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Notion 01-26-2003 02:52 PM

What's your Wallpaper? (56k ouchies)
Hey everybody. My wallpaper is pretty bland right now, might put something new up, but first I just wanted to see what everyone else has set for their's. I'm thinking about putting up the boba fett WP from the SWG site.

What's on your desktop?

Darth Simpson 01-26-2003 03:17 PM

Nothing at the moment actually, just total blackness.

I had that dual-sabered chick wallpaper from Bounty Hunter on there up until a few days ago, but I got sick of it.

TheMadDoofer 01-26-2003 04:53 PM

Just the normal turquoise color background. If my desktop is too colorful, it hurts my eyes after a while.

Enjoi9187 01-26-2003 05:00 PM

mine is vortex

Darth_Rive 01-26-2003 05:31 PM

Eliza Dushku (Faith from "Buffy").....

Mmmmmmmmm... :3heart:

Com Raven 01-26-2003 05:34 PM

Master Chief from Halo 2...

Hannibal 01-26-2003 05:37 PM

Mine is a screenshot from Wolverine's revenge. The one I posted in the post "OMG!!!".

Dark Sad Shadow 01-26-2003 05:47 PM

i got the image of Lucas Arts site for Rogue LEader:

The one of the At AT being attacked with the harpoon in the vengenace of klothis mission :p

Sivy 01-26-2003 05:49 PM

this one of obi & maul

Katarn07 01-26-2003 05:49 PM

This... I want a new one soon. Just gotta find a good SW one.

Aerothorn 01-26-2003 06:12 PM

I am using a Master Chief from Halo 2 one, where he is leaping backwards into an explosion and firing his rifle. I change often though.

Carth Onassi 01-26-2003 06:23 PM

I'm using Carth Onasi from although I change between it and the Ebon Hawk from the same site.

Katarn07 01-26-2003 06:28 PM

This is my new one. A lot better, IMO... :D

I love the Battle of Hoth...

Dark Sad Shadow 01-26-2003 08:22 PM

:eek: you too love the hoth battle?!!!!!
i love it!!! add me on the msn :p

Taos 01-26-2003 09:05 PM

@ DSS-Who doesn't love the Hoth battle? :p ;)

@ Aerothorn-You double posted so I deleted one of them. :)

As far as what's on my desktop.......right now I just went back to the Malak wallpaper. I can't wait to fight that guy with my dual sabers. :)

-=Hooded-Jedi=- 01-26-2003 09:56 PM

Mine is also the Darth Malak, its great! I want to memorize what my enemy looks like so i can go all out with my saber when i meet him..muwhahahahaa

Dark_One 01-28-2003 04:29 PM

The Ebon Hawk wallpaper from KotOR ... just love it for some reason. :D

Aerothorn 01-28-2003 05:25 PM

Hey guys, lets not assume we're gonna be slicing up Malak so fast....if Bioware is good, they'll make him a deep charecter instead of a black and white villian. Course Bioware did a sucky job on villains in Neverwinter Nights so I'm not getting my hopes up.

-s/<itzo- 01-28-2003 10:09 PM

I can't show it to ya'll.

It's too explicit to show, if you know what i mean. :naughty:

Dark Sad Shadow 01-28-2003 10:19 PM


Originally posted by -s/<itzo-
I can't show it to ya'll.

It's too explicit to show, if you know what i mean. :naughty:

you naughty :p
i remember when i used a pic of Battle of Hoth from Rogue Squadron taken by me, im trying to connect my GC to the PC in my work, i want to take nice shots :D :D

Lord Glorfindel 01-28-2003 10:47 PM

I have Gollum staring at me in the eye on one of my comps, and on my other I have Mount Doom with Barad-Dur right next too it

Aerothorn 01-29-2003 12:56 AM

Lord of the Rings is Evil!

*Burns down LG's wallpaper*

FunClown 01-29-2003 07:41 AM

Mine is just some sought of reflective rippled colourful water type thing with a spot where it looks like the sun is shining. I made it in GIMP. Only took a couple of minutes.

