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Thrackan Solo 02-06-2003 05:11 PM

The Mad Zabrak
Allright no godmoding and
no killing others main players

The sun shone brightly down on the spaceport of Mos Eisley.
Down below a young Zabrak named Skaul walked into a small cantina.
"have you seen this man?" Skaul asked the bartender holding up the picture of a human.
" Around here information costs money buddy," the bartender told without even looking up.
The noise of a Golan Flechette cocking suddenly filled the bartenders ear.
" Is this good?" Skaul said with a smirk.

Thew Rydur 02-06-2003 07:45 PM

At a table near the center of the cantina sat Thew Rydur. In front of him were two empty mugs, toppled over onto the table top. A third mug was in his hand. As he sipped his Corellian ale he suddenly heard the tell-tale click of a flechette laucnher.

Thew thought to himself: .... Salus... no Golan. That's a pretty bold move there, bringing a FC11 into a cantina, a little too bold. Damn rookies.... I guess this is Tatooine.... Oh well.

Thew rolls his neck, cracking it and flexes his hands. Then pulling his S-5 security blaster from its thigh holster he walks towards the Zabrak unnoticed. He stops about a meter away.

Thew: Put it down now, or I'll drop ya. Then put your hands above your head.

OOC: Check the stickied thread for Thew's info.

Thrackan Solo 02-07-2003 02:27 PM

" This is between me and him," Skaul told the human who had the blaster nudged on his back. Slowly he put his Flechette down and slowly turned around.
" Listen I am only trying to establish justice. I am not trying to start a fight. Just let me go I dont want to hurt you," Skaul told the man who eyed him as if he was staring into his soul to see if he was lying.

Thew Rydur 02-07-2003 02:40 PM

Thew stood his ground, keeping the blaster trained on the Zabrak's chest.

Thew Hurt me? Hahaha... You see it's scum like you that give us bounty hunters a bad name. Now Zeff why'd he pull the gun on you?

Zeff (bartender): He comes in here asking if I'd seen this guy. I ask him for a bit of cash and he takes out the weapon, which by the way is restricted in this part of town. Those Imps might be careless but they ain't dumb.

Thew: It sounds to me like you have some explaining to do... but I'm a reasonable man.

Thew spins the blaster and places it back in the holster, then holds out his hand.

Thrackan Solo 02-07-2003 02:53 PM

Skaul takes a deep sigh of relief, and shakes the mans hand.
" Nice to meet, sorry under these circumstances though," skaul said shaking the mans hand.
"And by the way im not a bounty hunter, i am simply trying to find this man, he has something I want," Skaul said holding up the picture of the human.
"Bartender Corellian ale,"he said telling the bartender.
" whats your poison?," Skaul asked THew

Deft Aklin 02-07-2003 03:44 PM

Deriun Veshod:
The Devaronian had sat patiently, watching with great amusement as he gently sipped at his Corellian Apple Brandy. He would not let a mere disagreement deter him from his favorite beverage. Resting his glass back on the bar with great ease, a small mutter escaped his devilish grin, "Animals." Not realising how loud the words had been stated, he began gently picking at the tip of his horn. Assessing what he had removed, he then returned to his drinking, his goal today, was but only one......inebriaton.

Thrackan Solo 02-07-2003 04:22 PM

Skaul swung his head in the direction of were the voice had come from. He saw the lone Devoronian sipping on a ale, anger built up inside him as he stepped towards the Dev.
"Excuse me Thew," he said pushing aside his Corellian Ale.
"Animals? Is that what we are?"
Skaul grabbed the Devoronian by the horn and swung him around. Instantly pulling out one of his DL-44'sand pointing it right on the tip of the Devaronians nose.

Thew Rydur 02-07-2003 11:08 PM

Thew takes a few steps toward the Zabrak and the Devaronian.

Thew: Easy there, he's only a Devaronian... not worth your time. I wouldn't trust one with the time off day.

Thew keeps one hand under his coat and the other hanging near the blaster on his thigh.

Deft Aklin 02-08-2003 11:45 AM

A knowing grin comes across the Devaronian's face, "Trust is not the issue, nor my being 'Just a Devaronian'." His smile widens beneath the muzzle of the blaster. His eyes gently direct attention to his hand, "It's a matter of whether you would like to have offspring.", an identical DL-44 carefully aimed at the man's nether regions. "Young Zabrak, you have much to learn about persuasion.", his grin slowly becoming more serious, yet still present.

