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Kuuki 03-21-2003 05:38 PM

RPG: The Forgotten Angels: "They walk among us..."
*Davin opens his eyes, and sits up from a bed. Bandaged, and awfully sore.*

*Jessica walks into the room.*

Jessica: "Oh, your awake. I was wondering when you would finally wake up."

Davin: "So how long?"

Jessica: "A week."

Davin: "Wow. I must have hit myself pretty hard."

Jessica: "Yeah, you did."

Davin: *noticing his bare back* "When did my wings 'retract'?"

Jessica: "About 3 days ago. I thought you would have woken up sooner when that happened."

Davin: *smirking* "Heh, well what can you expect from me anyway..."

Jessica: "I'm not sure anymore."

Davin: "So what happened with those National Guard?"

Jessica: "After they found out that you were a good guy, they seemed to let us alone. But the News reporters got quote annoying, I almost pulled a 'You' and pointed gun on them."

Kuuki 03-21-2003 10:29 PM

((Oh yeah kinda forgot:
  • No godmodding
  • Bio in first post (excpt for those who were in the previous one (IE Prologue)
  • No controlling other characters
  • IF character is 'demon-like' they have to have abilities that would sound demonic

When on before:

A genetical 'cure' for most forms of biological weapons becomes its own weapon by infacting those whom have a certain gene in their DNA to cause them to mutate into versious 'races' of demon-like creatures.

I didn't take time for a large group of those infacted to band together and call them selves 'the forgotten angels', and start to stur panic and dissorder across the globe.

Unfortunately for them, the orignal infectant, Davin, defys the forgotten and goes after them single handedly, with help with his partner Jessica.

The forgotten got a hold of a federal bank in New York City. Davin attacks those responsible until he starts biting more then what he can chew. Other infectants try to help him, but only until the last one in the building had 'dissapeared' Davin was left unconscious for nearly a week due to the concussion and explosion from a grenade.))

Deac 03-22-2003 01:20 PM

*Xander stands up from the seat he was sitting on

"So what happens now...?"

Kuuki 03-22-2003 01:27 PM

Davin: "And you are?"

Jessica: "Some former special forces commando or something."

Davin: "Well first off I'd like to get more inside information of the Forgotten."

Jessica: "I tried to get some leads but nothing."

Davin: *to Xander* "How about you? What's your story. Becuase Im sure you heard about my inflated, exatgerated and utterly mistaken story all over the news networks."

Deac 03-23-2003 01:28 PM

"All I remember is winning an Intelligence test, being taken to a governement building, pain and then finding I could attract and repel objects as a Teen. Aside from that, I'm as normal as you."

Kuuki 03-23-2003 01:32 PM

*Davin turns to show the increased muscle mass in his upper back.*

Davin: "Unless what you said was a ploy to be sarcastic, I can asure you I'm far from 'normal', infact I'm nore annoyed at my exsistence rather then to even know about the damned Forgotten..."

jokemaster 03-25-2003 02:14 PM

Foley: Ed Foley, got mutated on a mission

Kuuki 03-27-2003 07:11 PM

Jessica: "Wow, Now I got to hear this. I like war stories." *smiles*

Davin: "So, I got mutated by a damn accident." *shurgs* "I guess we could hear our back ground stories, to at least know where we are coming from..."

jokemaster 03-28-2003 07:29 PM

Foley: Not much to tell actually, we were about to assault a weapons camp when the angels found out all that area had been "contaminated" with the bio-chemicals and decided to go recruit as well as gain some weapons. Anyway we attacked at the same time as the angels and everything was pure chaos. We blew up most of the weapons, but resistance had been heavier than anticipated, and better armed. We went in with 15 men and ones we took the camp we were 6, those nine men were killed by angels, not the targets. The Angels had us outnumbered by then and we had to surrender. They executed the commander and everyone was captured. the other 4 members decided to join the angels once they found out they were mutating, I acted as if though I was going along with them but ran the first chance I got, taking some weapons on the way.

Deac 03-29-2003 11:38 AM

*Xander scowls*

"I hate all this. Society hates us, the others like us hate us. What are we supposed to do?"

jokemaster 03-29-2003 12:18 PM

Foley: Convince society we're not so bad and find other "mutants" that aren't Angels already. By the way Davin, who was that guy you were fighting?

Kuuki 03-29-2003 04:25 PM

Davin: "Not sure, he sounded forgain when he spoke. He was interesting, he was the same type as I am, the winged onces..."

