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Exclamation RPG forum rules. And Characjter info.

Hello all RPG-ers.

There has been a few changes around this place.
As you all have been a witness of, is the enormous amount of chaos in this forum. I used to sticky any active RPG thread so it wouldn't go down. and we also had a charachter thread that was made for the very first RPG thread ever made here .

So im introducing a new set of RPG forum rules.
1. There will only be one thread sticky here.
2. if a thread has not been active for a while you will be allowed to bump it when it threatens to go down. But remember, if the thread is dead after a month and the starter still bumps it. it will get closed. So only bump the thread when its needed.
3. Keep your threads inside the rules of the creator.

Now. This thread will also be used as a Charachter thread. Now to be clear, i will make a charachter sheet for the RPG i made.
Please make one like it so it won't get a mess. Now if i have forgot anything in my own list or you have something you wanted to ad. do so in a discrete way.

what is up?
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