31-2002 02:10 AM

I wonder if you're ever going to get fangame submissions and I wonder even more how long they will be available for download. Heh. Heh. Heheheheh.

Oh, and I don't have anything to add (yet).


jannar85 01-01-2003 08:19 AM

I thought LucasFiles was only a place to get LucasArts releated files.... So that means we can upload demo's there as well, since we aren't allowed to upload files bigger than 1 MB at AD?

oh, one more question... Can I upload the intro movie, but keep it not allowed?
I can't use my accont at AD to upload it... It'll get quite huge.
That's the only issue I'm worrying about.

Metallus 01-02-2003 09:57 PM

This probably only applies to people who make LEC fan games, which isn't really what AD is about.

Erwin_Br 01-02-2003 10:06 PM


Browse LucasFiles by Category

Here you're welcome to look through all of our files sorted by category. Over time we'll be expanding this feature greatly, so keep checking back as more content is added.
In other words; we can change that easily :D


jannar85 01-06-2003 06:37 AM


Originally posted by Metallus
This probably only applies to people who make LEC fan games, which isn't really what AD is about.
LEC fan games? Pffft.... Like they will ever see the light...
I prefer the originals, instead:)

Aight, so when can MojoDownloads be up running again?
And Metallus? Is there a way that we can use my AD account, to upload the intro? I know it's a 1 MB size limit, but my co-workers live in Sweden and Finland, and I'm stuck here in Norway :(

The intro is btw a movie...
Hope we can find a way for it.

Erwin_Br 01-06-2003 07:26 AM

What codec did you use to compress this movie? Remember that DivX or Xvid (Xvid is gnu licensed and works perfectly!!!) can compress your move much tighter with better quality!


scabb 01-31-2003 11:51 AM

I'd use DivX though, as XviD isn't as popular, and Windows Media Player doesn't like it (Mine doesn't anyway).

Jannar, I've got a good 50mb of decent, pretty fast space that I don't use with my ISP (It is actually pretty fast). I'd be happy to upload your movie for you - You used to be on my MSN contatcts, but I had to change accounts - It's - add me or mail me.

I don't understand though - LucasArts now want FanGames, which essentially means Lucas-related game made by fans, uploaded? The same Lucas Arts with the "cease" and "desist" attitude that we all love so much? Because as I understand it, games like Pleughburgh and Rob Lowe are "Amateur Games", and not "Fan Games". I need a shrugging emoticon to go here.

Erwin_Br 02-01-2003 05:38 PM


I'd use DivX though, as XviD isn't as popular
Since it's GNU you can just distribute it with your game/demo/movie. Using an installer package like Install Maker or Install Shield you can install the codec automatically as well.

So it's not really a problem if most people don't have Xvid.


and Windows Media Player doesn't like it (Mine doesn't anyway).
Hmmm, no problems here. I agree that DivX is older so I think it probably has less bugs (if any).


Courthold 02-08-2003 06:16 AM

Jannar, as far as i know the 1mb limit doesn't apply

solidraven 02-18-2003 04:37 PM

*Sigh* I'm so confused! :(

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