Jes: "What did he talk about? I didn't have the earphones on at thats time."

[Davin's flashback]

???: "You have no clue what could happen to you. It all depends how you put the basis on your life..."

Davin: "What?"


Davin: *lying* "Nothing important. The usual rantings."

Jes: "The 'usual'?"

[Davin's flashback]

???: "Choose hope instead of dispair, redemption might be in your grasp. Choose dispair, you might lead us all into damnation."


*Davin continues to pretend like what was told to him by the strange person didnt effect him.*

Davin: "You know, just the foolish ramblings of a Forgotten, thinking they are more important then others."

Jes: "Oh, well, that would be typical from what I have heard from the ones over the earphones..."

???: "Damnation or Prosperity!"

Davin: *to Xander* "Any more to your story 'chief'?"


*A dark room, barely lit. A small group of individuals sit at a long table, kept far enough apart that no member could make out who else was sitting there. Ironically the only one who didn't have this effect on, was the winged individual from the bank. Everyone but him was speaking in different languages.*

1???: *translated from German* "So what happend at the Bank mission?"

Winged Man: *Speaking english* "He proved to be a difficult adversary. I let him go."

2???: *translated from Russian* "He's a threat to us, that mission was ment to lure him out so that we could kill him. And you let him go."

Winged Man: "Why should I have? First for such a 'threat' you didn't pay me enough to finish him off."

5???: *English* "WHAT! WE PAID YOU PLENTY!"

Winged Man: "Not anymore." *Throws a suitcase onto the table* "Money has no use to me anymore, now that I'm like this. It would take an awful alot to get me interested in anything."

4???: *translated from German* "We should kill you now becuase we let you even know where this meeting hall is..."

Winged Man: "It'll take alot more then five or even ten Davins to kill me... Why should I be threatened?"

2???: *Translated from russian* "Becuase Davin's is more like a pesky American flee that has been itching our backsides. He must be squashed!"

Winged man: *while leaving* "You don't know insects very well, you people find him an annoyance. Maybe you should think alot more broader then that... Ta."

Kuuki 04-15-2003 08:43 AM

Jes: "I guess he doesn't want to right now..."

Davin: "There's someone at the door..."

Jes: "How do you know, the buzzer didn't..."


Jes: "Predictive bastard."

*Davin smiles*

*Jessica goes down stairs of the warehouse they are situated in. She goes to the sliding door where the nice buzzer that alerts the warehouse if there is an intruder. She opens it up and a few Military officers are waiting on the other side...*

Deac 04-15-2003 04:12 PM

*Xander looks worried*

I'm going to hide!

*levitates himself to ceiling*

Kuuki 04-15-2003 11:33 PM

((remember the military officers aren't inside, and where the man group is is upstairs ^_^))

Jes: "Yes, what can I help you with?"

Officer: "Your the group that was envolved with the bank incident nearly a week ago?"

Jes: "Who wants to know?"

Officer: "The United States Goverment does."

*Davin, still having bandages on, walks in from behind Jessica*

Davin: "Whats in it for us?"

Officer 2: "That's him."

Davin: *reaching for a gun in the back of Jes's pants.* ((kinky ^_^)) "What if I am..."

Officer: "Funding. More properly manageable of course. That is if you agree to some terms..."

Davin: "Hold on a Sec..." *slams door closed*

Jes: "The is the break we are looking for! Goverment funding!"

Davin: "I still don't like it, notice he mentioned aobut that 'terms', besides I'm not sure If i can trust goverment funding. We don't know if the forgotten has influence in the goverment yet. Not only that, what about those two up there?"

Jes: "Well, they gotta speak up, those guys out there can't hear us... It's a nice door..."

Deac 04-16-2003 12:04 PM

*Xander whispers very quietly*

Don't let them in! They see me and it's back to the labs for me! I'm getting out of here! Be back when it's safe...

*Xander levitates out the window, only to be spotted*


jokemaster 04-16-2003 06:48 PM

*Foley sneaks up behind Davin and Jessica*
Foley: It has, at least some parts. That's the only way they could know about the weapons camp and the contamination

Kuuki 04-17-2003 12:05 PM

*Davin reopen's the door, Xander being seen, an officer points a gun at Xander.*

Davin: "Let him go, he's with me. How much and what 'terms' are going to be made?"

Deac 04-17-2003 12:13 PM

*Xander lands*

"Try anything and you can find out how easy it is to breathe with a black hole in your lungs..."

