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Aranolorion 02-28-2003 02:44 PM

Any Animators?

I'm part of ForeverDream Studios, a non profit devco. We're currently working on a noir adventure, entitled The Curves of Danger. Our animator made like a banana(he split) so we're looking for a replacement. Anyone interested please mail me at with any questions you may have.


PS sorry for the banana joke.

jannar85 03-04-2003 05:30 AM

Why did you fire him? :o
If he's good, then let him stay.

Aranolorion 03-07-2003 03:41 PM

we didnt fire him he left of his own accord.

jannar85 03-11-2003 04:02 AM

In that cass, try the adventure gamers forum.
I got one of my voice actors from that part of the community... :)

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