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Mr.Lukie 04-14-2003 07:56 AM

What's your favourite MI game, and why.
I just thought it would be interesting to see what order of popularity the games are in. My prediction (as well as my opinion) is:
1. Curse of Monkey Island
2. Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge
3. Secret of Monkey Island
4. Escape from Monkey Island
I look foward to seeing how accurate my predictions are.

EnchiladaMan 04-14-2003 02:36 PM

Hard decision between SMI and LCR, but LCR is top. The story is so non-linear. In this, I mean you can do pretty much any order you want to after you get rid of Largo. It had great haw haw kneeslapping jokes, funny animation like when you saw off that guy's pegleg, and a masterful ending that is still a topic of discussion on these forums.

Plus, you gotta love the name, it's the only one that has the title come after it. (unlike secret of...curse of...escape from... not that that's bad, it's just cooler. it sets it apart)

Close behind is SMI. The original. The three trials, somewhat nonlinear, but a bit more linear compared to LCR. The silly conversation with Meathook (Cannonball head!) was classic, as was the origin of the "You fight like a cow" joke.

CMI is next. Still good. Great voice casting. Much more linear story. (I liked travelling between islands on LCR) It had good things that the previous ones couldn't have with voices, such as Guybrush "auditioning" for the Barbershop Quartet, another classic moment. Oh! And the introduction of Murray!

EMI was not as great, but sill fun to play. The papery 3d characters stood out over the 2d backgrounds. The file retrieval system on Lucre Island was annoying, too. Even if you know how to do it.

But yeah, LCR, SMI, CMI, EMI.

Das Mole 04-14-2003 07:45 PM

mi2 all the way! here's my list:


okay, obviouly, mi4 is deservent of last place, we all probably agree. then mi3, mainly because of the fact that the original two are the best. on a scale of 1 to 10, mi3 comes in at about a 9. unfortunately, it is beaten by mi1 and 2, they're both 10s, but mi2 is just better. probably because of the better humor. but mi1 felt more adventurous. so, mi2 gets first, then mi1 is second. they're both deservent of 1st and if could make it a tie, i would. but for some reason mi2 just seems better for me.

MrManager 04-14-2003 09:56 PM

MI2. MI1, CMI and EMI are pretty equal to me for various reasons I've stated before.

MortalPlague 04-15-2003 08:07 AM

I have to go with Secret of Monkey Island, followed by the others in sequential order. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play the series in sequence originally, and the second was the first I played, and I also played it on easy. Upon replaying it, my opinion may well be swayed.

Al-back from the BigWhoop 04-15-2003 10:11 AM








1-cmi (18 points)
2-lrc (17 poiknts)
3-smi (15 points)
4-emi (10 points)

peepwood 04-15-2003 03:41 PM

best game
i thought all of them were excellent, but my favourite has to be MI2. Rapp scallion is great, poor sod

GregD 04-16-2003 07:37 AM

MI2 for sure, it has so much.

The adventure, the gameplay, the atmosphere, locations you want to visit again and again, memorable characters, hilarious jokes and of course the non linear puzzles which aren't frustrating at all.

No other adventure game has beaten mi2 in all of these aspects yet, for me it is the perfect adventure.

SMI and CMI come close in 2nd but they still didn't manage to capture the same atmosphere the second game had.

SamNMax 04-16-2003 06:52 PM

SMI is my favorite. Here's my scores for each game.

Best Story:

Best Puzzles:

Best Graphics:

Best Guybrush:

Best LeChuck Sidekicks:
MI2 (Largo)
MI3 (Murry)
MI1 (Bob)
MI4 (Ozzie)

Best Humour:

Best Monkey Island:

Best Elaine:

Best LeChuck:
MI4 (All)
MI3 (Demon)
MI1 (Ghost)
MI2 (Zombie)

Best Stan Job:
MI2 (Used Coffins)
MI3 (Life Insurance)
MI4 (Real Estate)
MI1 (Used Ships


Joshi 04-17-2003 12:28 PM


Originally said by Mr.Lukie.
What's your favourite MI game, and why.
The secret of monkey island because i like the humour.

simple answer to a simple question.

