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What kind of displays do you have with your loose figures? I put mine in scenes from the movies. The EU guys are even in scenes depicted in the EU. Kyle is battling Mohc in Darktrooper Armor, Luke and Palpatine's Clone take on Leia... I have the Heir to the Empir guys just standing there, bone of them go in a scene together....

My best scenes are -

Cantina. I have every cantina guy (no duplicates) made and put into the pop up cantina display. Except the band. Never got the entire set, and I have the single one alone in my basement. I plan on getting every new cantina guy they make and packing them into the display. Including the Sandtrooper Army builder set.

Jabba's Palace. I used the pop-up display for this scene too. I have every figure made for this (excluding Ephnat Mon ), including the band! I have Jabba-glob (best one IMO) chowing down frogs being held in a hairspray cap (the clear thing that tops it...). Below on the lower shelf, right were the Rancor is drawn on the floor, is my Rancor taking on Luke and Oola, with a Gammorean in its mouth. I have Leia in slave on Jabba's throne, and on the opposite side, Leia in Bouschh being captured by Lando. Beside them are Chewie slave and Han that was included with the display. Bomar Monk even has a part. I stuffed him in the door way that has the steps...

Carbon Freezing Chamber. Stormie, Vader, Fett (SotE 2-pack...) Lando (cloth cape), Leia bespin escape, Chewie with 3p0 on his back, ughanaughts, Han carbon block. Pretty basic, but very neat. When stupid Hasbro make the Cloud Car, I'll have to move this to a higher location and hand Slave 1 and the Cloud Car nearby.

Those are my favorites. Other scenes I have are the Naboo plains filled with Battle Droids and Gungans, the Geonosis Arena (I don't have the playset, though), and TPM final battle (on the playsets provided).

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