Thrackan Solo 02-08-2003 12:11 PM

Skaul's eyes narrowed as he looked at the Devaronians smiling face.
" No one calls me an animal," he said as he shot up into the air hands still attached to the Devoaronians horns and landed straight behind the back of the Dev. instantly putting his neck into a sleeper hold.
" Take it back," Skaul tells the Dev.

Deft Aklin 02-09-2003 10:33 AM

Barely able to speak from the pressure against his throat, Deriun can only choke out, "No, you are right, your not an animal...." Moving his left leg to the right, placing all his weight on his right leg, he leans slightly left. His right arm, still holding the blaster, slides around the left side of his body. His finger pulling the trigger, sending a bolt of blue rings into the gullet of his assailant, whilst still mid sentence. His blaster had been set on stun, a shame really.

Thew Rydur 02-09-2003 11:02 AM

Thew looks at the stunned Zabrak sprawled out on the cantina floor.

Clap Clap Clap

Thew: Very impressive, Mr.... I don't think I caught your name.

Thew takes the hand out from under his coat and presents in to the Devaronian. He keeps the other lingering by the blaster on his thigh.

Deft Aklin 02-09-2003 11:43 AM

" animal knows when it's beaten.", Deriun finishes his sentence. He rubs his throat for a brief second, "If you ever touch my horns again, my blaster won't be set on stun."

He turns to the man applauding him, "Veshod, Deriun Veshod.", at least that was the name he was using this week. He holsters his weapon, even knowing that at any second the Zabrak could awake even more enraged. He doubted the bartender, or the spectator would allow this conflict to continue. "I don't think I was given the chance to catch your name either.", the sly Devaronian probes as he outstretches his hand in a friendly gesture.

OOC: BTW, I don't think a Devaronians horns would be very easy to grab onto given their size, but I just played along with it.

Thew Rydur 02-09-2003 11:55 AM

Thew moves his right hand away from his blaster and shakes Deriun's hand.

Thew: Thew Rydur, intergalatic bounty hunter and mercanary. May I ask what field of work you happen to be in?

Thrackan Solo 02-09-2003 01:08 PM

The stun hit him hard. Dang I never expected it he thought . He looked up to see Thew talking to the Devaronian. His head ached from the stun. slowly he got up and walked towards the two and reached out his hand.
" Sorry for that," he apologizes,"But I ssure you i am not an animal, the name is Skaul."

Deft Aklin 02-10-2003 08:08 AM

Pausing to think for a minute, his next few words could indeed effect his future, "Money...", hesitating for a brief second before continuing, " is my business. I used to be in the acquisitions business, now I just invest for capital gain. Though i still do a little acquisitioning on the side." Turning to eye the recovering assailant, he cautiously keeps his hand on his blaster. "Well, for someone that declares himself not to be an animal, you sure do rely on instinct an aweful lot.", chuckling to himself for a second, "How's your head?"

Thrackan Solo 02-10-2003 06:46 PM

" I think it will be fine," Skaul said as he rubbed his head.
"Unh.. Looks like we have trouble." he said as he eyed the door to the cantina. Five stormtroopers strolled towards the trio fingering there blaster.
" Stormtroopers," he muttered as his rested his hand on his blasters.

Thew Rydur 02-10-2003 07:51 PM

Thew moves his hand in front of Skaul, as if to stop him.

Thew: Settle down Skaul, they're not here for me. What about you guys, any Imp troubles?

Thrackan Solo 02-10-2003 07:57 PM

" Thats who im looking for, an Imp," Skaul said as he backed up on the bar,"A officer named Callin Sofler, he murdered a wookie friend of mine, I have heard he hung around Tatooine in his off time but I cant seem to find him. But I am not wanted for anything ...yet"

Deft Aklin 02-10-2003 11:03 PM

'Yet.', the echoed through his mind, what was this crazy Zabrak about to do? He had no need for such troubles, he needed money. Money to send home. He had neglected that duty for far too long already and a lengthy layover at the local jail would not assist him in his cause. After all, it was only a Wookiee, what did he care? He had no love for the Empire, but an open conflict with Storm Troopers in broad daylight was not his cup of tea. His hand still rest on his blaster, yet his actions were much less hostile. Slowly he turned to the bar, taking another sip of his drink. 'She'll kill me.', was all he could think to himself. The furball he called a wife was far less docile than he, and that was saying something.

