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Dark_Indy 08-26-1999 11:04 AM

NO MP!?!?!? It cant be true!!!
I thought LA had been spending all this year so far implementing MP!! And now, I go and read the Gamecenter preview and it says, midway down the 2nd page "As with most adventure games, Infernal Machine is single-player only, with no multiplayer component--so don't expect to play an Indy deathmatch.
" This cant be true, can it? please say it aint so!!!
I was hoping for MP soooo much! If LA fails to implement mp, they are foolish! Al of there games that had good MP, suceded, and did very well! Namely: Jedi Knight, MotS.
Heck people still buy those now, they are 2 years old!! (At least JK is
I thought on the LA press release they said that there would be DeathMatch and Co-Op, but Co-op was later cancelled....please any info would be nice!

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Dan 08-26-1999 04:09 PM

Where did you hear that? I've always paid close attention to this game. Every report I've heard about this game says that there's multiplayer. Both cooperative and competetive. I've never heard of them dropping co-op either. I'll look into it, but, I've never heard of this, and, I'll look into it.

Dark_Indy 08-26-1999 06:27 PM

Well go here

On the 2nd page, scroll about half way down, and there it is....

Whats up with the no HTML!?!?!?!

Dan 08-27-1999 01:02 PM

I don't believe it! Not only does it say that there, but, I checked out Lucas Arts's web site and it no longer says that there will be multiplayer there either (but, it also doesn't say there won't. It used to say that there was MP). This is insane! Why would they take out multiplayer??? I like the idea of MP. This makes me mad. If they can do it for Jedi Knight, why can't they do it here. It's about time that we have a multiplayer Indy game. This makes me extremly mad. I'm going to find out as much as I can and I'll post it here when I find anything out

Dan 08-27-1999 01:21 PM

I just checked it out. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will run on various networks and will include multiplyer competetive and cooperative modes. That's from the press release the Lucas Arts released when they annouced the game. I think that they will keep with that. So, I doubt that it is likely that there won't be multiplayer. I found that report right here at I'll check into some other info and post it here. At least we have some proof that there will be multiplayer. Also, when I read that report from Gamecenter, I'd never heard some of it from any of the web sites that I know of or any other report on it I've read. I say check out some other companies reports and see what they say.


Dan 08-27-1999 01:38 PM

I just did research. That site is the only site that says there WON'T be MP.,, and a few others all say that there will be MP. Also, that site said that it would be released near Christmas. All others are saying it comes out next month (in 21 days to be presice from those who say so). A lot of that stuff they said I don't believe. I say don't trust them.

Dark_Indy 08-28-1999 08:34 PM

Well, I guess we could e-mail LA, and ask them to clarify this, maybe we could get a pettition of like 1000 people wanting to know if it will have MP!

Dan 08-29-1999 02:32 PM

that's not a bad idea. If you find anything out, let me know. If they can't put Multiplayer on anymore (ie, it's too close to release) maybe they could release an extra mission packet like MotS except just MP. That wouldn't be a bad compermise.


JR2000Z 09-03-1999 06:05 PM


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