Largo-LaGrande 04-18-2003 12:04 AM

i like MI3 best because it is funny good graphix it has voices good music and i liked the story line

Death_Jedi 04-20-2003 06:01 AM

I like CMI for all the reasons Largo did :D

pHILBRUSH 04-20-2003 06:04 AM

Yeah, me too, I think that MI2 is second best, though;)


James Isaac 04-20-2003 07:06 AM

Yeah, CMI is the best. All the voices and better graphics made it much more enjoyable. I also prefered the Point-And-Click interface than the 3D interface in MI4.

Yufster 04-26-2003 02:14 PM

To be perfectly honest I couldn't choose between SMI and LCR. If I had to choose between them, I'd shoot myself between the eyes. And 3 is awesome.

So I guess....

1. SMI and LCR
2. CMI
3. EMI

Al-back from the BigWhoop 04-26-2003 06:09 PM


Originally posted by SamNMax

Best Humour:

how could you not like MI3 humor??? it was the funnier imo, MI4 was the silliest.
(im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found funny?)

MortalPlague 04-27-2003 07:56 AM

Upon replaying "LeChuck's Revenge", I am simply amazed and astounded by the game. In my opinion, it's the best by far. The only thing it lacks in are graphics, and honestly, in some ways, the pixels are a good thing. It just seems to fit the game here.

And even though the music of "Curse of Monkey Island" was better quality, I think this one has the best composition overall.

sizuela 04-29-2003 05:53 PM

I would have to say:


1. Just plain fun, no confused doors to find or bolders to fit in the right hole. CMI has out of doubt the best voices and I like the 2D-grafics.
2. I like the Icelands and the maskerade (gutbrush in a dress) *g*
I also like the grafics here of some reason.. and it's pretty fun too.. miss voices.
3. Not that bad after all, it's pretty hard thought, I was really confused on monkey island! the bolders and to cometo the other side and those things.. (i'm dumb I know) *g* well.. anyway, I liked the school for once. ;)
4. umm.. I don't know really.. it's not that fun.. running around looking for undead pirats underground isn't my thing.. urk.. (why the heck are you playing MI!?) :P

well that would be all..!


Juniorô 04-29-2003 06:17 PM

I would rank the games like that:

LeChuck's Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
The Secret of Monkey Island
Escape From Monkey Island

The order changes quite frequently though.
It's hard to pick favourites out of four excellent games.

Dradle 05-01-2003 06:01 AM

Old School, all the way

Croatian Guybru 05-19-2003 03:42 PM

1...Seret of monkey island.
It was revolution ,everything after is just a evolution!!

Udvarnoky 05-28-2003 07:31 PM

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is the best.

Close behind it is The Secret of Monkey Island.

Then Curse

then EMI

Huz 05-28-2003 10:55 PM


Originally posted by Croatian Guybru
1...Seret of monkey island.
It was revolution ,everything after is just a evolution!!

Monkey Island evolves, but it doesn't... revolve.

[Joke courtesy of Alan Partridge.]

Monkey Island 2 all the way. At its best moments, it oozes atmosphere. Mmm.

Tim Schafer 06-05-2003 09:10 PM

Alan Partridge is indeed, funny. Ever see The Parole Officer? I think that was the name of it...

SamNMax 06-09-2003 03:23 PM


Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
how could you not like MI3 humor??? it was the funnier imo, MI4 was the silliest.
(im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found funny?)

I love every MI games humor. I just found the other 3 funnier.

One MI4 joke that stuck in my mind is:

Guybrush: What's with all the dead animals?

Ozzie: I like having them around. They remind me where I came from.

Guybrush: Burbank?

I found Guybrush in MI4 to be the funniest one.

Ernil 06-11-2003 01:08 AM

Personally, the games go from best to worst. MI1 was absolutely amazing, with the graphics just delicious, and the adventure flowing through the game. I loved the humor in it, and the way that It made you feel so bad for Guybrush at times, BUT SOMETIMES, he was an amazing hero. MI1 Score: 101%.

