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Unhappy Please help a Suffocating American..

I am an American, and I can't say that I'm too proud of this fact, especially in recent months. Those elected to represent have instead voted to give the president the power to go to war on Iraq nearly unanimously, merely to save political face. I feel betrayed and helpless. I will not support this war, but I don't know what I can or should do to oppose it.

Now before any of my more "patriotic" Archie-Bunkerish brethren decide to flame me, I will make it quite clear that I am no commie, pinko, faggot, or whatever other entirely new and creative label you've decided to pin on me for feeling the way I do.

I'd like to believe I've got the right to be a pacifist, although I'm not sure that's ever been true in the United States.

Does anyone else (from the US or not) feel similarly? If not, I'd love to discuss your differing views without some of the crudeness we see at other places. I'd like to know what British people think of the PM's undying support of Mr. Bush Jr.

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