Thew Rydur 02-10-2003 11:23 PM

The stormtroopers are now just a few meters away.

Thew: This is probably about the little scuffle before, we'll just tell them it was a misunderstanding. And if worst comes to worst I can show them my bounty license... that usually works.

Thew turns around and straightens himself, and then with a slight grin on his face he says:

Thew: Good day sir, is there a problem?

Thrackan Solo 02-11-2003 04:49 PM

The Stromtrooper eyes Thew and the other two. He rolls his neck making it crack.
" We heard there was a scuffle in here," the Stromtrooper said nervously,"You wouldnt happen to know anything about it would you?"

Thew Rydur 02-11-2003 05:47 PM

Thew: Well you see... *Thew looks at the trooper's armor*... Corporal, I thought this Zabrak here was my quarry, a slight misunderstanding.

Thew pulls a card from a pocket and shows it to the corporal.

Thew: You see, its legit.

Thrackan Solo 02-11-2003 06:21 PM

The stormtrooper looks down at the card the man is holding out.

He reaches for the card and hands it to the others

"Looks legitimate to me," he turns to the Zabrak,"Is this all true?"

"Yeah everythings allright now." Skaul says toward the Corporal.

"What about him?" he says pointing at Deriun.

Deft Aklin 02-12-2003 11:20 AM

The Devaronian eyed his drink, hearing the words uttered behind him. "I was just trying to break it up before they made a mess of the place.", words slide gracefully from behind his fiendish tongue, he had always been a good liar. Part of his business was convincing people they needed things that they didn't or that the truth was slightly different than it really was. With great ease and finesse, he swivels slowly on the stool to face the white clad warriors. "Just trying to keep the peace really.", a bold faced lie, but well told. The Storm Troopers didn't have the mental capacity to catch on to it......he hoped. Perhaps he would get lucky enough that they wouldn't ask the bartender either. Thankfully, he was currently at the other end of the bar serving a Tattooine Sunrise to an anxious Duros.

Thrackan Solo 02-12-2003 03:51 PM

"Mmmm.... I see," the stormtrooper said eyeing the Devaronian suspicously," Lets ask the bartender."
Skaul shifted around the bar and pulled his DL-44 out of its holster and stuffed it into the gut of the bartender, all without the stormies seeing it.
" He didnt see anything, right bartender?" he said with a smirk as he pressed the blaster closer into his stomach.
"Uh yeah nothin' uh h-happened," he said nervously as beads of sweat streamed down his brow.
" allright I guess were not needed here," the stormie told the others,"Sorry for the bother folks."

Sithspawn that was close Skaul thought as he backed away, not holstering his blaster fast enough, the stormtrooper saw the shine and pulled up with the sound of a loading blaster.
Skaul acted quickly he turned left and jumped up on the bar, knocking the bottles and plates off the bar. He opened fire on the first Stormtrooper blasting away at his weak spot in the armor sending him back into the table. The other stormie pointed his gun at the other two.

Thew Rydur 02-12-2003 04:33 PM

"Damn that tenderfoot" Thew thought to himself. He hadn't been in trouble with the Imps for a long time and he certainly didn't plan on it anytime soon, especially for some green rookie.

Rolling behind a table, Thew flicks his blaster to stun and takes careful aim at Skaul, firing a quick, three round barrage. Thew then holsters his blaster and puts his hands in the air.

Thew: (to the troopers) Don't shoot, I don't want any trouble.

Thrackan Solo 02-12-2003 05:19 PM

The blaster bolt skims past his shoulder grazing it, knocking him down.
Damn that human Skaul thought.

The next thing he knows theres a stormtroopers barrel in his face.
"Get up," the stormie orders him. He complies to the order.
"Your under arrest, for assaulting an officer, you better come with us and dont say anything or you might not make it to hq....alive."
Obviously this was a veteran stormie than yje ones he gunned.
As he was dragged out of the cantina he saw the stormie talking to the other two.