The second was so close behind, you can barely tell. I dont think i need to talk about all of its pro's, there being 100's, but I have been playing MI1 sence age 4. There's just no beating childhood memories. MI2 Score: 99%

MI3 was just a small step down. I did NOT enjoy the voices very much, and one dissapointment was Stan. He looked like an intimidating wrestler, and his voice was far too low. Looking back, it had a funny plotline and was actually very amusing. 97%.

When I actually played MI4, it made me smile. Many of the jokes were funny, the game was long, and brought me back to the islands of Melee and Monkey. Perhaps these were the reasons that I like the game the amount I do, but other than those pro's, this game did not stand up to the level of the others. It took too many radical turns, and there was too much ridiculous stuff going on. After first playing MI1, if someone would have told me that the giant monkey head was a huge robot, I would have cried. In context with the rest of the ludacris MI4, though, it seemed to fit. This game does not measure with the rest, but still gets a whopping 89%.

SamNMax 06-25-2003 05:18 PM


Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
how could you not like MI3 humor??? it was the funnier imo, MI4 was the silliest.
(im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found funny?)

After playing CMI again I found that it had the best humor after all.

Andi Wan 06-26-2003 02:54 AM


Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found funny?
The pirate transmogrification school bit was so incredibly funny. I think the funniest thing in the whole series.

Don't believe me? Click on the HERE in my signature!

(please excuse the crappy page design and punctuation)

monkeyofdeath 06-26-2003 08:52 AM

The link aint working.

Andi Wan 06-26-2003 09:12 AM

I fixed the link.

I have Norton Inet Security, so I can't tell, but I think this page may be pop up hell. There are funny mp3s to download though!

Alkaline 06-26-2003 03:51 PM



NinoKadic 05-13-2006 06:23 AM

Escape from Monkey Island because its 3d and the story is realy good, and its avalible to ps2, its realy cool, and the jokes are funny, the puzlles, and the whole game is the most evolved technique of all...I played all parts and i say Monkey Island 4!!!

Peff 05-13-2006 06:56 AM

I think the serie evolved better and better :


Mr.Lukie 05-13-2006 07:23 AM

Wow, I started this thread about three years ago.

...And it lives on [Sniffs back tear. Becomes sentimental.] Is this a record or something?

Any way, I'm now more indecisive than I was three years ago, and my ranking is thus;

1. SMI, LCR and CMI
2. EMI

I like this order the best.

Joshi 05-13-2006 09:15 AM

Not really a record, oldish threads get bumped all the time, this is one of the few that hasn't actually annoyed anyone enough to get closed because frankly, this discussion could very well go on forever.

Mr Cheese 05-13-2006 11:26 PM

1: MI2 and CMI. I love them both in a different, yet equal way. They're the most atmospheric.
2: Classic, but characters weren't quite as quirky and funny. But believe me, I LOVED it!
3: EMI wasn't as fun. It was almost a chore to play. And Guybrush was less funny than a three-year-old who has just found out what a joke was. :c

Ben31 05-14-2006 03:11 PM

Omg, spent 15minutes rating them like "Al-back from the BigWhoop" did and messed it up - anyway, the results were:

1 - LCR (17 pts)
2 - SoMI (15 pts)
3 - EfMI (6 pts)
4 - CoMI (0 pts; unplayed)

Peff 05-16-2006 05:30 PM


im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found funny?)
Monkey 4 had much internal humor! ... i think.

Ben31 05-18-2006 02:01 PM

MI4 did have humour, but wierd styled humour (for me anyway). It was different than the first 2 and in a lesser quantity i feel. Still wasn't bad.

igyman 05-19-2006 05:31 AM

Monkey 4 was good, it had a lot of funny moments, but Monkey 3, with its great cartoon graphics and an even bigger quantity of humour, was better. Monkey 4 was longer, though and that's a big plus.

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