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Guy: What is she doing? *Misae's figure is apparently engaged in combat*

Raschel: It looks like she's...lightsaber fighting. I remember seeing an holo of a Jedi training, and she looks just like that.



*Misae and the figure duel furiously. Neither gains the upper hand until the figure lashes out with Sith lightning, knocking Misae down*

Misae: Who are you?

*The figure does not answer. It raises its hand again and more lightning flies. Misae screams in pain. The figure stops again, leaving Misae gasping*

Misae: Why...

*The figure lashes out again. This time, Misae rolls, avoiding the lightning at the last second. Rage flows through her*

Misae: I'll KILL you!

*Misae picks up her lightsaber again, blocking the figure's next strike of lightning. She rushes at the figure with blinding speed, dark rage speeding her movements. Before the figure can raise its lightsaber, Misae slices off its hand. Without stopping, she removes its head.

The cloak falls. Misae can see that the figure, contrary to what she had assumed before, was female, not male.

As the head tumbles to the ground, its mask splits and falls off. Misae is suddenly filled with foreboding. She walks unwillingly closer to look at the face.

She sees herself.

As she stares, the face splits open, and the tear extends into the fabric of her vision. It rips open and away as it did for Aidan, revealing the room with the rest of the group behind it*

Guy: She's out.

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