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Dark_Indy 10-25-1999 06:50 PM

Dum De Dum.....
Well....Hopefully Indy should be out sometimes soon......
I have seen know at a few sites tht say "Winter 99'" that means, after December 22nd, hope those are false release dates

-Dark Indy

JR2000Z 10-26-1999 03:59 PM

Good News!

in the new Star Wars Insider magizine,their putting the game for sale.So it might NOT come out winter!

Darth_Dew 10-26-1999 08:38 PM

Here are some release dates
Gamedealer 11/24/99
ebworld 11/23/99
Gamestop 11/23/99
PC Gamer 11/17/99

JR2000Z 10-26-1999 10:08 PM

Its nice to know that it is comming around that time if 4 scources say that

Dan 10-27-1999 03:22 PM

Hey! That many dates are good enough for me. I'd really believe it if they all agreed on a date. Let's hope it comes out sooner and not later. I still can't believe that I thought that I'd be seeing this game out around christimas LAST YEAR!!!!! Anyways, the sooner the better.


Darth_Dew 10-27-1999 03:37 PM

There is an ad for the game in the November PC Gamer and it says "Coming soon to Windows 95/98. Trust Us!"

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Darth_Dew 10-30-1999 08:44 AM

I have 63 screenshots of Infernal Machine.

Dan 10-30-1999 10:48 AM

I was just at AKA indy Excavations and they already have the box art for the game posted. Check it out. It's different from what I've previously seen.


JR2000Z 10-30-1999 12:10 PM

YES!! thats the picture they used on the Star Wars magazine!!Which one do you like better(anyone)? Previews is the only thing that keeps our hopes up.(most of the time.)

Dan 10-31-1999 04:42 PM

Well, about 63 screen shots, Box art, more info than I even needed to decide to buy it (Hey! if it says "Indiana Jones" I'm there) This is a good sign. It's coming VERY soon.


Dan 10-31-1999 04:59 PM

Bad News!!! I was just at and they have Indy being released on the 23 of November. Hopefully, they're wrong.


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