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K'Warra: Vampires with the ability to evolve? Interesting. *grins* May come in handy if I need to kill them.

*K'Warra raises his head and sniffs the vampire trails. One particularly interests him. He grabs the girl's hand*

Girl: What now?

K'Warra: Now? Into the den of bloodsuckers. I need a guide.

*K'Warra disappears, teleporting along with the girl. He reappears in the shadows of a dark bar. He can sense at least sixty vampires, half of which he could see. He cloaks himself and the girl, so the vampires can't sense him. Two of the vampires have a similar scent to the vampires outside Vorador's mansion*

If what I know about vampires is true...and if I can trust what that one told me...this Vorador must have sired a whole brood like him; that's how they have these unnatural gifts. Trenadoc and the rest of them would think of them as "super-vampires".


And I killed one of their brood. They must be very angry with me about now...

*K'Warra suddenly hears a voice and a presence, somehow familiar. He sees a sort of smoky being materialize in the middle of the den*

"Excellent! Now, I am Darkstar, the remnants of Lokpihet, god of Hatred, and I need a new mortal ag-"

*the being turns and notices K'Warra in the shadows*


*K'Warra tries to remember who the personage in front of him is*

"You again! I offered you a chance to help me 800 years ago and you refused! I should destroy you... could join me....

*By now everyone in the bar is staring in K'Warra's direction. Disgusted, K'Warra decloaks himself*

K'Warra: Eight hundred years ago...that's when I was still mortal. And an awfully long way back to remember. Perhaps you could jog my memory? Thank you ever so much for blowing my cover, incidentally.

Nearest Vampire: *snarling* Who the hell are you two and how did you get in here?

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