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Deft Aklin 01-15-2003 04:23 PM

Enter the Dark One.
(I am leaving this generally vague for several reasons, one being the mystery and suspense. The other, I have no idea where I am taking this. We shall see who would like to participate and let it lead us where our hearts desire)

In the time of the Rebellion, this lone Dark Jedi waits anxiously for his return. Soon he will reclaim power in this realm, but for now, he waits. On a lone desolate and nearly uninhabitable moon, outside of the charted worlds, he has surrounded himself in the blackness and void that has been his life. He waits, for soon will come a visitor. One he has foreseen, but for what they call, he does not know.

Across the dark planet, a desolate region opens. Resting in the center of the wasteland of black sand, lies one lone metallic structure of near massive proportions. A small landing pad bares an unknown symbol, from an unknown time and an unknown organization. This structure appears abandoned, it ancient walls wear the blackened colors caused by severe acid rain. In the distance a bolt of lightning strikes the barren sea of nothingness. A small landing pad, almost unnoticeable, rests just outside the front gate, the doors of which are wide open, as if to invite company. But this building is not as it seems, it is neither unused nor abandoned. One sole inhabitant lurks inside. His own dark soul complimenting the exterior walls.

(Fade to the thrown room)

Slowly the dark one rests his weary and aging body into the blackness of his throne. Alone, in this room he had spent much of his time. As age slowly creeped up on him, he had succommed to its requests and spent more of his time in deep contemplation. His followers had long since passed on, not that he had made any effort to save them. They had done his bidding for his cause, and in doing so, paid a price for his decisions. Many had died, but even more had retreated as the dark one spent more time in trance and less time perpetuating his small empire. As his interaction and strong leadership was slowly removed from the criminal organization, it crumbled. Little was left, except for a large supply of consumables, as none were there besides himself to use them. His own ship was taken by the last group to leave, his servants. Left a lone, nothing but his own company and his lightsaber. Contemplating these things began to trouble him. He gradually cleared his mind of these thoughts and began to return to an older, more instinctual state. That is what he had done for nearly the last decade. Resting, preparing, he knew the time would come. The time in which he would be required to return to the old ways. The intense emotion he had once felt, the anger that drove him, once again filled him. Slowly he entered the rage trance. Closing his eyes, recalling the battles of old, his adrenaline increased synchronious with his beating heart. Not fully engrossed in the act, keeping mindful of his surroundings, he could sense the intrusion. There was some one coming, but for what he could not foresee. Slowly, he allows his trance to fade away once more. Turning his throne on its axis, he takes in the view of the oncoming storm. Great bolts of blue and purple begin to strike in the background, and slowly the rain came again, as it always did. It came to take away the life from this moon, not that there was much left. A slight sense of satisfaction gently intrudes his being, the storms were always strong in the Dark Side.

Slowly his attention returns to the intruder, he could feel the presence right behind him, quietly entering the room. Before his guest can speak, Kytel speaks in a low, raspy, weathered voice, "I knew you would come, but for what I have not foreseen." Slowly his chair spins, eerily as if with no action on the Dark Siders behalf, "Do you come for my vast fortune.", he pauses for a chuckle, "If so there is none, my servants have taken everything to further themselves. I lack even a vessel to travel to my homeworld." Kytel still rests in his chair, making no hostile moves, as he would need a ship and a pilot to leave........finally.

Thew Rydur 01-15-2003 05:04 PM

OOC: I'd be interested, but like you said its a bit vague. I'm not really sure what the setting is or what kind of character I should play.

Deft Aklin 01-15-2003 10:06 PM

OOC: Let it flow man. I don't like games with pre-defined scenarios and planned outcomes. That is why I left it the way I did. If you want to be a Dark Jedi seeking training. A criminal seeking assistance, pursuing a leader for your organization. An Imperial Inquisitor stumbling across my humble hide out. Feel free. I will edit my post to make it a little more pre-defined. With a better setting of course.'ll see.

There....hopefully that will suit you better. As I said your character and your reasons for coming are up to you as I have not decided whether this will be the story of Kytel's salvation, or his demise.

