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Bastalek 01-10-2003 06:03 PM

Return To The Hungry Hobo Cantina
OOC: Hey fella's, this is my first RP thread in this forum so show me sympathy. Anyway, this thread is as open as they come, so feel free to jump in whenever you want and take the story where you please. The only other rule is.... well..... party down!
BTW: This cantina has a lot of history (Especially with Bastalek), it's been blown up twice (Not completely), had somewhere in the area of six gunfights, as well as having a starship crash into it. So just remember, there is nothing this place hasn't seen.

IC: Bastalek slowly pulled up on his swoop, the night sky shimmering off of the chrome parts. The light from near by stars dimmly lit the ground, along with the old street lights which looked to be in need of replacement. The Hungry Hobo Cantina, it had felt like an eternity since Bastalek had seen it's doors. The weld marks on the doors were almost new, and the scorch marks hadn't even been painted over or washed off. All of the memories that flooded into Bastalek's mind drew a smile cross his face.
Hoping off his swoop Bastalek paced towards the bar doors, dull cracking sound of gravel on his boots following his every move. Dim, yellow light oozed from the port-hole windows set in the doors. As he walked fumes from the liquor and cigarettes almost made his eys water. "Mmmmmmmm, the Hungry Hobo, home to the cheapest, strongest drinks you'll ever be able to find."
Proceding further into the cantina Bastalek slowly gazed around the room, noticing the several unsavory characters enjoying a drink or a smoke at one of the many bar tables. Bastalek slowly walked to the bar, taking the same seat he had the night he began his excursion to take down the Red Python. The bar railing was even the same, only the warped part had been hammered back into place. As he sat down a droid rambled up in front of Bastalek, sputtering, "Would you like a drink sir?"

JoKen 01-10-2003 07:30 PM

All of the sudden a huge bang sound comes from outside. Everyone rushes outside to see what's happening. A chromed ship in the shape of a flying wing is flying at high altitude. Another ship, a YT-2400 is chasing it. The bang sound came from a missle that slammed into the hull of the flying wing, although it does not seem to do anything to the ship, appearently the defletcter shields absorbed most of the blast. The YT-2400 shots another missle, but it is destroyed ba a sonic charge that the wing launched. The wing launches another charge, destroying the YT-2400. The ship lands in the nearby spaceport...

Bastalek 01-11-2003 10:40 AM

The sound of starship engines shook the bar for moment, sending several people in the bar outside to witness the comotion. The rumbling had gone as quick as it had come, "Sounds like another hot-shot..." Bastalek mumbled to himself as the bartender fetched him a Ruby Bleils. It was amazing that the bar was able maintain business after all the trouble it had seen over just a few years.
Bringing the steel cup to his lips Bastalek took a swig of his drink. Once the red liquid hit his throat his faced tightened up for a moment. Bastalek then smiled and said, "They've still got the strongest drinks on the planet. Bartender, fetch me a bottle of this stuff!"

Wraith 8 01-12-2003 06:17 PM

*OOC Consider yourself stuck*

JoKen 01-12-2003 08:58 PM

A man walks into the cantina and sits down at a table.

Jared Sinn 01-16-2003 01:48 PM

Jared Sinn steps lightly throught the doors of the disheveled cantina and takes quick inventory of the patrons, service droids, and especially, exits from the building. Deciding that it was as good a place as any to start asking the locals where to go about finding some able-bodied sentients looking to make a fair amount of credits, he slides onto a stool at the bar. After several minutes of being completely ignored, the bartender, a shady-looking human male, lumbers over to where Jared stands and speaks:

Bartender: "What are you drinking then?"

Jared: "What do you have thats local?"

Bartender: "Nothing I'm sure you'd be interested in. How about a Corellian Ale?"

Jared: "Yeah, thats fine, thanks."

Jared flips several credits on to the counter and the bartender scoops them up expertly, as he places the drink on the bar. Jared quickly drains the glass.

Bartender: "Thirsty today aren't we? Have another?"

Jared: "Sure. Hey, listen, you wouldnt happen to know where I might find a few people interested in making some quick credits, would you?"

Jared flips a handful of credits on to the bar

Jared: "It involves a bit of stealth, a little patience, and, quite likely, a lot of shooting..."

Scooping up the coins without blinking, the bartender regards Jared for several seconds. After coming to a conclusion, he replies.

