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LOR 11-13-1999 01:16 PM

Help Wanted *MORON ALERT*
Hey, I was looking here for help with getting over the bridge, but I couldn't find it.

Someone posted that there was an overturned jeep with a board by it that could help you get over the bridge, but I don't remember seeing an overturned jeep anywhere. I have spent a good couple of hours findind a way around that brige, but no luck.

I'm not an adventure gamer, or a gamer of any sort for that manner, so don't use any big gammer words or assume I know how these things work.

Thanks for the help.


Rieekan 11-13-1999 01:40 PM


Which bridge, exactly, are you on?

If it's the first one, where it blows up as you approach it, you have to make the jeep go faster by holding down Shift.

If it's the second one, where there are two Commies by it, you have to get on top of the hill beside it and leap over that way.

The third bridge is the one with the overturned truck.

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