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Dan 10-31-1999 04:46 PM

You better be getting ready
With all the info, screen shots, and now BOX art, I'm sure that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is coming VERY soon. I've got this post so all people who are ready can let the world know (At least the part of the world that comes to this site). After almost a year and a half, this game is finally coming out and onto a PC near you.

I'm ready for Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time that it came out. Projected release date-11-15-99


JR2000Z 10-31-1999 06:10 PM

So,did LucasArts give an official date?

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Dan 11-01-1999 05:51 PM

No, but many companies are posting that as release date.

king_darius 11-01-1999 11:15 PM

Speaking of the release date, anyone know of an e-mail address for LA aside from the webmaster e-mail? I swear I've scoured the whole site and I couldn't find anything other than support and store links, nothing for press or just general questions. Thanks guys.

Pablo J. Nevares
News Editor - Game Forces

Darth_Dew 11-02-1999 03:49 PM

I was at and it said "Look for Indiana Jones: Infernal Machine to go gold VERY soon."

Dan 11-02-1999 06:57 PM

Hey check out They's got some interesting things posted today.


Gerod 11-03-1999 05:10 PM

From what I`ve been reading, Indy will be out in either th 15th, but more likely the 17th, wensday.

Gerod 11-03-1999 05:11 PM

From what I`ve been reading, Indy will be out on either the 15th, but more likely the 17th, wensday.

Dark_Indy 11-03-1999 11:45 PM

Well, PC.IGN's preview says that it will be out on the 23rd They are usually acurrate, and while talking to LEC, Indy hasn't been shiiped to Manufacturors yet, so I am thinking the 23rd sounds about right...although the 15 would be nice...

Dark Indy

Gerod 11-04-1999 11:20 AM

I have no idea why lucasarts has yet to post any new info on thier site, when X-WING Alliance came out they posted stuff that whole month, yet for Indy nothing. I expect a update from thier site either the end of this week or next week sometime. As for the release date nobody has a real idea, I been emailing companies and each has a different release date.

king_darius 11-04-1999 01:16 PM

Well guys, I just saw on Blue's News that Infernal Machine is gold, and should be in stores Nov 16! W00p!

Pablo J. Nevares
News Editor - Game Forces

JR2000Z 11-04-1999 04:03 PM

LucasArts updated their website!
Atleast that they are awake!

JR2000Z 11-04-1999 04:07 PM

ITS COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JR2000Z 11-04-1999 04:10 PM


Dan 11-04-1999 04:45 PM

What this??? To be released the week of the 15th???? Is this happening????? IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!! I can hardly believe that it's finally almost here. However, it sounds like there will not be Multiplayer. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hopefully, LA will release an expansion pack that will be multiplayer. I could go for that. But, anyways, I'm just happy that it's almost here!!!!


Darth_Dew 11-04-1999 05:36 PM

Will there be a demo out soon?

JR2000Z 11-04-1999 09:21 PM

Heck,I buying the game.
There problably will be a playable demo when the game comes out.

Darth_Dew 11-05-1999 08:04 AM

I would like a demo now. To keep me busy till the game comes out.

Dan 11-05-1999 04:25 PM

Too Bad!! J/K. Most of the time, demos aren't released until about 2 weeks after the game comes out.


Dan 11-06-1999 09:49 PM

One sign that I've noticed that the game is coming soon is that these boards are alive. Like in June, They were dead. It would go months without posts. Now I see a new one practically everyday. I like this. KEEP POSTING AND GET READY FOR INDY!!!!!!!! I expect to see the game on store shelfs about the 16th. (stores shouldn't be ready to put it up until about the 15th given that it was shipped recently) So, it will be about 10 days. Just little over a week left to go. YEAH!!!! It's about time.

dime2 11-07-1999 07:45 PM

im ready for disapointment. If there is no multiplayer i just don't know what I will do. I'm not even sure if i'll buy the game if there is no multiplayer. Cnet is still the only place i've seen that says no multiplayer, but it still worries me. whoever purchases the game the day it comes out, please come to this forum and tell us all if there is be multiplayer. If there is going to be, I will definitely be making a web page. thanks!

JR2000Z 11-07-1999 09:44 PM

Lets see if I can E-mail them.

JR2000Z 11-07-1999 09:57 PM

Nope, didn't work.