Bartender: "It's possible I might know a few people like that. Wait around a while and enjoy your drink"

Jared picks up the freshly filled glass of ale and crosses the room to sit at a booth

Bastalek 01-16-2003 10:18 PM

OOC: Fella's, sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Me and my er.... Significant Other (Lol) haven't seen each other for a few months now because of college, so I've been trying to see her as much as possible over the past few days while i still could. Sorry about the break in posts.

IC:Bastalek crooked his head and looked at the man sitting down the bar. hhhhmmmmmmmmm, normally the bartender doesn't take special notice to customers who only have one drink. The man was talking under his breath, and through the music and grumble of the cantina all Bastalek could hear was a low mumble. After a moment, the man retreated to a booth along the side of the bar.
The bartender then cracked a slight grin and paced his way over in front of Bastalek and set his elbows on the bar. Looking back over at the bartender Bastalek said, "What the hell do you want steve?"

Steve: I gotta job for ya Bast, but the only way you're getting it is if I get a cut.

Bastalek: A cut? Why should I give you a cut? The last time I did a job YOU gave me I almost got killed-

Steve:-Big deal, you always ALMOST get killed. Hell, I'll bet you almost died on the way to the can this morining.

Bastalek: Shut up, the floor was wet.

Steve: HA!

Bastalek: Ok ok, you've proved your point, what's the job?

Steve: Do I get a cut?

Bastalek: DAMN'T! Fine you can have a cut, now what's the job.

Steve: See that fella that just sat himself down in the thrid booth, talk to him. Said he needed a hired gun to do a job for him.

Bastalek: *Sigh* Steve, you know I can't shoot worth ****.

Steve: So, you've got a buncha friggin guns, so go over there and make me some money.

Bastalek gazed over at the man for a slight moment and puffed some warm air into his hands as he got off his bar stool. Sitting down in the booth Bastalek locked eyes with the man sitting acrossed from him and said, "So what's the job?"

Jared Sinn 01-17-2003 08:41 PM

OOC: Steve the Bartender? rofl...

IC: Jared spend several thoughtful moments sizing up the newcomer. After taking a long pull on his near-empty glass of ale, he replies

Jared: Greetings friend. I find it interesting that you would ask first what the job is, rather that asking first what it pays. That tells me already that youre a few notches above the local scum. It seems that luck is with me this night.

Before I tell you about the job, I should warn you that it's likely going to be quite dangerous, and I expect that we'll need a few more competent humanoids to pull it off.

Having said that, let me explain the situation. Two months ago, I arrived on this planet from Dathomir, with nothing but my name and the mismatched armor you see me wearing today. I quickly found work as a guard for a local high-ranking representative of the Arrakan-Korvaal mining company. I'm not much of a melee fighter, but I can shoot the eye out of a womp-rat at 400 meters. Needless to say, my services were greatly appreciated, and I quickly gained the representatives favor. One afternoon, the representative called me into his office, and told me that he was retiring from the guild, and moving to a resort planet on the Outer Rim. Before he left, he said that he wanted to give me a gift for the several occasions that I managed to save his life. The gift consisted of a blueprint for a specialized blaster rifle, similar to the Sorusuub that many of the Imperial Stormtroopers carry, but with modifications which made it an extremely deadly long-range weapon. To a marksman, it was a gift beyond measure. Unfortunately, several other guards who worked for the company found out about the gift, ambushed me later that evening, and stole the blueprints. The guards, of course, lost their jobs, but set up operations not far from this bar, as an illegal smuggling and slaver business. I have it on good authority that the blueprnts have been framed as a trophy, and are kept on the wall in the main office of thier compound.

Jared attempts, in vain, to gain the attention of the bartender

So, as you may expect, the job I'm recruiting for involves the recovery of those prints. I'm not rich by any means, but I am offering 500 credits to any who help me accomplish this task.

Thew Rydur 01-17-2003 09:18 PM

All of the sudden a roar of laughter and surprise comes up from a nearby table where a group is playing Sabacc. The attention seems to be focused on a slightly plump male Zabrak wearing a short suade jacket. He has dark skin and distintive black tatoos. One of his horns his been chipped off at the tip, most likely in some brawl. Scooping a large amount of credits into a bag he begins to leave. An older human male at the table asks:

Older Human: Lothas are you leaving so soon?

Lothas (the Zabrak): Well I have some pressing business to attend to Cerll, plus you don't want me taking all of your money do you?

At this another roar of laughter comes up from the group, all of whom have been downing ale and spirits through the night. A beautiful blue-skinned Twi'Lek female at the table pleads:

Twi'Lek Female: Oh please Mr. Akor just stay a bit longer?

