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Deac 01-03-2003 04:18 AM

Mrear 2!
[This is me basically trying to get more people into this.]

No godmoding
No technology beyond the time [Industrial Age]
Character must be some type of fantasy race

Gorthor. A large industrial city. Among the scraps of it's proletariat, one was born who would shape it's future. A curious half-elf named Itrok. A curious boy who loved to build things, unlike his elven ancestors. It was one day that his future would change forever whilst he worked at a bar...

Redwing 01-03-2003 08:19 PM

((So how far removed is this one removed from the Mrear 1?


Industrial Age: a cultural stage characterized by the first use of complex machinery, factories, urbanization, and other economic and general social changes from strictly agricultural societies.
Interesting. :D))

Deac 01-04-2003 12:10 PM

[It's about 800 years later]

Kuuki 01-04-2003 12:36 PM

*A Person, whom was once a Human. Now reformed after centuries living in the darkness of the night after night. His hands now more like reptilian claws, barely resembling them as hands anymore. His face, now also deformed, and now resembles a more half human half bat like, as his ears no longer had the curves of what was his fledgeling brood has, also more bat like. The only thing that remained the same was his hair and eyes. He controls a vast amount of industral and commerical companies, seeing he himself has lived long enough to see cities grow from small preindustrial villages. The Luxery of Eternal life has its advantages...*

*Sitting in a throne like chair, he leads a brood of commericalised Vampires. Most of the time they feast on mere animals only due to the fact if they feed on other intelligant beings, they lose a profiet...*

Redwing 01-04-2003 08:26 PM

*Night side of Mrear. The dark quiet is disturbed abruptly by a bright blue portal opening out of nowhere in the middle of a grassy field. Two figures step out.

The first is seven feet tall. He is a male gargoyle, of an English race. Blue-green skin, naturally white hair, a face almost like a human's except for the double-spiked ridges replacing eyebrows and the two prongs forming the end of the long chin. His hairstyle resembles a whipped-cream topping, ending in a drooping point that seemed to be supported by some sort of constant static energy. His body was built like that of a bodybuilder, but he still managed to appear thin due to his height and the fact that his feet, like those of all gargoyles, caused him to seem to perch, birdlike on the ground. They looked vaguely dinosaurian, with three main toes and another pronglike, replacing the heel of the foot and held off the ground. His body weight was thus directed forward, but counterbalanced by a heavy tail and large bat-like wings. His elbows bore spikes. His fingers and toes ended in claws. The translucent claws were similar to pointed fingernails in the way they wrapped around the end of the digits, except much stronger.

The second is a human girl, about five and a half feet tall. She has black hair and green eyes, and looks about 19.

The gargoyle looks around, seemingly a little disturbed at his location and annoyed at something else. The human girl looks self-conscious.

Gargoyle: Are you feeling alright.

Girl: Are you sure this is the only way?

Gargoyle: Besides the obvious choice of---

Girl: No. I refuse to do that.

Gargoyle: Then yes, this is the only way.

*The pair recedes from sight as the portal closes. The land is once again shrouded in darkness*

Kuuki 01-05-2003 01:05 PM

Vampiric Comsultant: "My Lord, Annual Sales increased by 3.25%, Production increased by 7.5%..."

Vampiric Lord: "Alright for the start for the sales year..."

*The Vampiric Lord's name was none other then Janos Vorador. Nearly legond to all Vampires in this time. Nearly the most powerful, Not only in the Vampiric Dark Gifts, but also with the Living world as well. Unlike his fledgeling counterparts he is mostly more immune to the effect of sunlight, although it weakens him as he is still a nocturnal creature, sunlight is bearable, neather the less, his body is more frail in the light...*

Yes even some Vampires can be in sunlight, it all matters how your created ^_~

Vorador talking to himself: "For ages I've seen our businesses build up. Frankly I morn that the sweet taste of fear in the human blood, I can't bear to try and drink once more. Vampirical purges start the most easily that way... I'm going out..."