Jared Sinn 01-18-2003 09:32 PM

Thats pretty good scene set-up there Sidious. I'm something of a newb to the RP forum- the first I've tried is on the boards under the hungry hobo. Lol, sounds like a tounge-in-cheek RP but I think we have a good start on it. I've thought about joining several other threads, but they all seem to be somewhat crowded, and often have too many restrictions on staying within the timeline, keeping consistent with existing characters and plots, etc. That just stresses me

The other thing that I have a natural aversion to is Jedi threads. I'm one of those who's sick of Jedi's in general, and cant wait to enter a world where they're extrememly hard to come by ;) I'll be around tho, just waiting for the right RP thread to jump into!


Thrackan Solo 01-30-2003 06:11 PM

Allright Lets Do it ...

The intruders black leather boots clack dwn on the ferrocrete floor as he strides towards the thrown.
"I have come to seek you wisdom,"he states as he kneels down before Kytel,"I wish to help you in any way I can. I am Coran Bathyan from which planet it does not concern you. I have come to aide the dying Sith."

hows that tell me if you want me to edit

Thrackan Solo 01-31-2003 08:43 PM

Come on Darth add on .......:confused: i cant do it by myself!

Thrackan Solo 02-01-2003 11:51 AM

have you gave up?!!!?!

Thrackan Solo 02-06-2003 04:58 PM

DARTH come on this has potential

Thew Rydur 02-06-2003 08:28 PM

Why dont you try PMing him?

Deft Aklin 02-07-2003 03:30 PM

Sorry guys, this sat for awhile, so I guess I just kind of stopped checking it. My bad. ;) Give me a sec and I'll add on here.

His chair completes it's motions, coming to a halt after moving full cirle almost of it's own will. The darkness of the room suddenly is replaced by a flash of purple light from the storm outside. A near whisper of a chuckle comes from the elder man, "I fear you are hiding something from me, something you desire more than my wisdom." Briefly he closes his eyes, reaching out with every fiber of his being. Even assisted by his strength in the force, everything was clouded, it had been a long time since he had used such powers. There was no need, for there were no companions. He had become a hermit, a recluse. Hidden in his own dark creation, on his own dark world. Again, the light brightens the room, revealing Kytel now on his feet, eyes focused on the man kneeling before him. "What is it you are hiding from me?", he asks in his harsh, accusational way. His eyes slightly enlarged and penetrating, yet his body language suggests no offensive intentions. A gentle, diminutive step forward, and the last of his robe falls from the chair, gently floating to reach it's final destination on the floor. Lowering his posture, leaning in towards the man, he gently whispers, "You have already dishonored yourself and me as well by calling me a Sith. Do you think I need gadgets to be strong in the force?", a weak chuckle follows, then a pause, then he continues, "I have no need for such things. The force is strong through me, because of me, that is all I need." In his own deluded and aging mind, somehow, he actually thought that the power of the force was somehow generated from him. Perhaps cenility was setting in. Perhaps somehow he was right? Perhaps the Dark side had warped him far greater than even he knew.

Thrackan Solo 02-07-2003 04:14 PM

"MMMMM..... I have come to take you off this rock," Coryan tells the old jedi. "Come we most leave quickly for we have things to be done."
Coryan strides toward the old sentient to help him.

Thew Rydur 02-07-2003 11:18 PM

OOC: I kind of forgot about this one to, couldn't think of a character. I'll keep checking this thread and maybe join in when it seems like a good time if thats ok.

Deft Aklin 02-08-2003 11:38 AM

He had many things to do, many foes he had yet to vanquish. Many tasks still not completed. What was this man talking of, what were his plans? Kytel, was not worried, he normally just liked to know all of the details. He had to agree though, he did want off this god forsaken planet. "Take me to your ship then.", the man could not possibly be trying anything, Kytel would easily be able to strike him dead. Turning to a container next to his chair, then waving his hand over it as if performing some feat of magic. The cantainer slowly slid a small metal cylinder forward. With his right hand, he grabbed it, studying it briefly before attaching it to a belt under his robe. He had not used the weapon in nearly a decade, he had grown too powerful for it. Now he was leaving the place that had given him so much power in the dark, no it may come in handy once again.

Thrackan Solo 02-08-2003 12:17 PM

He watched as the weapon slid towards the old Jedi. knowing what it is and knowing he had two underneath his flowing robe he wasnt worried.
"Come we must hurry," Coryan told Kytel," im sure you have things to be done also."
Slowly he walked to the his Almighty ship.