God im in deep he thought

Lord_Vessen 02-12-2003 10:43 PM

Vessen watched as the foolish Zabrak was carried out of the cantina. He chuckled to himself as he drank his shaken Naboo Martinie. Quite a scuffle that Zabrak had gotten himself into, he stood and walked over to the two storm troopers who were rambling on about their capture. He smirked and pulled one of the stormie's helmet off and quickly slit his throat. Blood drenched his white armour as he fell to the ground. Vessen quickly whipped out his pistol and shot the other. Immediatley the storm troopers who were carrying Skaul ran to aide there fallen comrades.

Thrackan Solo 02-13-2003 09:52 AM

Skaul took the oppurtunity to dive for a fallen blaster. He grabbed the fallen Bastech rifle and blew a hole right through the running stormie.
Who is this guy? Skaul thought.
The blaster bolts flew between Skaul and a stormie until they were all finally down.
Skaul walked toward the man standing oner the fallen stormies,"Greetings Thank You for the rescue we better leave before we have company. Whats the name?"

Deft Aklin 02-13-2003 10:22 AM

Even hearing the ensuing melee outside, Deriun didn't take his attention away from the beverage that, at the moment, brought him so much pleasure. After a few quick sips, completing the beverage, he places the empty glass on the counter, the bartender quickly sweeping it up in his large primate like hands. His eyes slowly manipulate to redirect attention to Thew, "So where were we?", his evil smirk denotes that he chooses not to involve himself in the combat outside the cantina.

Thew Rydur 02-13-2003 07:18 PM

Thew, who had be watching the fight with some interest, seems to snap to awareness and then turns back to Deriun.

Thew: You said you were into money, huh? Well then what are you doing on Tatooine, it's not known to be one of the galaxy's wealthier planets...

Deft Aklin 02-14-2003 12:10 PM

"Unfortunate situatiuons often lead to unfortunate outcomes.", his response slightly cryptic, yet still revealing. Deriun was pretty much broke, he knew that he would have next to no problem getting a business going again. A couple good cons would fund his operation for a good couple months and let him get back on his feet again. Doubtful he would be able to pull another ocean reclamation scam, as profitable as it had been. Perhaps an illegal title transfer or two would be enough. All things he would have to decide in the near future, but first he needed to decide whether to have another drink or not. Deriun pulls out a small wad of credits, no more than a thousand. A small fortune to most here, but barely enough to live on for the Devaronian. He had become accustomed to the good life, and he would do whatever it took to stay that way.

Thrackan Solo 02-14-2003 12:57 PM

Meanwhile, Skaul and the man race through the crowded streets towards the space ports, toward the grand ship the Maul Tear.
"I assume you would need a ride out of here,"he asked Vessen.

Thew Rydur 02-14-2003 10:21 PM

Thew sees the Devaronian unhappily examining his money. He reaches in his pocket and removes a credit stick worth about 50 credits, then places in on the table, in front of Deriun.

Thew: The drinks are on me, but I have to get going. I get the feeling that the Zabrak didn't appreciate me shooting him. I think I'll go pay him a visit... there will be a bounty on his head in a few hours anyway.

Getting up to leave Thew waves goodbye to the Devaronian.

Thew: Until we meet again...

Lord_Vessen 02-15-2003 12:38 AM

(I've been out for a week so sorry I haven't been posting)

"Vessen's the name, what ship you drive?"he replied

Thrackan Solo 02-15-2003 12:16 PM

"Yt-2400 Modified,"Skaul said proudly,"its one of the fastest ships in the galaxy, I call it the Maul Tear. So do you have a ship? If not then I can give you a ride out of here,or I do need a co-pilot."

OOC:What species are you?

Lord_Vessen 02-15-2003 05:36 PM

I don't have ship myself, but I've had my eye on a Naboo Yacht. Where are you headed?

OOC: I'm a Zabrak

Thrackan Solo 02-15-2003 06:04 PM

"Away from here, we will probably have a bounty, probably towards the Billbringi system, you can tag along," Skaul tells the Zabrak.
Skaul pulls into a docking bay and jumps out with Golan Flechette in hand he turns toward the Imperial inspector who was walking toward him in protest.
" Hey Scum you cant park that here, move it or I.....," he didnt have time to finish his sentence he was riddled lying on the wall.
"come on not much time ," He told Vessen walking toward the Maul Tear.

Lord_Vessen 02-15-2003 06:09 PM

Vessen quickly boards the Maul Tear as Storm Troopers flood the scene.
"Lets get out of here!"Vessen yells to Skaul.

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