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Flashblade 04-16-2003 02:10 PM

STUCK IJET Palace of Belisarius Istanbul
I had a great time with Indy until now. There are these two Nazi scubadivers (under water) near a wall with 2 democharges. So my guess was kill the guys get the charges place one at the wall voila. Unfortunately Indy won't place the charge at the wall. So either I encountered a bug in the game or I have to got elsewhere. I hope it is the latter.

Please help!

Blitzkrieg_vs 04-16-2003 09:00 PM

Thats cuz that wall isn't supposed to be blown up. It's just for decoration :). Explore around. I'm afraid I dont' remember where it was supposed to go...

Gabrobot 04-16-2003 10:23 PM

I can assure you, there were no bugs that I what Blitzkrieg_vs said, do a bit of exploring... (I believe you need to go back near the beginning of the level)

Flashblade 04-18-2003 06:09 PM

Thx for ensuring that it wasn't a bug as of now I played through Emperors Tomb Twice. There were parts in it that made me want to bite my keyboard. A quicksave function would be definitely in order. That aside it was a great experience!

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