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*After disableing the two ships, from moving. The Destoryers move between them and the Gallayva ship. Blocking them from firing upon Rwos and Ida. Once in position, the destroyers resumed firing upon the shadows ships. Targeting the unshield engines. This time though the turbolaser were silent. Plasma canons fired repeatly at the Shadow's ships. Two more waves of cloaked fighters also attacked the ships. Launching missles into the shadows' ships hulls.*

Docking Bay of the Wild Huntsman

*A shuttle settles down. Odin and Vidar emerge to be meet by the caption.*

Captian: Welcome back Lord Odin. Your Orders?

Odin: Captain, set course for the containment zone. Maxium speed. Inform them that we are coming and to go to Condition Gamma.

Caption: Yes Lord. *He leaves Odin and Vidar, heading to the bridge*

Odin: Vidar, get Tyr, Heimdall, and Freyr and have them meet in my office in ten minutes. We have things to discuss.

Bridge of teh Wild Huntsman
*The captain arrives and sits in his chair*

Captain: Nav, set course for the Containment zone. Maxium speed.

Nav: Aye Sir.

Captain: Com, inform them that we are coming, and to upgrade to Condition Gamma. Also inform the rest of the group of the upgrade.

Com: Aye sir.

*Two minutes later the battlegroup jumped to hyperspace heading to the Containment zone*

Odin's Office
*Odin sits there studing the data, and considering differnt responses. Eight minutes later: Vidar, Heimdall, Tyr, and Freyr enter*

Odin: Welcome gentleman. You have been appraised of the situation. It will take us a two days to arrive, and and seven to prepare. On the tenth day they plan on attacking. We have the advantage because we know this, and because by keeping them contained we have far superior ships. Now ideas?

Tyr: We know where they are coming, so let us set an ambush. Position 20 to 30 destroyers directly in front of their path. With all of them connected together, very powerful. As the Jotuns enter the system their eninges will be destroyer trapping them. Some will probably be destroyed.

Vidar: Then place other ships behind the destroyers. The Jotuns probably will never know what happened.

*The discussion continues as they hone their strategy, and run simulations*

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