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I think America in general is a very frightening place to live right now, and those baby boomer Republicans lulled into their wonderful sense of complacency are doing nothing about the crap that their offspring are going to have to deal with.

Here are what I think are some major problems with the "democratic" government we have:

1. God bless the beloved, antiquated electoral system we have that allowed the state of Florida (Jeb Bush is the governor's name, if memory serves me correctly ) to stage a coup to get a president "elected" not by the American people, but instead via media pressure and other lame trickery (not widely publicized in an effort to not undermine the president's authority once he was, indisputably, in office).

2. Two branches out of three (executive and legislative) funded and controlled by corporations, and therefore two out of three branches that make concerted effort not to pay any heed to environmental concerns or really ANY socially responsible concerns that would go against corporate agenda.

3. Corporations (our REAL government) who don't even believe in any kind of social responsibility... their only ethic is profit. Giving back to a community is a mere PR function that happens only when the media gets involved, because bad publicity ==> uneasy investors ==> stock prices down ==> less profit. **** the poor people we're screwing over: Nothing motivates America like the bottom line.

4. My personal favorite: Consumerism with a capital P for the biggest Pig nation in the world. Consumers addicted to buying useless **** that will momentarily amuse them, please them, make them feel more wealthy, that they perceive will make them look more wealthy... you name it. Impulse buys! Have you ever REALLY looked at impulse buys?! Those are not only made from earth's precious, finite resources... so is their packaging... and ALL of it polluted our air and water while it was being manufactured and transported! LOVELY!

/bleeding heart liberal environmentalist wacko

Yes... I am the suffocatingest of the suffocating Americans. I don't even feel like this Iraqi war could possibly be a country in which I supposedly have a say.

I honestly dream, nearly every day, of being an expatriate some day.

Thirsty for distance.
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