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*Flax gives up on Kur.*

Flax: Lock him in chains.


Sophae: Orthos, this Aide will take you to your quarters, we have about telve hours before we exit hyperspace, will you join my husband and me for dinner? You'll find all your uniforms in your quarters.

Aide: This way sir.


*Flax and Sophae are in their quarters, curled up on a sofa.*

Flax: Soph, what do you think of Orthos.

Sophae: He's not stupid, he has that pure, slightly irritating Starkiller streak.

Flax: Since he's not in the Brig I assume he resisted you. Are you sure he's not force strong?

Sophae: He's certainly not trained, I don't know though, he has some potential. Speaking f the Brig, how is our other "guest"?

Flax: Very angry, he's force strong, thats certain. There's no record of his training though, so at the moment he's confined.

Sophae: Oh, and Taklin?

Flax: Yes my love?

Sophae: Orthos will be joining us for dinner.

*She breezes out of the room.*

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