Deft Aklin 02-09-2003 10:10 AM

Casually, yet cautiously, the old man slowly creeped his way down the hallway. The lightning from the storm seemed to crackle with each delayed step, almost as if in anticipation of something. He didn't quite understand the apparent lack of patience of his guest, the nearest planet was a good two days hyperspace journey away, and anything remotely near the core would be nearly twice as long. A loud, "CRACK!!!!", is heard from above. A bolt of the purple and blue lightning must have struck the ancient, decaying structure for following the cackle of the storm came a hissing noise from the building. As he neared the vessel, he paused for a second, assessing it's worth, as he was still assessing it's owners as well.

Thrackan Solo 02-09-2003 12:59 PM

There it stood in the wake of the storm the Altecron . The majestic ship lit up as the lightning struck right behind the spaceship. The laser turrets gleemed on both side of the vessel. Slowly as they walked forward towards the ship the landing ramp came down allowing the passengers to board the ship.

"So, what do you think will it do?" Coryan said as he helped his passenger on board.

Deft Aklin 02-10-2003 08:20 AM

His eyes frantically assessing the vessel, "It will have to now won't it." Slowly he creeps up the ramp, entering the vessel , now but a passenger in this wild ride, this new adventure. Setting himself upon a chair, his mind reaches out to the future. Pain, suffering, death were all he could feel. His eyes open,only a few short seconds after closing, smiling as widely as his mouth. Unlike most, these feelings were comforting to him. KABOOM! The lightening becomes more violent still. Almost as if trying to prevent something, some twenty bolts of various shades of blue and purple ignite the view before them. It was time.

Thrackan Solo 02-12-2003 03:54 PM

Coryan jumps in the cockpit sending the gleaming ship out of the atmosphere.
" WE must refuel at the nearest station," Coryan told the Jedi," do you know the closest station?"

Deft Aklin 02-12-2003 04:27 PM

As the ship soars upward through the atmosphere, the air becomes more turbulent. The lightning spreads across the face of the scorched earth like a wave over a small child. Bright blue and purple hues ignite the very air itself. The storm was getting worse. Almost as if the moon were crying out in agony, a final plea for something. As the vessel finally exits the ensuing melee of electricl disturbance, suddenly, unexpectedly, it stops.

"Yes, Tattooine.", a brief answer for someone with little time. Somehow, Kytel knew this would be his last adventure. Casually yet exhaustedly, the aging master rest his weary and frail body upon the chair before the co-pilots control panel. With a rear facing glance, he releases a loud exhale, one last sigh in rememberance of the world he had become so attached to. A world that had somehow become attached to him.

Thrackan Solo 02-13-2003 10:01 AM

" Allright thats were we will go Im low on fuel when we get there do you want to tag along? I might stop at a cantina along the way," Coryan asked Kytel.
Somehow he felt the power of the frail man, the energy emanated from him. Somehow he knew that this man was still dangerous even in his old state.

Deft Aklin 02-14-2003 12:38 PM

Not sure of himself anymore, even going so far as questioning his power in the force, he felt drained upon leaving the moon. He could only assume that this would grow worse as he travelled farther from it. He didn't know quite why, but it seemed as if the satellite had been fueling him. He had grown incredibly strong in the force, but how strong was he now? The orbitary object had sustained him for quite some time, in fact, he could not quite remember exactly how long. His mind quickly refocusing on the question posed, "Yes, I feel such a journey might be necessary." For the untrained individual, his contemplation might have appeared trance-like, almost as if he were seeking advice from the force, farseeing the future events to come. He had done plenty of that in the past, for once he wanted things to happen outside of his knowledge. For once he desired unpredictability, uncertainty and impulsive decisions to come from within himself.

Thrackan Solo 02-16-2003 12:53 PM

"Allright then lets go," he told Kytel as he gave his commands to the Air Traffic Control at Tatooine. " Ok were landing now in dock B-132."
Coryan pulls the ship into dock and steps toward a cabinet in the corner. He opened it and pulled out dual sabers and holsters them along side his DL-55 prototypes. Slowly, he helps the man toward the landing ramp.
" Fill er up," he tells the anding droid,"And dont cheap with the bad stuff now you hear?"
" Yes kind gentles," the droid replies.
" Lets stop by the cantina, do you drink?."

Deft Aklin 02-17-2003 07:51 PM

Kytel had sensed the force in his companion. Thankfully, he was not as strong in the force. 'Any tremors he would cause would hardly be noticeable to the Jedi Council', he thought to himself.

