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True, but as I said, technically Thrawn doesn't exist as far as GL's concerned. I mean, if he's going to do the final trilogy, Lucas and his team are going to have to do a hell of a lot of reading and note-taking, plus they'll have to pay out royalties to the hundreds of authors that have had their books about after Episode VI published, because of having to include some of their stories in the films. The thing is that almost all these characters, no matter how different, all end up having their paths cross in the books, so it's going to be extremely difficult to do.

I can just see it now. GL goes ahead with his planned story and bulldozes all that has been written before the films. I mean, I know that the SW universe is technically his intellectual property, blah blah, and why should he have to re-write his own story to accommodate these authors, but think about it. Star Wars VII-IX will be made for the fans of the previous movies. This could potentially end up like the Star Trek (oops - swear word )universe, where "Enterprise" has basically knackered up the whole thing by getting all the facts wrong. The people that are watching the series are fans, and know roughly what went before, and are all pissed at the fact that it's gone all arse-over-tit. I hope GL takes a look at that and realises that he's potentially sitting on the verge of the same situation.

Well, whatever happens, it'll probably break all box-office records again, even if tey do end up crap, simply because of the big gold lettering of "STAR WARS".

Apologies for sounding so cynical today... :P

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