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Darth_Simpson 09-18-2000 01:06 AM

New preview!
A new Battle for Naboo preview has surfaced at N64.IGN! It is pretty cool. Head over and have a look!

Garindan 09-18-2000 07:01 PM

i'm heading on over to lucasarts to kill the person who didn't allow multiplayer in battle for naboo right now. see ya.

Darth_Simpson 09-18-2000 07:20 PM

Yeah, that totally sucks! I wish Rogue Squadron had multiplayer, and so did everyone else. Then they totally ignore it in the sequel! Stupid!!

Pedro The Hutt 09-22-2000 08:20 PM

Thank goodness there's still X-wing Alliance for our MP-dogfight needs.

I am your father.

Darth_Simpson 09-22-2000 08:34 PM

That's right!

Hope RS2 has multiplayer!

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