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Hmm, ok then, I guess I'll post a Bio so that I can jump into an active thread, rather than start in on one only to later have it

RPG: All
Name: Jared Sinn
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Marksman/Scout
Background: The son of political dissidents, Jared was born in the mysterious and perilous wilds of Dathomir, after his parents and a small group of prisoners broke out of the Imperial prison located on the planets surface. Jared learned at at early age that proficiency with a Sorosuub Blaster Rifle was the only way to way to survive the harsh and deadly environment that he called home.
Description: Approximately 1.8m tall, sabdy-brown hair, green eyes, wearing mismatched field leather and pieces of armor
Weapons: A worn Sorusuub Blaster Rifle, vibro blade
Droids: None
Vehicles: None
Place of birth: The Wilds of Dathomir

"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves,

And immortality."

-Emily Dickinson
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