Lothas: I'm sorry my dear but I really must get going.

He takes a small amount of credits from the bag and puts them in his pockets, then dumps the rest back onto the table.

Lothas: (with a smile) Until next time then.

With that he heads towards the exit, passing the two men speaking in the booth.

Jared Sinn 01-18-2003 12:15 AM

As Jared speaks to the newcomer seated at his table, he keeps an ear focused on the lively game transpiring close at hand. As the portly Zabrak struts past the booth, Jared makes a mental note to inquire about the availabilty of the clever humanoid.

Thew Rydur 01-23-2003 12:06 AM

OOC: *Trys to breath life back into a dying RP * :D


The Zabrak walks out of the cantina and down the street, smoking a cigarra. He stops at a corner a looks around checking the area. Seeming relieved he leans against a wall.

Lothas: Alright, its safe.

A grating pops open a bald, muscled male human climbs out. Lothas smokes his cigarra for a few moments then speaks.

Lothas: Did you bring the plans?

The human opens up that coat he is wearing, revealing rolled-up blue prints inside.

Human: That all depends, did you bring the money?

Lothas tosses the cigarra aside and reaches into his jacket. The humans hand immedeatly shoots for the blaster on his hip. But Lothas just pulls out a credit stick.

Lothas: Relax, I'm an honest guy. *He smirks*

They then exchange items and the human exits the same way he entered. After checking the street once again Lothas undoes the ties and looks at the plans: an advanced Sorosuub blaster rifle.

OOC: If this messes with what you are planning, then just tell me and ignore it. This was only a copy of the prints too, not the actual thing.

Jared Sinn 01-23-2003 02:38 PM

OOC: I was waiting to for Bast to make a move, since he started the thread, but he's apprently lost interest Glad to see your post Thew- happy to pick up where you left off, just give me a que to which way you were going with the copy of the plans. I'll deal with Bast so we can move on.

IC: Bastalek seems to ponder the offer for all of several seconds before replying:

Bastalek: "No offense, pal, but you look like trouble to me." I'm going to have to pass on this little excursion."

[I]Bastalek smiles at Jared, rises from the table, and walks back over to his booth to finish his drink.{/I]

With a sigh, Jared mumbles to himself:

Jared: "Great. I knew that was too good a lead to be true...."

Jared continues to attempt to get the attention of the bartender

Thew Rydur 01-23-2003 03:25 PM

OOC: I'll post my character's bio in the char. thread so you know some more about him.

Lothas walks briskly down the dark street often visually checking the nearby windows and alleys. He strides past the Hungry Hobo catching a few of the patrons eyes. He continues down the street until he comes to a large warehouse. Inside the sound of machinery can be heard. Walking up to the thick metal door Lothas pounds on it twice. A slit opens up and a pair of bright yellow eyes peer out.

From Behind the Door: Oh, its only you Boss.

Lothas: Yes, its only me now open the door, Rakk.

The door creaks open and and a massive manufacturing operation is revealed. A diminutive Twi'Lek, Rakk, steps into view.

Rakk: Did you get what you needed Mr. Akor?

Lothas: Yes, infact I did. Why don't you take these down to the production area for me.

Lothas takes the blue prints froms his jacket and hands them to Rakk.

Rakk: Yes sir Mr. Akor.

Jared Sinn 01-23-2003 04:29 PM

Having given up trying to get the bartenders attention, Jared slides out of the booth and walks back to the bar to order another drink.

As he crosses the room, a human male, bald and well-muscled, walks into the bar. The newcomer appears somewhat drunk, and is in high spirits, singing to himself and grinning stupidly. With a slight slur, the male exclaims:

Bald Male:"Drinks for all, on Califf, the fastest cutpurse in the system!!!"

The reaction in the bar is immediate, and cheers go up from every corner. Jared collects his complimentary drink and returns to his booth. Califf eventually takes a booth behind Jared, and is soon joined by several new friends.

Califf:...... and I was minding my own business, when this Twill comes running around the corner, bleeding all over the place and holding a diagram or somethin. I offered to hold the diagram while he died, and he didn't seem to mind! (grunts of laughter from around the table) I got in touch with this guy I know what works at a shop down tha street. He says that he knows someone that might buy the diagram, so I agree to meet em. So I meets him, and he buys the thing right then and there for 100 credits! (more laughter)

Jared stands up and spins around

Jared:"Want to make 50 more credits?"

Califf replies in a guarded voice

Califf: "Sure, who wouldnt?"

