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dime2 11-08-1999 06:27 PM

anyone know the staff?
Since they no longer update, I have been wanting to take over the site for them, but they haven't email me back. anyone know them? tell them to reply to my email!

Gerod 11-09-1999 11:30 AM

I thought they had mentioned that they were selling it on ebay, but this was back about four months ago.

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dime2 11-09-1999 08:20 PM

no that was isn't for sale and can't be because its a network site.

Gerod 11-10-1999 09:56 AM

Sorry Dime2, with all those crappy Indy sites that never update I sorta get them all mixed, Thank god that you have once again saved me from making a mistake that could have cost me my life. Good day and God Bless


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