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First post!

Name: Kevalin "Kev" Halcyon
*Yes, probable vaguely distant relation of Neja Halcyon, and thus, Corran Horn*
Bio: Born and raised on the library world of Obroa-skai, he is very knowleadgeable. Both his parents were killed in Grand Admiral Thrawn's raid in 9 ABY. At the age of twelve, he was picked up by Kam Solusar and taken to the Jedi Academy. He trained there for several years, and gained near mastery of the force. In 19 ABY, he rejected the Jedi as a bunch of sentimental pacifists. He left and became a bounty hunter. When the Yuuzahn Vong invaded, he joined Kyp's Dozen for a short time. While on a cruise, he picked up some space junk floating near a nebula. As he was sorting through the wreckage, he came across an old assassin droid. He powered it up and was surprised to be face-to-face with IG-72, a prototype for the IG-88 line. *see "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" by Kevin J. Anderson for details* He has dabbled in the dark side, and something of sith powers. For him, light and dark are the same, as long as he gets his credits.
The Suit:
A suit of body armor with many pieces in many places. All armor plating is chameleon-like in that it can change color. Underneath, Kev wears a skintight black bodysuit. Here's a breakdown of parts (even if I don't mention a body part doesn't mean that there isn't armor there; it just doesn't do anything special):
Helmet... Visor with scope, embedded macrobinoculars, link to the holonet, and a description of whoever Kev is looking at. On the side of the helmet, there is a camera with a direct video uplink to his ship. On top, variable setting floodlight.
Right lower arm... Part of the armor plating can slide away to reveal a control panel and screen. The screen shows a view of the view from the front of the ship, and the controls can be used to pilot the ship from a remote distance.
Left lower arm... A video comlink.
Belt... Many storage pouches, double holsters, credit voucher.
Back... Jetpack/Missle laucher, similar to Fett's.
Fingertips... Extendable cortosis ore claws.
Boots... Thick soles for smuggling; small objects can be hidden inside.
Right wrist... concealed blade on bottom, poison dart launcher on top.
Left wrist... Flamethrower on top, again, similar to Fett's.
Blue/white saber
Dual Blastech DL-44s
Two YVH droids, 3-25-B and 7-39-L
Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle (In ship)
Stolen Stokhli Spray Stick (In ship)
Merr-Sonn CR-24 Flame Rifle (In ship)
25 Thermal Detonators (In hip pouch)
Stun cuffs (In hip pouch)
Universal Energy Cage (In ship)
Electronic Lock Breaker
Sith Holocron
*This is getting lengthy...*
Ship (s):
One large subcapital ship... too complex to describe, but roughly 500 meters.
in docking bay (yes, it has a docking bay...) advanced combat cloud car

*Getting sleepy...*
Sex: Male
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Red
Pictures: Later...
Has the oppurtunity to Godmod, but I won't use it to Godmod... promise.



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