BTW, I like Gollums voice and stuff "My precious"! :)

Carnival 01-29-2003 08:20 AM

well ive just gotten back into games work shop stuff so i got an image of an eldar ranger on my desk...

adillon 01-29-2003 09:20 AM

i have a SELF PORTRAIT as my desktop, just because i am self-centered like that.


Kstar__2 01-29-2003 11:28 AM


Originally posted by Carth Onassi
I'm using Carth Onasi from although I change between it and the Ebon Hawk from the same site.
me too, and on the other pc the kotor sandcrawler one

ow, and

hello leemu!!:D

Uber_Saber 01-29-2003 10:07 PM

Black on one comp, a shot of the Black Mountains of Mordor on the other.

leXX 01-30-2003 05:12 AM

I have a wallpaper I made myself currently adorning my desktop. :D

Lord Glorfindel 01-30-2003 11:59 PM


Originally posted by Aerothorn
Lord of the Rings is Evil!

*Burns down LG's wallpaper*

Tell me what makes LOTR Evil?

-=Hooded-Jedi=- 01-31-2003 11:30 AM

YA WHATS MAKES IT EVIL?? I love lotr and i know millions of people that do too. Infact i like lotr way more than star wars. Why u ask? Well because the storyline is great, creative and STEADY. Star wars storyline is mostly WACK! Of course thats my opinion.

Uber_Saber 01-31-2003 04:49 PM

If that's your opinion of SW, why are you here? :confused:

Personally, I like 'em both.

-=Hooded-Jedi=- 01-31-2003 06:55 PM

cuz i want kotor.

Lord Glorfindel 01-31-2003 09:00 PM


Originally posted by Uber_Saber
If that's your opinion of SW, why are you here? :confused:

Personally, I like 'em both.

A man, or any species of that matter, can enjoy multiple things with less or equal enjoyment

Taos 02-01-2003 03:53 AM

I just changed mine to a sweet pic from TTT. It's a shot from The Battle at Helms Deep! :D


Originally posted by kstar__2

ow, and

hello leemu!!:D

YAY! :D Welcome to Kstar!! I'm glad you stopped by. :D ;)

covenant_bad 02-02-2003 06:26 AM

My wallpaper was the rancor fight screeny from KOTOR but now its gandalf on shadowfax on the brink of helmsdeep...:) the stuff of legend.

Aerothorn 02-07-2003 02:15 AM

Why is LOTR evil? Why does my dog my grunty noises? How many licks DOES it take to get to the chewy chocalty center of a tootsie roll pop? The world may never know.

Seriously though, if I went into why I thought LOTR wallpaper should be burned, we'd be here all day.

Darth_Rive 02-07-2003 04:45 AM

With you all the way on that one, Aerothorn. LotR sucked. Big time. :barf:

Really can't understand what all the hype was about - nothing interesting actually happened in FotR apart from establishing characters. Bored me senseless.

Haven't bothered to go see TTT, afraid I might not survive that level of boredom again. Pushing my luck once is enough for me....

Give me :mauls: and :jfett: and :duel: and :edeaths: over a couple of short guys, a pair of horrendously-acted wizards, a big eyeball, a terribly-designed lava monster, and a couple of big buildings anyday....


-=Hooded-Jedi=- 02-07-2003 10:52 AM

You must be pretty young to not understand...LOTR is the best and it has an incredible storyline, its action packed, and its one of my all time favourite movies.

Aerothorn 02-07-2003 11:56 AM

[EDIT LT-Be nice Aero. :cool:]

And I agree. First off, its cliche as hell. I realize this is because all the things have copied LOTR, but its still cliche as hell by today's standards. The acting wasn't very good, IMO. The charecters are mostly 1 lined charecters(Particularly Aragorn, Legolas and Gimley). The good parts were too short and the worst parts were stretched out way too long. I would have rather have them make a movie of Bored of the Rings. Now THERE'S a great book.

And then Goodgulf heard it....

"Dribble dribble...swish!.....fakepass....dribble dribble....fakepass.....swish!..."

"Oh no!" cried Goodgulf "It's the Ballhog!".


Mex 02-07-2003 12:17 PM

I can't get my desktop onto a website, but o well its not that good anyways. :)

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