*Vorador stands, then crosses his arms across his chest and vanishes.*

Deac 01-06-2003 01:51 PM

*Itrok satnds at the bar, and swears under his breath as a gang of orcs enter the bar*

Orc1: Give us beer, mongrel

Itrok: Not with that attitude.

Orc2: Give beer or you die!

*Itrok watches as they all draw guns*

Orc1: What you think now.

Itrok: I think you've made an error. Insertis, Pulchert, Imperiem!

*Flames bursts from Itrok's hands, burning the Orcs. Unfortunately, the fire begins to spread. When it stopped, Itrok was long gone. He ran to the hills, and only began to walk near to a forest. It is in the most unlikely way that heroes are made, and his sort have the most odd beginnings, but their endings are all the same.*

Kuuki 01-06-2003 06:51 PM

Vorador sitting in the same tavern: "My, my. You Orc's got burned, but hardly scathed... Ha ha ha ha ha..."

*Fear spreads to the orc's eyes and Vorador pulls off his hood and shows his fangs to them... Soon after their blood is forcably drawn from their bodies, and into the gullet of the Vampire. The rest of the bar stays still in fear, as Vorador throws some money on the bar...*

Vorador: "It's been a while sense I had a good drink..."

Redwing 01-07-2003 10:34 AM


A solitary figure sits in a chair in front of the glowing embers of a dying fire, staring at the glow as if in a trance.

A winged shadow creeps up along the wall, slowly falling further and further over him...

The figure speaks*

Vampire hearing. I already know you're here, K'Warra K'laar.

K'Warra: Trenadoc. So pleased that you remember me.

Trenadoc: *turns* You're looking awfully good for being eight hundred years old. *sniffs* I smell...human blood. *The girl emerges from the shadows. The vampire leers at her*

K'Warra: I need to find someone.

Trenadoc: In exchange for what?

K'Warra: In exchange for me doing you the favor of leaving you alone.

Trenadoc: Don't insult me...tell you what. *points* I'll take the girl.
Haven't tasted human blood in a long time.

K'Warra: *laughs* I don't think so.

Trenadoc: Didn't think you'd agree...well, you had your chance.

*Trenadoc leaps to his feet and snarls. His face transforms, his brow growing larger, eyes more wolfish, and long teeth growing from his mouth*

Now I kill you both for trespassing and get two meals.

*Trenadoc leaps at K'Warra with astonishing agility, foot flying. K'Warra ducks it and knocks the vampire out of the way. Trenadoc charges him again, and K'Warra hits him, knocking him across the room*

Trenadoc: You've changed a bit. Anything to do with whatever's let you live for, oh seven centuries too long?

*K'Warra grabs Trenadoc by the neck and shoves him up one-handed against the wall. Tren grins* What are you going to do, choke me to death? I'm a vampire, remember? I don't need to breath.

*In response, K'Warra lifts his other hand. He raises his hand and with a motion, coal dust lifts from the fireplace and forms into the shape of a sword in his palm. The sword illuminates with bright blue energy. K'Warra presses it to the vampire's throat* But you need your head on your body, don't you?

Trenadoc: *hesitates, then when K'Warra presses the sword closer he speaks* You're a little late. Kvana died two c..centuries ago.

K'Warra: Did he leave an apprentice?

Trenadoc: Yes...but good luck getting to him.

K'Warra: What do you mean?

Trenadoc: He's one of Vorador's flunkies. Nasty people really, if I do say so myself.

K'Warra: Vorador?

Trenadoc: Boss of a vampire guild. Controls some kind of barely-legal syndicate. Rumors have it he's some kind of super vampire. Many say he's immortal. Everyone says he's the kind of sleazy bastard you want to avoid. *grins testingly* Maybe a friend of yours?