Kuuki 04-17-2003 12:21 PM

Davin: "Xander..." *stares... then turns back to the officer.*

Officer: "We get info on possible areas where the group in mention 'The Forgotten Angels' might attack. We'll fund you properly depending on how the 'operations' proceed. Do good, and funding might increase, do poorly and we might deduct some of the funding."

Davin: "Give us a few days to decide."

Officer: "Then, have a good day."

*The officers leave.*

jokemaster 04-17-2003 03:01 PM

Foley: I don't like this.

Kuuki 04-17-2003 11:20 PM

Davin: "I know it doesn't sound good. But at least now with you two here, I have to admit, you two can not only had helped that situation by being here, but at least now it seems this 'group' that me and Jessica created has more then 2 people...."

jokemaster 04-18-2003 10:09 PM

Foley *shrugging*: You the boss, but i recommend we still look for other sources of funding

Kuuki 04-18-2003 11:26 PM

Jes: "We have been, sadly to say this one seems alot more secure then all the other ones he had." *sigh* "It almost seems liek we don't ahve a choice, the stuff we do does cost money..."

Deac 04-19-2003 09:29 AM

Xander: I don't think they recognised me. That means a rogue to branch is involved. $~@#!

Kuuki 04-19-2003 10:26 AM

Davin: "Well techincally, we can't knock it til we try it..."

*Davins walks over to his 'stuff', and begins to clean off his weaponry he had collected.*

Davin: *to self* "Well, I might as well part with some of this stuff..." *to group* "I have a fiar sort of weaponry here, its not much. But it's something, pick out something ya like, expect for my sword and my M-79."

jokemaster 04-19-2003 10:27 AM

*Foley picks up a 12 gauge shotgun and a 9mm pistol*

Deac 04-20-2003 09:54 AM

*Xander picks out some throwing daggers and two 9mm pistols*

I'll never miss a shot...

jokemaster 04-20-2003 10:08 AM

Foley: Best be sure.
*grabs another 9mm pistol*

Kuuki 04-20-2003 02:28 PM

Jessica: "This time I did buy the right ammo."

Davin: "Good, then foley shouldnt have a problem using that 12 guadge..."

Deac 04-22-2003 05:59 PM

Xander: So what now?

*Loads guns. Practises throwing daggers and stopping them in mid-air.*

Kuuki 04-22-2003 09:36 PM

Davin: "So it's decided that you two would take a swing at this for a while then?"

jokemaster 04-22-2003 09:57 PM

Foley: Guess so.
*pumps shotgun*

Kuuki 04-22-2003 10:12 PM

Jes: "No offence, but, um, no 'Gung Ho' here, unless we getting attacked by some forgotten..."

Davin: "Um, yes she's kinda right. I do believe that gun control is using both hands... So how about you?" *to Xander*

Deac 04-23-2003 02:17 PM

"What? I'm in all the way."

Kuuki 04-23-2003 02:47 PM

Davin: "Alright I guess we can wait for a few days til those guys come back, they never gave us any contact info..."

Jes: "I guess It might look a little better on our side if we get a few more people."

Davin: "Yeah, the more the marrier, I keep having to nearly kill myself everytime I go up agenst the Forgotten..."

((This don't mean nothing really yet, I'm going to try and get Red in this ^_^))

Deac 04-24-2003 05:23 PM

Xander: Yeah, well I have to keep watching for those government types...


Man1: Did we locate the primary unit?

Man2: He was involved in the bank situation.

Man1: Beta should be ready imminently. Do you think he will remember?

Man2: Will it matter? It will only serve us further.

BattleDog 04-24-2003 07:56 PM

((AHHHHHHHHHHHH! An RPG by Scar I'm not ripping to bits! (jk) ))

Name: John Farrow

Abilities: Sharp Shooter, MI6 Agent gone rogue. Surrvalance expert.

Weapons: Webley & Scott .455 automatic pistol, 23 inch sword bayonet, SLR 7.62mm assult Rifle.

Bio: An MI6 Agent gone rogue after the forbidden took his daughter. He is normal however his wife was infected and she killed her self rather than become a "freak." Farrow has a personnal vendetta against the Forgotten.

Redwing 04-27-2003 06:24 AM

((*Pokes Scar*

Still waiting for a little more 'splaining ;)))

jokemaster 04-27-2003 12:23 PM

Foley: Just make sure whenever they call back, ask for intelligence.

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