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RPG : The Smuggler's Moon, The Sanguine Star, all others
Name : Varan Ashaard
Age : 34
Gender : Male
Species : Zabrak
Profession : Bounty Hunter/Bouncer
Background : Parents died while he was young, was adopted by humans on Tattooine. Has a brother named Niris. Raised a fighter, got tangled up in the criminal elements on Tattooine. Lived as a bouncer, turned to bounty hunting because it paid more money. Doesn't favor Rebels or Imperials as a rule, but rather whichever benefits him better at the time.
Appearance : Slim build, red eyes, medium to tall heighth. Wears black boots, pants and vest over long-sleeved grey shirt and a large dark brown cloak.
Weapons 2 heavy blasters on hips, 2 vibro blades on back of belt, 2 light blasters on outside of thighs, small vibro blade on inside of left forearm, 2 light blasters on shoulder holsters, vibro sword on back sheath, heavy blaster rifle over shoulder.
Droids : No set droids, employs what suits his needs then sells them.
Vehicles : Speeder bike, haven't decided on ship.
Place of birth : Unknown, raised on Tattooine

A fearless leader! Fearless, that is, assuming there is no immanent threat, in which case i'll be over there......
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