*K'Warra drops him on the floor* Whatever. I'm going to go look for this heir of Kvana's. And if I find out you've been telling me fairy tales, I'll be back by the beginning of next week to ensure you're a pile of dust on the floor.

*K'Warra stalks out of the room. The girl waits for a moment, glaring at the sulking vampire on the floor, then follows*


"K'Warra K'laar is back in Mrear."


"Yes. K'laar is a gargoyle mage who had some shady business here, oh...eight hundred or so years ago."

"Eight hundred years?"

"No joke."

"Gargoyles normally live to be only two hundred."

"You seem very well researched. There hasn't been a gargoyle in Mrear for, oh, five hundred years..."

"I do my research."

"Well. They say K'laar was looking for a device to make him immortal. Perhaps he found it..."


"He also has a human with him. I don't know anything about her. However, the fact does seem rather unusual, given his recorded modus operani."

"Alot can change in eight centuries. In any know what to do."

Kuuki 01-07-2003 12:17 PM

Theres three games people should paly in order to understand Vorador, (which i based him more on of course... :D) Blood Omen 1 and two also Soul Reaver II all three in the the same series. which i believe only Kain and Vorador were the only Vampires who can Walk in the daylight, Vorador being well over serveral millina old and Kain the only sole vampire whom was resurrected as a vampire (killed as human, went to hell)

"Everyone says he's the kind of sleazy bastard you want to avoid."
looks like red's got the right idea, unless he got a quite the lucky guess :D ^___^

Vorador walking the old streets alone: "Oh, I can remember the days when all my meals where chained to the walls of my "Dining Hall". Heh Ha Ha Ha. Too bad I can't do such no more..The only fools I can bare to feast upon are the pity criminals and thugs who dare plague the streets. BAH! I'm hardly sated!" *crosses arms and disappears...*

Deac 01-07-2003 01:43 PM

It begins..
*Itrok is suddenly confronted by a Wyvern, a small dragon like creature. His magic reserves are drained. He runs, but is then blocked off as a lesser red wyrm moves to cut off his escape.*

*The God's meeting room. 3 are assembled over the table representing the mortal realm*

No. Not again, Bladelord

You've sent yours, Revengemaster

Will you two stop bickering! Is this true, Relethar?


Then it is done...


*A bloodied golden blade smashes it's way through the wyrm's skull...*

Redwing 01-08-2003 08:12 AM

*K'Warra and the girl walk away from the hut down the deserted street*

Girl: Shouldn't you have asked him to, y' know, point us in the general direction or something at least?

K'Warra: No need. All I need to is find this Vorador vampire and...convince him to help us.

Girl: If you say so.

Al-back from the BigWhoop 01-08-2003 10:55 AM

*A half-orc, AlThugh-Ar, sits alone in the forest, complaining to himself*

AlThugh-Ar: trouble-maker? How could they say such thing. They dont even know me? The world is just... wrong...

*suddenly, a half-elf rushes through the forest, clearly tired. AlThugh-Ar decides to follow him. The half-elf is suddenly confronted by a Wyvern. He runs, but is then blocked off as a lesser red wyrm moves to cut off his escape. AlThugh-Ar takes his ax and prepares for battle, when suddenly a bloodied golden blade smashes it's way through the wyrm's skull. AlThugh-Ar whatches amazed*

Deac 01-08-2003 01:32 PM

*Itrok suddenly remembers a legend. A legend of a sword like this one, and of the trails it's wielder would face. He turns and sees the wyverns. What choice did he have?

He grabbed the sword and brought it down on the nearest wyvern*

Kuuki 01-10-2003 04:43 PM

*The Gargoyle and the girl get stoped by a tall hooded man, or at least what it seemed like...*

Hooded man: "I have been following you, I overheard you speak of a Vorador? If so, do you even know whom he looks like?"

Redwing 01-11-2003 01:41 AM

Gargoyle: You want to do business? Explain yourself.