Jared: "Tell me where the shop you were talking about is located"

Califf chuckles

Califf:"Sorry friend, but it's not supposed to be common knowledge"

more laughter from around the table. Jared tosses 100 credits on to the table

Jared:"that make any difference?"

Califf takes the credits and quickly describes the shop location. Jared exits the bar and begins to walk up the street toward the described location

Bastalek 01-23-2003 07:55 PM

OOC: Whoa............. I thought the thread died after I posted. Anywho, my appologies for not posting in forever, I'll try to pop in if I can somewhere down the line, but right now you guys seem to have a good thing goin.

Thew Rydur 01-24-2003 03:30 PM

Lothas heads down the stairs and into the factory. He passes workers of many spieces and jokes with a few. Finally he reaches what looks to be a storage closet in the back of the warehouse and punches in a code on the key pad. The door hisses open and he walks in. The room is lavishly decorated with art from a thousand worlds and is certainly larger than a supply closet. It is a quite a contrast from the factory just feet away. Lothas walks over the soft, red carpet and sits down at a desk made of the finest wood. He presses the comm button on the desk.

Lothas: S-4P0 cancel all of my appointments for this week, I'm going on a trip.

A silver protocol droid enters the room.

S-4P0: Yes Mr. Akor, may I ask where you plan to travel to?

Lothas thinks for a minute, scrathes his chin and then replies:

Lothas: I'm not sure yet, just have the Benevolent Sky readied.

S-4P0: Yes sir, Mr. Akor.

The droid leaves the room and Lothas reclines in his chair.

Jared Sinn 01-28-2003 12:22 PM

Jared arrives at the location described by the human male at the cantina, and slowly walks past the front of the large warehouse. Heavy metal doors, possibly blast proof, are the only outstanding feature of the non-descript building. Waking across the street, Jared steps into the shadow of an alcove, of an abandoned storefront and begins to think about the situation:
Door too thick to open by conventional means. Unknown number of possible combatants inside. "Wait", Jared thinks to himself,"I'm getting ahead of myself... How do I even know these blueprints are mine?" It would be a sad thing to be killed while trying to steal back something that one never owned in the first place. Undecided what course of action to take, Jared leans deeper into the shadows and watches...

Thew Rydur 01-29-2003 04:42 PM

The door is suddenly thrown open and a group of four humanoids walk out, leaving the door still slightly open. As the leave Jared can hear a distinctive clank and hiss moving towards his position.

Jared Sinn 01-29-2003 04:55 PM

Without considering the wisdom of his actions, Jared quickly steps from the shadows and crosses the street. Trying to appear non-chalant, Jared stops near the open warehouse door and listens

Thew Rydur 01-29-2003 06:39 PM

As Jared listens he can only here machinery and yelling. Suddenly he can here footsteps just a few feet away on the other side of the door heading away from him. Soon after much heavier foot steps and be heard heading towards the door. Looking back to the street Jared now finds out that the clanking and hissing he heard moments before is a well-armoured security droid.

Jared Sinn 01-29-2003 08:45 PM

As he listens, Jared realizes that a security droid has suddenly taken an interest in him and is rolling and clanking in his direction. Making a decision, he slips into the warehouse and gently pulls the door shut. He immediately ducks behind a nearby piece of machinery, having little time to assess the interior of the building he has just trapped himself inside. Voices, gradually getting fainter as he listens, float across the large room...

first voice...shutting down the machinery now? I dont get it.

second voiceI dont know either. The new prints are supposed to go into production immediately. We're supposed to get the parts as soon as possible, no matter what the cost. It's weird if you ask me... what could possible be so.....

The voices fade into silence. Jared listens intently, but no sounds come from outside or from within the room. He slowly begins to make his way across the room, worn blaster rifle at the ready.

Thew Rydur 01-29-2003 09:10 PM

Lothas gets up out of the chair and goes to a closet in the room. He begins to pack a chrome case with clothes and other essentials when he sees a red light blinking on his desk. He walks over and recognizes the light as an intruder alarm. He quickly keys the comm.

Lothas: Security, please send a team to check the east quadrant of the building, something or someone tripped the alarms.

Voice: Yes Mr. Akor we leaving now.

Lothas returns to his case and finishes packing it, then grabs a slender blaster pistol from his desk and heads out of his office towards the security room.

Lothas: (to himself) I just hope this doesn't ruin my vacation....

The security squad begins to sweep the area and is heading towards Jared's position.