Gerod 11-08-1999 02:12 PM

there will be no multiplayer, just check game requirements, it say nothing about multiplayer or modem. Hopefully they`ll release a add-on that will give us multiplayer, but I doubt it. I`am still in shock that they updated thier website,

dime2 11-08-1999 03:46 PM

please don't answer something and say its a fact when your not for sure. Just because they don't mention mutliplayer on the page doesn't mean its not there. The only way we could know for sure is if they told us. Though stuff like not mentioning multiplayer are clues, they are still not facts. If they had decided to take out multiplayer, it would have been more professional of them to announce that. But we probably won't know until release. Good thing is that we will probably be able to edit the levels until we can convince them to make a mission pack (they are probably are ready planning a mission pack, the only thing we would have to do is convince them to include multiplayer in that.)

JR2000Z 11-08-1999 04:53 PM

There is NOT going to be multiplayer game due to the fact it is an action/ADVENTURE SINGLE play.Im sure to it.(I got the e-mail today.)

dime2 11-08-1999 06:28 PM

that doesn't surprise me, I had the impression that they cut the multiplayer. We still have editing and the possibility of an expansion. Indy3d will live through this.

JR2000Z 11-08-1999 09:45 PM

You dont need to have multiplayer to play a great game!

Gerod 11-09-1999 08:48 AM

Well Indy3D was supposed to have multiplayer, but they scrapped it for time.At least that means that they got programing for multiplayer in storage or something, So a mission pack is likely.But being the negative person that I`am, I would like guess there no multiplayer add-on pack, if there is a add-on pack it will probably be extra missions.

Gerod 11-09-1999 09:01 AM

This post was deleted because Dan said so!

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Gerod 11-09-1999 09:27 AM

This post was deleted because Dan said so !

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Dan 11-09-1999 04:27 PM

OOOOKKKKAAAAYYY.... Appertently we have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too much free time on our hands. I thought that this was an INDY forum and to be used to discuss INDY topics. I know it's open to whatever, but, I thought that it was open to whatever involving Indy. Anyways, word is they cut out multiplayer because they had a hard time doing it and they didn't want to wait another year before it came out. There is a strong possibility that there will be a mission pack with multiplayer or a sequal with multiplayer. Once they get it all strightened out on how it will be done. I've also heard they didn't put it on for similar reasons why they didn't put internet play on Racer. But, this time not because it's so fast, but because it's so complex. The only types of connection that could have been done is IPX. But, still, multiplayer, is multiplayer. But, I'm just happy to see the game coming out.


Gerod 11-10-1999 09:48 AM

Sorry, I was a tad bit bored yesterday. Anyway, Indy Multiplayer would be funky in 3rd person only, when I play multiplayer I jump back and forth on first and third person views. Anyway If you have not ordered Indy yet Lucasarts site is offering 39.99 with free shipping and handling which is pretty sweet.

Rieekan 11-10-1999 04:58 PM

Hey all, I'm new here from and

I thought that the reason the game didn't come out in March was because they were going to implement multiplayer.

Rieekan 11-10-1999 04:58 PM

Sorry, double-post. Not starting off on a very good note, am I?

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Dark_Indy 11-10-1999 10:53 PM

That was what I thought too, I remembering somewhere that LEC said somwthing like "We are curretly implemmenting MP, that is the cause for the delay" But, I guess they cheanged there minds, they could have always done Co-Op at least, like originally planned!

Well it will still be a great game. They probably used the extra time to update the Graphics engine or something.

-Dark Indy

Brook 11-12-1999 08:39 PM

Ive seen everywhere from 11-15 to 308 days from now. 308 sounds crazy but it's what I saw.

Rieekan 11-13-1999 07:52 AM

Don't believe They haven't updated in over a year.

Dan 11-13-1999 11:55 AM

I've given up on This has become my main news site. I'm happy to see these boards alive. Before they were dead. Now I see something new almost every hour. It's great. It sure gives me something to do until I get the game. I expect stores to put an ad in the Sunday paper for it. I'll check Best Biy's ad and see when they say they will have it. Anyways, keep posting and get ready for Indy3d.


Rieekan 11-13-1999 01:48 PM

Where I live, the closest thing we have to a gaming store is Babbage's in ourlocal mall. Since everything is expensive there, I'm hoping that Wal-Mart will carry it.

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