Al-back from the BigWhoop 01-11-2003 02:04 AM

*AlThugh-Ar approaches the wyverns corpses, amazed. Itrok, sees him and prepares to fight*

AlThugh-Ar: lower your wepon, my good sir, for i have not come to fight. Im AlThugh-Ar, ive come from the northern camps, occupied by the white orcs. Although i look like an ordinary orc, u can notice that im different from the orcs taht roam through this land, im shorter, cleaner and if i may say so, very much politer. ive come in search of alliances, for my people is being threatened by some great evil, still mysterious to us.

Kuuki 01-11-2003 12:07 PM

Hooden man: "I'll speak in plain terms. You come to speak to Vorador. Unfortunately you don't know where he resides, nor if you find him, he wouldn't allow your council, Appointments only I'm afriad."

Deac 01-11-2003 02:44 PM

*Itrok smiles*

Fear not, friend. I was raised in the cities, where half-orcs and ogres are becoming commonplace. I do not think like many of my kin.

*Then Itrok hears a voice in his head*

That's a good sentiment- oh! Forgive me, not been in the head of a mortal in a while, and never an elf. I am Starkiller.

As in... Elveron? Starfor? The golden glow in their eyes?

The same. I think you should find out about his evil.

*Itrok returns to the conversation*

So, what do you say about a great evil?

Al-back from the BigWhoop 01-11-2003 09:06 PM

AlThugh-Ar: It all started years ago. we have been at war with some goblin tribes, since they invaded one of the 3 vilages that belong to the White Orcs. Eventually we managed to reocupy our 3rd village and rebild it. But the goblins never left. They made camps at the foot of our mountains, threatenning our safety. One day they simply left. Only one sentinel saw them leaving, and according to them, the goblins left in quite a hurry. The next morning that sentinel died from some sort of sickness that spread out quickly through the villages. Crops and animals all died shortly after. A dark cloud hangs over our villages, and it seems to grow heavier every day. we left the villages and now we are camping around the area of the 3 villages. this seems to have slowed down the speed of the curse, but my race will soon die if we dont find a way to lift this curse. Our elders have decided to send the strongest and healthiest in search of help. That is y im here, but so far i have found nothing but discrimination.

Redwing 01-12-2003 01:01 AM

K'Warra: *smiles* I don't desire to give Vorador my council. I desire to take his.

Kuuki 01-12-2003 01:17 AM

Hooden man: "Neither the less. He comes to see you, and if you see him, give him a reason not to have you killed on sight... Theres a manson, down that way..." *points across town.* "Don't worry you won't miss it... Ta."

*the hooded man crosses his arms and vanishes in front of the two on purpose...*

*the Hooded man arrives at the manson mentioned, as he takes off the hood, he reveals he's the Vampire Vorador himself!*

okay, i know, it was comming...

Redwing 01-12-2003 02:32 AM

K'Warra: *turns to the girl* I told you finding him wouldn't be a problem. *the two start down the road towards Vorador's mansion*

Kuuki 01-14-2003 05:45 PM

Vampire: "My Lord, how was you outing..."

Vorador: "I don't seem to know why'd you care. but it was stimulating... We are going to have vistors. A Gargolye and a small Human..."

Vampire: "A meal?"

*Vorador glares at the foolish fledging...*

Vorador: "IF it was. It wouldnt be stupid enough to come here espcelly when they know what kind of people we are. I want my evening plans canceled. And have everyone to leave for the evening..."

Redwing 01-18-2003 03:16 PM

*K'Warra and the girl walk down the road. As they near the house, K'Warra spots someone in the bushes*

K'Warra: *reaching out and dragging the person from its hiding place* Well well, what have we here? A vampire.

*the vampire changes into game face and struggles in K'Warra's grip*

K'Warra: It's pointless to struggle. I'm no ordinary creature. *the vampire's eyes dart past him and look at the girl, who is standing in shadow* And neither is she. Look, here's how it is. Your boss Vorador has a mansion up the road, yes.

