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Dark_Indy 11-16-1999 06:00 PM

Getting game right now!!!
I am leaving in a few minutes to get my copy of Indy!! Anyone have it yet? The only store near me that has it is Media Play....tell you my first impressions of the full game when I get back. Dark Indy

Hamster Idol 11-16-1999 06:02 PM

I want the damned pre-order to come. Then I'll have to go without food or sleep for a while. I want to write one of the first talkthroughs. If only it would come already!

Hamster Idol 11-16-1999 06:02 PM

Oh yeah. Good luck Dark Indy.

Drew 11-16-1999 06:02 PM

I got Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine yesterday at Electronics Boutique. Ive already gotten through the first two levels and so far it has been great!

Hamster Idol 11-16-1999 06:03 PM

Drew, how's the AI? And how're the movies?

Drew 11-16-1999 06:06 PM

The AI actually isnt all that great but it is ok. I havent seen to many movies yet but so far the ones Ive seen are pretty good.

galahad17 11-16-1999 08:02 PM

My pre-order from EB arrived today. I had it delivered to my parents place so I have to wait untill tomorrow to pick it up I can't wait.


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