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Darth_Dew 10-27-1999 03:45 PM

Indy Preview Movie
What did you think of the Indy Preview movie from PC Games?

JR2000Z 10-27-1999 04:58 PM


Darth_Dew 10-27-1999 05:09 PM

Pc Games release a preview video for Indy about 6 weeks ago. You can download it at or It is in German. But it shows about 3mins of game play. Its about 36megs. But it also comes in a smaller format with no sound. Download it now. It worth the wait.

Dark_Indy 10-28-1999 09:04 PM

I got that movie when it came out, although I wish it wasn;t in german.....still pretty cool though

-Dark Indy

JR2000Z 10-28-1999 09:31 PM

Alas,I cant download it for some reason.

JR2000Z 10-29-1999 10:02 AM

Well i finally downloaded the 2:23 film(downloading it untill midnight.)
Its hard to wait untill November.I dont think i can wait untill 2000.

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