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I posted my last one in a hurry and forgot some things sohere's the updated version:

RPG : All that have Thew in them
Name : Thew Rydur
Age : 31
Gender : Male
Species : Human
Proffesion : Bounty Hunter, Mercanary, sometimes a smuggler (though not very good at it)
Background : Thew grew up on Naboo to a family of craftsman, but did not inherit his families skill. Instead he followed after his cousin and joined the Royal Guard. Always adventurous Thew enjoyed hunting and once even made it through Naboo's core, which gained him the nickname "Core Runner". He also met Corzip Dinn in the guard. Soon after joining his parents were taken by the Empire and the ship they were on was destroyed by Rebels. For this he hates both the Empire and the Rebellion, but occansionally takes jobs from either. With hardly any family left Thew went to Corellia to become a bounty hunter and met the bounty hunter Ashard Varan as well as the smuggler JoKen Jash.
Description : Short brown hair, Medium height and build, green eyes, wears a long brown coat over plastoid chest armor and gray pants, some leg armor.
Weapons/ Equipment : 2 DT-12 Heavy Blasters (in shoulder holsters), An S-5 Security Blaster modified for power with an added trigger guard, which he recieved during his time in the Royal Guard(in thigh holster) , 2 Hold-out blasters (one in boot the other inside his chest armor), Projectile rifle, vibroblade, wooden knife (passes through most dectectors), dart/rocket launcher on left wrist, control board on right wrist, sometimes a silenced slugthrower pistol, automatic blaster carbine, or vibro-pole axe depending on the job.
Droids: Old Destroyer Droid from the Battle of Naboo, programmed to protect Thew's ship.
Vehicles: XS-800 light freighter "Core Runner", N-1 starfighter (painted black), speeder bike
Place of Birth: New Centif, Naboo

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