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Lynk Former 03-29-2003 12:34 AM

Notice to all n00bs and scum of the earth...
Flarestar is now sacred ground. Any n00bs, mostly ppl from the swamp should vacate the area or suffer the ultimate punishment... (we'll get Rogue Nine to do strange and kinky things to you... it won't be pleasant) These grounds are now for those who have been in Aresen for A LONG time however we do make a couple of exceptions (Like Leemu, he's a good guy)... If I catch a n00b in here there'll be hell to pay :evil2: I hope we can get all the old regs in here, make this our little forum away from Downtime... and revive Flarestar. This isn't cause we hate u... well it is kinda the reason :D But us old timers need our little get away location. Downtime is becoming overrun with you all and we need some quiet time!

So to put it plain and simply...


Rogue15 03-29-2003 01:05 AM

sorry lynk, couldn't use my moddy powers to get this stickied. =/ the n00bs are the reason we can't buy stickies. may they be confined to the swamp for 5 years.

Lynk Former 03-29-2003 01:15 AM

hey good idea... does any1 know anyone who knows how to make a real curse?

Rogue15 03-29-2003 01:23 AM

Rhett might, he's an admin. ^_^

Redwing 03-29-2003 04:41 AM


Lynk Former 03-29-2003 10:22 AM

Heya pinkywing, what's shakin?

Taos 03-29-2003 09:18 PM


Where's wacky at? :D

Rogue15 03-30-2003 09:27 AM

yeah, where's waldo waccy??????????????????

Wacky_Baccy 03-30-2003 10:33 PM

I'm around :p

More interested in JK3 right now, though :p :D

*goes off to splore the FlareStar forum*

Jed 03-30-2003 11:56 PM

I'm here too.


Lynk Former 03-31-2003 03:39 AM

hmmmmm reg date 2002... ¬¬ ... *looks to the others* can we trust him?

Taos 03-31-2003 09:13 AM

Hmmm..........I think so.......

He just needs to bring us cookies to bribe us....then I don't think there will be a problem. :D :p ;) :D

Wraith 8 03-31-2003 04:41 PM


need me to sticky this Lynk :p i can you know :D
but .. is this just hijacking a forum? LOL!

Taos 03-31-2003 11:08 PM


Originally posted by Wraith 8

need me to sticky this Lynk :p i can you know :D

Would you please do us the honor? :D :D Please sir Wraithy :p


but .. is this just hijacking a forum? LOL!
That's exactly what it is.



Jed 03-31-2003 11:19 PM

*brings delicious cookies and drinks for everyone*

*brings a jug of blood for Mr. Weasel to drink, pours it in a gold bowl, complete with bib to prevent staining of his fur*

Now if that isn't worthy, I dunno what is XD


Lynk Former 04-01-2003 02:02 AM

@ Wraithy: YES STICKY!! Thanx Cutie Pie :D

@ Leemu: yeah, Hijacking like a FOX!! O.O

@J220: Okay, just don't let me catch you hanging around death mountain... I mean, just don't spam in Downtime...

Jed 04-01-2003 07:01 PM

Thanks Lynk.

Glad you know I'm not like the others....*looks toward n00bs with disgust*


Dark Sad Shadow 04-01-2003 07:35 PM


lets make a plan against noobs :D

Lynk Former 04-02-2003 01:00 AM

*shrugs* what's there to plan? You just rip em a new one :D

Redwing 04-02-2003 05:11 AM

Shhh, don't tell him that ^_~

Wraith 8 04-03-2003 01:23 PM

ok.. stuck.. now what?

Rogue15 04-03-2003 09:32 PM ? :p

Wraith 8 04-04-2003 08:33 AM

ok.. it got unstuck.. im not gonna do it again tho :(

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