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elTee 01-14-2003 06:26 PM

One of those pieces of music...
We all know a piece of music that we hear from time to time, that we think is amazing. And, suitably enough, we don't know what the piece of music is called. So we can't buy / download it. For me, one track in particular is the music that plays during the jailbreak at the start of The Goonies. On sunday The Goonies was screened on channel five, so I made a note of the composer and set about looking for a soundtrack.

Success! I found the soundtrack. However, it was only available on import from Japan. And when I looked at the track listing it turned out that it was just a collection of pop songs that appear in the film. Oh no! There was one track on the CD though, the last track - "Theme from the Goonies." This was rather vague, but surely this was the theme I wanted?


More searching told me that the name of the track I desired was "Fratelli Chase" which is available on a number of Dave Grusin (the composer) compilation CD's. The question is, do I buy a compilation from america at considerable expense for this track alone?

Damn those people who are in charge of CD soundtracks.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it. If anyone else knows a great piece of music that they don't know what it's called, tell us and we might be able to find it for you and avoid the rigmarole I went through.

Speaking of which, who knows what that bit from the nutcracker suite by Tchaikovsky is called, the one they always play round christmas time? I think it was in the trailer for The Grinch with Jim Carrey, amongst others.

Ztev 01-14-2003 09:05 PM

Re: One of those pieces of music...

Originally posted by LucasTones
And when I looked at the track listing it turned out that it was just a collection of pop songs that appear in the film.

You can't knock cindy lauper, "GOOD ENOUGH, It's GOOD ENOUGH for you it's GOOD ENOUGH for me or something, GOOOOOOD ENOUGH!". That New Found Glory cover is good too.

Anyway, I found that compilation cd of the composers work on here.

telarium 01-15-2003 01:15 PM

There was never an orchestral soundtrack released for The Goonies. However, there was a "Best of Adventure" CD released in Germany a while ago that had a number of Goonies orchestral pieces.

That jailbreak piece you were talking about is indeed called "Fratelli Chase" and was written by David Grusin. It's available both on that David Grusin CD and Best of Adventure, although they are each different performances.

"Theme from the Goonies" was kind of a pop version of the Goonies theme that plays at the very end of the movie's final credits (following the Cindy Lauper tune). An orchestral version of the theme appears in the movie when Mikey and Brand hug each other on the porch as the lawyer guys leave.

As you can see, I've done a lot of research on this as well. In fact, back in 1996, I started a Goonies Orchestral Soundtrack online petition. Of course, nothing came of it.

elTee 01-16-2003 04:37 PM

I've actually just found a site where I can download this track! Its a good recording as well. I don't normally do this (at least, not with tracks I don't intend to at some point purchase) but I feel that the lengths that the people in charge of this CD have gone to in order to prevent me purchasing a legitamate copy without spending more money than it's worth make up for the fact that it isn't entirely legal. But what is?
If you want, I can give you a link to the site where I got it.

telarium 01-17-2003 12:59 PM

Don't need it, I have the CD's. But thanks.

Alien426 11-03-2003 04:53 PM

Alright guys, I hope someone can help me with these - Doom02 and Doom07. They are from add-on levels for Doom and I've stumbled over the ripped midis on my hard disc only minutes ago. They may be composed especially for the maps, but a lot of the music in custom levels was converted from existing songs. If they are, I hope you can tell me, where they are from.

elTee 11-06-2003 02:28 AM

Doom 02 sounds a little like Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield - otherwise known as the Exorcist theme. I may be wrong, but through the mangled sound of midi thats the only thing it seems to resemble to me. I dunno about the other one :)

MrManager 11-06-2003 02:31 PM

Yeah, it has kind of a Tubular Bells feel to it, more Tubular Bells 2 than the original one.

Alien426 11-06-2003 04:41 PM

Cool! Yes, they sound a lot alike! Thanks!

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