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Achilles 11-22-1999 06:11 AM

Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine: Adverture Game of the Year
I must say that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is one of the best adventure games I have ever played. Now I've played previous Indy games, the Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis, this is the best of the series. After buying Indy I stayed up til 5 in the morning two nights in a row from being so eager to finish and continue on with the game. I became so involved and intrested in the storyline that I wanted to play both night and day to see what happened next. I've seen puzzles, devices, tricks and traps near the end of the game and I must say that they are one thousand times better than anything I've seen in the Tomb Raider series. I was amazed at the creativity and architecture of the game's level and location designs from King Sol's mines, Meroe, and the Palawan Temple. From beginning to end, I felt like I was back in the old days playing Indy: Atlantis from the problem solving and action sequences, the very things that kept the Infernal Machine fun, adventurous and exciting. And The best part of the game while exploring and adverturing was the fact I kept repeating to my self, I'm Indiana Jones!!! Now I own almost every single Lucasart's title from Jedi Knight to The Dig and I must say this I one of their BEST, an instant classic. The demo just doesn't do justice to this fine game, I highly suggest to buy this game, you won't regret it. I've never had so much fun with this game than reliving the very movies I grew up with, and now experiencing the same action-pulse-pounding adverturing that happened on the big screen but now on the computer screen. Hal Bartwood has succeeded again in making one of the most memorible game experiences I'll forever remember. And with saying that I can honestly say that Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine could very well be Adventure game of the year.

Hamster Idol 11-22-1999 10:31 AM

Indy's a great game, but it'll have trouble winning the award. That's because it'll end up shuffled in with the action games (not the adventure games like it's supposed to), and it'll get overlooked in favor of stuff like Rogue Spear.

It's a hamster stuck in an ice cube.

Jamison 11-22-1999 02:44 PM

I agree. This is the best game I have played all year. When I first started playing it, I didn't really care for it too much. But after level 2 I was hopelessly addicted.

It gets my vote for Game of the Year!


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."

Lost Jedi 11-22-1999 05:05 PM

Have you tried the Gabriel Knight 3? It is a GREAT game and may give Indiana Jones some good competition for Adventure Game of the Year. I have not played the final Indiana Jones but I played the demoand from the demo I think Gabriel Knight may be better because the puzzels is more complicated and there is no action.

Jamison 11-22-1999 06:23 PM

The demo really doesn't accurately reflect the full version in my opinion.


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."

Dan 11-22-1999 06:26 PM

It gets my vote. LEC did a style of game they've never done and did great! I'll admit that I'm not that fair because I'm a HUGE Indy fan. But still, It's got everything that I expected (Except multiplayer, but, I can see now why they didn't put it in) and then some. I love this game!


-cswat- 11-22-1999 07:36 PM

Not even. Gabriel Knight 3 is GAME of the year. The artwork, puzzles, mood...all there.
Personally, i think they should have done alot more with this indy game. Its too stiff, the puzzles are too straight (cept for level 4..what water do i follow?) and the graphics are from 4 years ago.

Blair 11-22-1999 07:39 PM

Yeah, could you imagine a game with the wit and savvy of Full Throttle or Day of the Tentacle or Sam 'n' Max done using a proper 3-D game engine like this one?

I think Infernal Machine is just the tip of Lucasarts' 3-D iceberg. They make the best games (and sometimes try to profit from some rushed ones), and this one is a good balance.

I'd love to see a Full Throttle sequel with the next generation of this technology. But a new, 3-D Sam 'n' Max? I'd crawl over broken Storm Troopers to buy that


Rieekan 11-22-1999 07:43 PM

Not to be the party crasher, but Achilles, that's Hal BARWOOD, not Bartwood.

Back to the topic, I haven't played GN3 yet, so I couldn't say who get the Adventure Game of the Year Award. So far, though, it's definitely the best.

Jamison 11-22-1999 08:11 PM

Have you watched the teaser video at the official indy site (under downloads). That movie kicks ass.


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."

Dark_Indy 11-23-1999 04:29 AM

Many puzzles are extremley complicated, like you have to pull a block with grooves on it, that pulls out a water wheel, which moves these platforms back and forth, which makes it so you can jump up there, then you move around a gear, it turns, turns on a clock, and holy cow that was a confusing puzzle!!
If you have beat the Shambala Sactuary lvl, u know what I mean!! I did it without help too!! took a loooong time!!

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