(OOC: I realize the timeline I set forth in the opening, but this is part of the story, so don't get too confused. ;P)

"Yes, I do drink.", a simple answer to a dumb question he thought. "Fluid is necessary for ones existence no matter how powerful one becomes.", his naive words make him appear as an infantile being, an ignorant fool. Perhaps, just from an older time? A time when no Jedi, good or bad, would risk his existence for pleasure in the form of a beverage.

JoKen 02-17-2003 08:55 PM

OOC: OOO... Sounds like fun...


JoKen, once, several years ago, had been a smuggler. Now, he had grown extremely wise and strong in the force. Originally thought not to be force senseitive, He had tested himself after he was able to move a small pebble without touching it. The results came out positive. Why his original test had come out negative he was not certain.

He had been sensed great evil approaching Tatooine, his home planet. He immediatly begin trcking it down, which led him to a cantia in Mos Eisly...

Deft Aklin 02-18-2003 09:35 AM

OOC: Okay, now that we have a protagonist, we must set some ground rules. Since I am attempting to build a story here, let's set it no character killing. Injuring is okay, but no disarming, that means no hand removal there Luke. ;) This way we can build the drama a little, building up to the ending I have preconceived. So you can burn someone, incap, but no decaps or body part removal. Incarceration is questionable, though lacking permanency due to the fact that everyone so far is a Jedi. Is this acceptable? It should allow us to build conflict and aggression without anyone having to leave the scenario early.

Deft Aklin 02-19-2003 08:50 AM

(In order to perpetuate this.....I will continue)

Kytel and his companion casually stroll through the streets of Mos Eisley. Reveling in the suffering that surrounded him, Kytel couldn't help but smile. Even he, with all his power in the force, could not create such negativity. As they near the cantina, a small chill travels up his spine. A warning. Something was coming nearer, but what could it be? He closes his eyes for a brief second, oblivious to the world for but an instant. His eyes re-open far wider than when he had closed them, only one word was gently whispered out, "Jedi." They always came in pairs though, why did he only sense one? Did the council feel that he was that feeble? He would have to thank them for underestimating him, perhaps while returning their young Jedi's head. Regardless of what he had seen, Kytel steps into the bar. Now surrounded by such seedy individuals, it would be far harder for a weaker Jedi to detect his presence. The noise and aroma nearly overwhelm him as he approaches the bar. He had grown accustommed to the silence and separation he had experienced on the moon for so long.

JoKen 02-21-2003 07:25 PM

JoKen entered the cantina and neared the Dark Jedis' table. He had found the Dark Jedis' ship and had placed a tracking device on it, and then went after the tw Dark Jedi themselves. He knew that he could not conceal himself from them, so he decided to try a more unorthadox approach. He disguised himself as one of the customers of the cantina and tried to blend in. When he neared the table, he pulled two blasters from his belt and fired them at the Dark Jedi.

Thrackan Solo 02-21-2003 10:30 PM

Immediately Coryan sensed the Blasters and the hostlility. Foolish hunter he thought. Coryan not wanting to make a scene force pulled the mans blasters away and gripped his neck and quickly sat the man down in the booth they were sitting at.
Looking back at Kytel then back at the man he had at his mercy.
"Why are you here?" Coryan asked the man as he tightened his grip. the other patrons of the bar went about there business used to this sort of thing.

JoKen 02-22-2003 07:07 AM

JoKen: You don't think I'm that stupid do you? *Using the force, Joken forces the man to release his grip* Now, I suggest if you want to keep this from becoming a publicity stunt, we should leave this cantina and go to a more appropriate place.

Deft Aklin 02-24-2003 08:57 AM

Slowly the dark master rises from his seat, a gentle, forced hush seemingly come sover the room. "I do not think you wish to die this day young Jedi", a slight motion of his hand guides the force through his words. He could feel the power of the force swell inside of him, and then release with the very breath carrying his words to their destination. He knew this would not hold him off for long, but should at least give them a head start. "You should wait here for awhile, best not test fate.", his words nestle their way into the mind of the Jedi. Such tricks never worked for long, but at least now he knew his adversary.

