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Problem w/ Windoze XP

Ok, Im having a problem when I play RG 3D w/ Windoze XP. THe game seems to be very unstable. It crashes on me quite a bit. All it takes to crash the game, is to click a button on the mouse, or joystick, or hit a button the keyboard. But it only does this while in a loading sequence, such as when the game is loading, or between when you select your vehicle for a particular mission.

I have already dl'd one patch, that seemed to help to start out w/, before I got that, it wouldnt play at all. Im just wondering if there is a more up to date patch, or something else that i need to get, in order to make the game work properly. I love the game, and its a blast to play, so needless to say, its pretty frustrating to have to work around the constant crashing so I can play it.
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