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Dark_Indy 11-12-1999 10:25 PM

Commie Killing....Whats the best way? *Spoiler*
I think that the best way would definatley just to take the jepp, use turbo (shift) and run over them, IT is SOOOO FUNNY!!! the jeep honks, and they go flying!

The next best way is doing those side rolls, while shooting with that one awesome semi-automatic gun u get (not the pistol, the other, near the end) And the commies fall like flies.

Also the whip is awesome, and lots of your fav ways to kill the commies!!

-Dark Indy

Brook 11-13-1999 12:49 AM


Run out there like there's no tommorow and lay suppresive fire, they will run back then pick em' off. Just make sure you keep shooting at them all untill they are dead, if they get to close, suppression won't work.

LOR 11-13-1999 01:12 PM

I felt pretty good about myself when I killed the first group by going up on the ledge and taking pot-shots at them. They don't fire back so you don't take any damage.


JR2000Z 11-13-1999 05:54 PM

Have to wait for the bazookas!

dime2 11-13-1999 06:09 PM

This is what I love to do. Pull out the whip, and knock their gun out of their hands. Then I pull out the old fists and knock them out. Once they get up I give them a simple knife to the chest. ahh how fun.

Thrawn 11-13-1999 09:01 PM

I love to take the jeep and wait for the 2 guys to come out from behind the boxes,use a couple of stray shots, and then use the jeep to know them completely off the cliff.

"There's no need to fear, your local Grand Admiral is near!"

Delthalaz 11-15-1999 06:17 PM

hmmm.. I've already done all of those strategies except the whip. When I try to nock the gun out of their hands it takes too long for indy to unwind and whip and he gets shot. How are you getting him to do it well in the heat of battle?

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