JoKen 02-24-2003 09:48 PM

JoKen didn't let the threatening words sink in. He was much more powerful then he appeared to be. He had sensed the force grow powerful in the older Dark Jedi. Yet he knew he was even more powerful than him. "No," he thought to himself. "You do not want to face death." When took his midichlorine count, he had even more that the imfamous Luke Skywalker. He could almost completely bond with the force, as if it were a part of him. Not even Ysalmari, the force replelling creatures, could totally dsconnect him from the force. He knew that the two Dark Jedi were in over their heads this time.

Deft Aklin 02-26-2003 10:29 AM

OOC: Your just killing the story now man. It's not a power trip here, it's plot building. Avoiding a conflict to build anticipation. RP not PvP man. On top of that, be realistic here, if your character had a higher midichlorian count than Luke, then HE would have been the one Obi and Yoda would have sought.

Deft Aklin 03-07-2003 10:49 AM

OOC: So are we going to continue this, or has my scene been officially slaughtered? As I said when you first joined Joken, I have a preconceived ending for this story, which does not involve you being the all powerful super being you have portrayed. I mean no disrespect, but if you are supposedly that powerful, then you have killed the entire story and I will end it here. If you didn't notice, I intended your introduction to be just that, with the avoidance of conflict. I anticipate several battles that you will be involved with, but the plot suffers if I don't at least have a small edge on you. I assumed that you and Thrackan were of equal power and that I was an aging.....dying (foreshadowing for you) master of the Dark Side. Let me know if you still wish to continue.

conman87 03-18-2003 08:52 PM

OOC: I'm going to start if for you guys. From now on, the 2 younger jedis are of equal power, and kytel is the most powerful.

Here goes:

As the 3 Jedis sat at the booth trying to estimate their powers, (some way over-estimating their own) a bounty hunter who happened to be nearby recieved a small message aboard his ship. A suspicious person was believed to be in a cantina nearby. An experienced bounty hunter would almost instantly conclude that all "suspicious people" were of some danger to the people around them...but this was no ordinary bountry hunter...

He headed over to the cantina and saw an old cloaked man. He instantly recognized him as the "suspicous person". He sprinted toward the cantina and smashed through the window yelling "You're coming with me!" But suddenly, he felt his feet slip out from under him, but some unknown FORCE, and he flipped sideways and crashed against the ground knocking over a few tables and stools, and smacking his head against the bar. As the people gathered to see what all the comotion was about, the bounty hunter could see 2 figures slip away...

The bounty hunter got up, and began to stumble away, when the bartender walked over to him. Enraged, the bartender grabbed him and threw him through another window, yelled "Get the **** out of my bar you scum!" A few laughed, and the bounty hunter was lying on the ground rather embarassed. Cut and bruised, he headed back to his ship, where a message was waiting for him.

You've violated Galactic Code, and are being sent to the Eth Kosley Penal Coloney. Several guards jumped him, and off he went, for that was the end of him.

Deft Aklin 03-19-2003 11:33 AM

OOC: Hey guys, I like this one. ;P Look at you all trying to save my RP and $H|7. I will edit a few of my previous posts to try and clean it up a bit I guess. If you put effort toward the RP, then so must I. I'll edit this post in a couple of minutes to add my RP to it, as soon as I'm done clearing up the aforementioned posts.

Using the distraction as an advantageous escape route and utilizing the short time he had bought the pair with his mind trick, Kytel looked to Coryan. "I think we have overstayed our welcome here.", rising whilst the words hover in the air, lingering as does dust on a gentle breeze. Slowly, as an old man would be expected to travel, he made his way back to the vessel. Turning to make sure Coryan was following, he said few words, in fact, only three, "Now, to Dathomir." He had business with the witches there, an old promise he needed to keep.

Thrackan Solo 03-19-2003 02:49 PM

Slowly Coryan walked after the old jedi. They were headed to Dathomir, great witches he thought thats all he needed ,to see them again. He had trouble with them in the past, something about land and sacred, whatever but he knew he wouldnt be welcomed there. Oh well, Kytel will know what to do.

OOC: I'm back sorry I cant kepp up with the Mad Zabrak its gone off way to fast.

Deft Aklin 03-20-2003 09:28 AM

OOC: Well, I just checked, and JoKen's last post on all of LucasForums was on this RP about three weeks ago. We'll just assume he loses track of us, unless he comes back. It would be nice to have some opposing forces, just keep in mind, I am already running a tragedy here, so don't power are already going to win. ;P

As a side note, remember that what I have enterred in the quotes is OOC information for plot building only.