Jared Sinn 01-29-2003 10:08 PM

As Jared makes his way across the apparently empty room, he becomes aware of what sounds like an alarm going off in another part of the structure. Jared curses under his breath and runs for a door several meters away. Finding the door locked, he moves along the wall to a second door. Voices grow stronger from across the room as he fumbles for the keypad on the second door. After pressing what is obviously the "open" key, he stumbles into the room beyond and comes face to face with a startled and somewhat disheveled Zabrak male in the process of packing a briefcase full of documents. Both humanoids pause, completely suprised by the sudden presence of one another.

Thew Rydur 01-29-2003 10:28 PM

OOC: The Zabrak isn't Lothas right? I'm a little confused about this so I'll let you make the next move. Just to keep things flowing though.


The security team comes to where Jared was hiding. The leader, a massive Trandoshan, bends down and examines the dirt left by his foot prints.

Trandoshan: This is still fresh, the prey can't be far away.

He motions for the rest of the squad to follow him.

Jared Sinn 01-30-2003 09:37 AM

OOC: Well, I was going to see how you reacted to that, to see if you assumed it was Lothas (it doesnt have to be). I'm not really sure what direction youre headed, or how I should react to the secenario youve come up with and I was just trying to force a reaction :)

Both humanoids react at the same instant, drawing weapons in the blink of an eye. Blaster to blaster, neither seems inclined to be the first to pull a trigger.

Jared Well, it seems as tho we've quickly come to a stalemate...

Thew Rydur 01-30-2003 05:13 PM

As the Zabrak opens his mouth to speak a blue bolt strikes him in the chest, causing him to crumble to the ground. Jared spins around to see where the shot came from only to be mauled by the Trandoshans fist.

Trandoshan: Mr. Akor doesn't like theives... *he looks at the Zabrak who is already getting up, alomst unaffected by the stun blast* especially ones inside the organization.

Lothas pushes throught the security team and into the room and then stands next to the Trandoshan, blaster pistol drawn.

Lothas: Well ,well what do we have hear... Hakr take Kethl here to a holding cell, and make sure he's real comfortable.

Hakr (the Trandoshan) puts binders on the Zabrak and takes him out of the room, most of the security team follows leaving only one female human in the room.

Lothas: Now where have I seen you before... ah yes at the Hungry Hobo... you have a bit of explaining to do I think.

Jared Sinn 01-30-2003 09:37 PM

Rubbing his swollen jaw, Jared glares at his captor in silence. After several minutes, he speaks:

Jared: I suppose I've nothing to lose at this point..

Jared explains the story of the lost blueprints for the second time that day, and how he found out that the Zabrak was in possession of those prints. Finishing, he adds:

Jared: So, unless I'm mistaken, you have something that blongs to me. If I hadnt made such a rash decision a few minutes ago, I would even now be planning how to recover my property. I'm not afraid of death by the way, so you wont get anything more from me. Not that I have anything left of value anyway...

Jared stares vacantly at the shackles on his wrist, a look of resignation on his bruised face.

Thew Rydur 01-30-2003 10:20 PM

OOC: I dunno what happened with that strike through I meant to use italics, guess i hit the wrong key...


Lothas opens up his hands.

Lothas: Well to tell you the truth I don't really give a damn who the plans belong too, they're mine now and I plan to make a fortune off them... but for some reason I respect you, so I will let you go. As for Kethl there.... Screams can be heard from a nearby room. lets just say he made a very bad choice. Now I can be resonable and I recently just lost my rooftop watchman to blaster bolt. I'm going away for awhile and I'm sure I'll find one on my travels, but you take the position for a week and you'll get the first blaster rifle off the production line.

Jared Sinn 01-31-2003 07:12 AM

Jared stares, open-mouthed at the Zabrak, but quickly recovers. After pausing for several minutes, attempting to read Lothas's facial expression, Jared leans back and replies:

Jared: Well, a working model was all I was ever after in the first place, and it doesnt seem that I'm in a position to refuse... You seem to be someone who's word can be taken at face value, and can be trusted. I accept your offer.

OOC: I feel like this is a good place to re-start the thread, as this one's a bit of a mess. This is actually the first time I've ever tried an RPG thread, so I'm afraid I might have been a bit boring. I'll restart somewhere, several days later in the same scenario and call it "Beyond the Cantina" (perhaps we can even entice some others to join? lol would be nice ;P)

BTW, if youre not interseted in continuing on another thread, let me know and I'll let it die.

Thew Rydur 01-31-2003 03:53 PM

OOC: No I'm still interested, so start the new thread when ever you want. I'll see if I can get anyone in here.

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