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((Okay Deac, I'll start moving things in the direction of Tatooine))

*Rwos fires several torpedoes into the side of the Shadow's ship, causing a small break in their particle shields. Behind him, Ida activates jamming devices*

Ida: You've got ten seconds before they override. Go

*Rwos drives his fighter's reinforced nose into a "soft" spot of hull above a hangar bay. The nose rips through and into the ship itself, letting his fighter through. Rwos looks behind him to see the hole close up*


*Ida attempts to duplicate Rwos' action, but a concussion blast knocks her fighter off its vector. An instant later, the Shadows' ship vanishes into warpspace*

Ida: Damn.

*The Shadows' remaining ships fire back at the Aesir, their shields absorbing most of the damage dealt them. Ida notices the closest ship had regained an operable engine. However, it wasn't using it...

Then she realizes*

Ida: *into the comlink, putting it on an open frequency* GET AWAY FROM THOSE SHIPS!


Farran: *to Ravan* I was wondering, perhaps you'd like to come with me to see some things that might particularly interest you. *rises* If you will, I have a shuttle waiting this way.

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