The twin suns of Tattooine slowly lower in the sky as Kytel and Coryan approach the ship. Kytel seems to be moving a bit slower than usual, a hard task indeed. It almost appeared as if their ventures had worn on him, somehow aged him. Entering the vessel, and taking a seat at the console, he released a sigh of relief. It had been quite some time since he had been this active, and the actions he had taken were definetely taxing his frail body. His mind drifts off momentarily.......


"Master.", the young apprentice looked to be rather distraught, "I think I saw a few witches outside."

Kytel looked out the viewport, "Yes, prepare yourself, we have company."

"I've heard the witches don't like men sire.", the worry in his voice only showing the students weakness in the force.

"Don't fret, for we will be accepted with open arms.", Kytel's smirk gave hint to a plan within a plan which he had already conceived.

"Yes master.", the apprentice had learned much from Kytel, but had also learned much about him. His master always had a plan, some scheme to protect himself and abuse someone else.

Together they exitted the vessel and approached the witches lurking in the brush.

With no warning, three witches simultaneously fly through the air, attacking the duo. With one hand, and a calm motion, Kytel sends two of them instantly to the ground. The twenty foot drop stunning them. Gilliad, his apprentice, attempts to swing his light saber at the third. The orange blade flies from his hand, useless, fractured by a seemingly invisible attacker. The fourth of the witches, had stealthily attacked and disarmed him. The broken cylinder sparks a few times, harmlessly, before falling to the ground. Before Gilliad could react, he found himself pinned, helplessly to the ground beside his broken weapon. Kytel approaches the fourth witch.

"There is no need for this conflict, ", Kytel's smirk widens, "I have a proposition, for we share a common enemy."

Gilliad fades out, losing consciousness watching as Kytel begins his evil scheme.
A smile came to Kytel's face, now was the time to fulfill his only debt. He gracefully sank into the chair, a glimmer of light seemed to shine from his eyes.

Deft Aklin 03-20-2003 04:22 PM

I will be gone until Friday, but please feel free to post your next actions. I implore you not to get too far ahead as I have a stopry line working here. .....and the plot thickens. Thanks guys. See you all Monday.

Conman, I hope you stay around, I've taken quite a shining to you. ;)

conman87 03-21-2003 11:16 PM

I have decided to introduce a new character here...I don't know how long he will last but, it should make for a better plot.

Remus sat at the local cantina on the planet of Dathomir. Most thought of him as an outlander, a rogue, perhaps. He kept to himself and had fewer friends than a pit droid. Remus was rich, extremely rich.
He was an extremely skillful bounty hunter, who's only motives were to collect bounties, and to take life one day at a time.
While in the cantina, he took out a small PDA, and began checking for local bounties. There was always plenty of action on Dathomir, but most of it was just easy stuff with little pay. He decided to bypass a few clearance checks, and some security, and uploaded some confidential bounty files. None of them were of any importance, except for one which noted that there had been a traveling Jedi, named Coryan, with an unidentified companion. Coryan had some previous records with an incident with another Jedi, although nothing could be proven. He was seen traveling to Dathomir, but his whereabouts couldn't be for sure.
He left the cantina immediately. He went to the nearest space port, and checked the latest landing records. He saw that a ship had landed recently, and obtained some information about two suspicious characters, that had just landed. Unfortuantely, he missed them by about an hour. He decided to continue looking...
Using standard BH technology, he was able to trace the two characters out of the spaceport limits. Why they were in such an area he did not know...
Stealth fully moving along, he finally caught eye of them. He knew they weren't ordianry people...
"Jedi..." He thought.
He quickly pulled out his carbine long range rifle and took a prone position. He attached the scope and steadied his aim. He saw two. He aimed at the younger one in hopes that he would be caught off guard and....pulled the trigger.

Note: I have no intention of actually killing either of the two Jedi, I just thought i might give the plot some more flavor. This character is expendible, and is meant to be caught, maimed, killed, ect...
Sorry about the earlier post. I was in a rush, and had to read quickly, and wanted to post my idea. I didn't see the part where his mind had drifted. Better take it slow from now on... :D

Deft Aklin 03-24-2003 08:31 AM

OOC: Uh-oh, I knew this would happen. I seem to have confused you with the flashback. Sorry. You might want to re-read my post and change yours. Perhaps have a bounty on Coryan's head with a warning of a possibly dangerous companion? Just a thought, it's your character.

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