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Spectar: "I'm afraid you don't understand, the only people that can let anyone in or out of thise realm, is us. How ever, if you want on those planes, I have news for you... we can not create gateways to those planes. It is impossible from here, in order for it to be, something has to happen at the right time to cause the right calculated disturbence to tear a hole through this plane and into the same plane of the aeges. You can be still useful to us, if you co-operate, we'll let you tag along, seeing is that you want to get in there... i think thats what u mean ^_^ But you have to do everything exactly at the needed time. We have an agreement?"


*The white haired Irvine, walks around the hangers of the capitol planet, still in the spectural realm. He still wonders if he is still sane or not...*

WH Irvine: "Alright, must not lose mind... ugh! What am I talking about, I have body, I'm dead... but why... Of course I know... I got stabed by that fool... Awfully trained though... Wait a minute..." 'why do I feel like my normal self? The fuse must be broken through death...'

*A hand rests on WH Irvine's shoulder...*

WH Irvine: "Ah!" *turns...* "Oh its you..."

*Holding on to WH Irvine for a little support...*

Elder Irvine: "My memory is still very blotched up. Mostly what I can remember is getting out of the Cantina on tatoonie, and this guy... " *Notices hole in chest...* "Urgh! What trickery is this!?"

WH Irvine: "We're dead... We must be in some spectural realm on the Imperial Capitol Planet... seeing is that we are nothing more then ghosts, I hardly think you should have a problem getting around..."


Person whom is definately not WH Irvine: "Yes... Bring us to him..."

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