Vampire: *smiles past his teeth* I don't know what you're talking about...

*K'Warra sighs and drops the vampire. As it tries to scramble away, he places his foot firmly on its throat, pinning it down. He rips a piece of the nearest tree off*

K'Warra: Let's review. Sunlight, fire, beheading, certain holy relics, and...stake through the heart. *places the point of the piece of wood against the vampire's chest* I miss any?

Vampire: *voice strangled* Vorador...will...

K'Warra: *pressing the stake in so it begins to pierce the skin* Vorador will what?

Vampire: you...want?

K'Warra: I want you to show me to Vorador.

Vampire: He'll...kill...

K'Warra: So will I.

Kuuki 01-18-2003 09:55 PM

*A large pack of what seems to be warewolves approch the gargolye and downed Vampire... One "speaks"*

???: "How about what Vampires can turn into? I'd let him go if I were you, besides if you don't you wouldnt see Vorador..."

Redwing 01-18-2003 10:42 PM

*K'Warra smiles* Shapeshifting vampires, or true werewolves. Either way...

*K'Warra stakes the vampire. It explodes into a cloud of dust*

K'Warra: He had his chance. Now, are you going to show me to your master, or do you want to meet the same fate?

Kuuki 01-19-2003 09:28 AM

*A blur of movement occurs and the branch used as a stake is now being held by the lead Vampire in the group. And K'Warra on the ground, but nothing more then a slight bit of wind knocked out of him...*

*The other Vampires start to move towards K'Warra, but the lead extends his arm to the side... They were stopped...*

???: "You can continue, only if you say what business you have with him... We are loyal to our creator... But know this, if you do kill him, there won't be no chian reaction of our deaths... We aren't as weak enough for that mortal belief to be true..."

Deac 01-19-2003 10:40 AM

*Itrok sets off in the direction of these Orcs, meanwhile...*

Vampires. Stupid things. And HIM. Again. Can't he get out of my world? Ne'er mind. And now, to find a host. Hmmmmm.

Redwing 01-19-2003 04:15 PM

K'Warra: *amused* You think me a fool? I want to see your master because of information he can provide me. *gets up* And I'm going to make it worthwhile for him to see me, one way or another...

*K'Warra lifts his hand. Suddenly the lead vampire is raised twelve feet in the air. The others start forward, but a wind comes from nowhere and holds them back*

K'Warra: Now the question is...which way will that be? The way where I keep killing his underlings until he comes out to get me to stop, or the way where you tell him that a powerful mage is here at his service just outside his mansion?

Kuuki 01-19-2003 04:20 PM

*the Lead vampire grins...*

lead Vampire: "He's there, He told the most of us to take the night off, how ever we are night creatures so... Might as well watch what might become...*

*the other Vampires change back into their normal forms...*

Redwing 01-19-2003 04:25 PM

K'Warra: *grins back* I know better than to go into a vampire's hideout. One of you go tell him to come out.

*The stake lifts from the leader's hand and hangs in the air* I'd do it quickly, too, if I were you.

Kuuki 01-19-2003 04:37 PM

Lead Vampire: "Again with your wooden weaponry..."

*A sort of crackling sound in the air, and the Vampire lowers to the ground, also the tree branch...*

*Vampire shakes his head, as he changes his form back to his non fledgeling form...*

Lead Vampire: "Are we goign to go through this the whole night? I just said, most of the vampires are out tonight, by the order of Vorador... So from what I can tell, He knows your coming."

Redwing 01-19-2003 06:00 PM

*K'Warra feels the vampire resisting and lifts his grip, a little surprised, allowing the vampire to descend towards the ground*

K'Warra: So you're the "super-vampires" I've been hearing about. *drops the piece of wood* That would explain why you all can shapeshift.

*grins* If he knows I'm coming, all the more reason not to go in. Not that I need to worry about being killed, but my little friend here, well...

Kuuki 01-20-2003 01:11 PM

Lead Vampire: "I'm afraid that I'm not aware of this "Super Vampire" you speak of... Vorador is just Vampire whom had lived long enough as a vampire to go through his evolutions, and be so powerful. As for I, I have gone through a few for my self... As those these traveling companions sort of speak, they have gone through one or two... The one you killed you'd see more often, the fledgelings. Not even lived long enough to go through his own evolution... or just ever took the chance... Don't have all evening to talk... I am a vampire you know..."

*He too like corador, crosses his arms and dissappears, while some of the others too do the same, as for the rest, they just run off...*

Deac 01-20-2003 01:45 PM

Hmmmm. I sense a great evil there, so that's where I'll find a new host...

*The Darkstar appears in the centre of a room full of vampires*

Excellent! Now, I am Darkstar, the remnants of Lokpihet, god of Hatred, and I need a new mortal ag-


*The Darkstar spots K'Warra*

You again! I offered you a chance to help me 800 years ago and you refused! I should destroy you... could join me....

Redwing 01-20-2003 08:16 PM

K'Warra: Vampires with the ability to evolve? Interesting. *grins* May come in handy if I need to kill them.

*K'Warra raises his head and sniffs the vampire trails. One particularly interests him. He grabs the girl's hand*

Girl: What now?

K'Warra: Now? Into the den of bloodsuckers. I need a guide.

*K'Warra disappears, teleporting along with the girl. He reappears in the shadows of a dark bar. He can sense at least sixty vampires, half of which he could see. He cloaks himself and the girl, so the vampires can't sense him. Two of the vampires have a similar scent to the vampires outside Vorador's mansion*

If what I know about vampires is true...and if I can trust what that one told me...this Vorador must have sired a whole brood like him; that's how they have these unnatural gifts. Trenadoc and the rest of them would think of them as "super-vampires".


And I killed one of their brood. They must be very angry with me about now...

*K'Warra suddenly hears a voice and a presence, somehow familiar. He sees a sort of smoky being materialize in the middle of the den*

"Excellent! Now, I am Darkstar, the remnants of Lokpihet, god of Hatred, and I need a new mortal ag-"

*the being turns and notices K'Warra in the shadows*


*K'Warra tries to remember who the personage in front of him is*

"You again! I offered you a chance to help me 800 years ago and you refused! I should destroy you... could join me....

*By now everyone in the bar is staring in K'Warra's direction. Disgusted, K'Warra decloaks himself*

K'Warra: Eight hundred years ago...that's when I was still mortal. And an awfully long way back to remember. Perhaps you could jog my memory? Thank you ever so much for blowing my cover, incidentally.

Nearest Vampire: *snarling* Who the hell are you two and how did you get in here?

Kuuki 01-20-2003 08:40 PM

Lead Vampire: "Geez... Sorry to interupt. But I did say that Vorador is waiting in the manson. Not the Tavern..."

Deac 01-21-2003 01:33 PM

[Scar, Redwing: Are you going to have and good guys in this RPG?]

Like I said, I am Darkstar, Avatar of the dead god Lokpihet. Now...does anyone want me to supplement their soul and take huge power to cause great evil? Anyone?
And as for you, Gargoyle, remember Retrick Darkstar? Kejim and Starfor? Keep of Dawnfire?

Redwing 01-21-2003 08:14 PM

((Believe it or not, K'Warra is. The point of what he's doing all this for is to help the girl. Who is also a "good guy"))

K'Warra: Ah yes...the incident with Retrick Darkstar. How could I forget? In answer to your other question, no, I'd rather not, I'm busy. *to the lead vampire* And I told you I needed a guide. You led me to a place where I have plenty of potentials. For that, I'll let you keep your pathetic unlife. *K'Warra stands up and yells* I need a guide to the vampire Vorador's mansion! I'll pay in pure gold. *K'Warra reaches into a pouch on his belt, takes out a handful of gold and holds it up*

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